Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: This doll is not behaving properly.

Feng Ling flies in the sky, seemingly lost in thought. Her face turns red, and she trembles with excitement.

Suddenly, she turns to Su Hao and asks, “Feng Wei, how does it feel to fly in the sky for the first time? Are you extremely excited? Hahaha!”

Su Hao remains calm, allowing Feng Ling to pull him leisurely through the air. He casually replies, “Yes! Absolutely, indeed!”

Feng Ling, absorbed in her own world, doesn’t notice Su Hao’s indifference.

Su Hao suddenly asks, “Master, where are you taking me?”

Feng Ling responds, “We’re going to see your martial uncle, Daoist Feng Yan. He has excelled in ‘Formation Arts’ for many years and is highly skilled in that field. He’s currently maintaining the Eight Rings Protection Mist Array for the sect. It’s perfect to ask him for some formation diagrams!”

Su Hao says, “Alright, I understand. But, Master, are you sure we’re not going the wrong way?”

Su Hao senses several cultivators at the sect’s outskirts, but none of them are in the direction Feng Ling is heading.

Feng Ling, with a confused look on her round face, says, “Ah?”

She finally looks around and awkwardly adds, “Haha! You’re right! This direction is indeed easier to travel…”

She then changes direction, heading straight to the southwest.

After about fifteen minutes, Feng Ling, with Su Hao, stands before a sea of mist. She sweetly calls out, “Martial Uncle Feng Yan~ It’s Little Feng Ling, here to see you!”

“I’m busy, hurry up and leave! Don’t disturb me!”

A strong and unexpectedly sweet female voice comes from the mist, surprising Su Hao.

He thought Feng Ling’s ‘Martial Uncle Feng Yan’ would be an old man with a white beard!

Feng Ling suddenly takes out something from behind her, waving it in front of her eyes, and tempts, “Martial Uncle Feng Yan, look at what I brought for you!”

Curious, Su Hao takes a closer look and discovers a beautifully crafted Q version doll.

Su Hao: “…”

This artistic style is a bit strange!

Unexpectedly, a white-robed female cultivator emerges from the mist. With a slender figure, delicate waist, and a face and neck as fair as silver moonlight, ‘she’ smiles gently with eyes forming elegant curves.

The crucial point is that the chest is bouncing heavily, shaking with each step.

Su Hao is surprised, thinking, ‘This is Martial Uncle Feng Yan? He looks about the same age as my sister!’

Feng Yan, like a gust of wind, embraces Feng Ling and playfully grabs the doll from her hands. Holding it to his face, he happily exclaims, “So cute! This must be the little fairy made by Master Mei Yi herself! Little Feng Ling, you’re too kind to me, actually helping me snatch it!”

Feng Ling proudly says, “I specifically snatched it for you before leaving the mountain.”

Then, he extends five fingers, saying, “I waited for this for a full five days!”

Feng Yan, noticing Su Hao, points and asks, “Who is this doll?”

Su Hao’s eye twitches; describing him as a ‘doll’ is quite inappropriate.

Feng Ling introduces, “Uncle, I forgot to introduce him. This is my disciple, Feng Wei! Don’t be fooled by his shaved head; he may not look like much, but he’s a genuine genius!”

She turns to Su Hao, saying, “This is your Martial Uncle Feng Yan. Feng Wei, come and greet him!”

Su Hao doesn’t mind and smiles, “Martial Uncle Feng Yan! I, Feng Wei, greet you!”

Feng Yan, rubbing the little fairy doll in his hands, looks Su Hao up and down and suddenly laughs, “This little genius is quite handsome!”

Then, he turns to Feng Ling and says, “Little Feng Ling, I’ve seen him now. I should go back; I’m quite busy!”

After saying this, he turns to return to the mist.

Feng Ling immediately grabs him, cooing, “Uncle~ Just chat with me a bit more! It’s been so long since we last met, I miss it!”

Feng Yan laughs, “Enough of your nonsense. If it’s about bringing a disciple for me to guide, then forget it!”

Feng Ling says, “Of course not. I wouldn’t dare trouble you with such a small matter. My disciple is interested in formation arts, so I brought him to seek some formation books from you for study.”

Feng Yan chuckles, teasingly looking at Su Hao, “Not even at Foundation Establishment, and he wants to learn formations? Little Feng Ling, I advise you to take him back and let him cultivate properly! Besides, isn’t there an introductory collection in the sect’s library? Just let him pick a couple from there.”

Feng Ling glances at Su Hao, seeing no objection, and then confidently clings to Feng Yan’s arm, swaying back and forth, “My merits were all used up when I was breaking through the Foundation Establishment ‘Hold Fast’ stage… Plus, those trash books in the library can’t compare to Master’s. Oh, Uncle, just give him a few books!”

Feng Yan initially didn’t want to deal with Su Hao, this ‘ignorant’ youngster, but annoyed by Feng Ling, he sighs, “Fine! Let him pick a few.”

Feng Ling gives Su Hao a triumphant look and happily hugs Feng Yan, “Thank you, Uncle Feng Yan!”

Feng Yan casually forms a few hand seals, causing the mist to roll, revealing a passage. He frees himself from Feng Ling’s embrace and leads the way.

Feng Ling and Su Hao follow suit.

After walking through the misty passage for a while, they enter a small valley. The terrain gently undulates, covered in green grass and various wildflowers competing to bloom. Wisps of smoke drift through, creating a picturesque scene.

‘Surprisingly, there’s a hidden paradise in this mist!’ Su Hao observes, realizing the valley is tightly surrounded by mist, like a bubble in water. Turning a corner, they discover an exquisite princess-like tower built into the mountain, adorned with mountain flowers and vines – a fairytale castle fulfilling every girl’s fantasy.

When Su Hao glances at Feng Ling, he sees her eyes gleaming, fixated on Feng Yan’s little dwelling. Drool almost drips from the corner of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Feng Yan proudly raises his chin, presenting an image of having the most unbeatable fairy abode in the world.

Su Hao thinks to himself, “Can these cultivators really reach the end of their cultivation? They all seem so idle.”

Carrying the little fairy doll, Feng Yan carefully places it on a mini swing behind a window. He then enters the abode with Feng Ling. Su Hao, attempting to follow, is immediately stopped by Feng Yan, signaling him to stay at the entrance.

Su Hao takes a few steps back, sighs in frustration, thinking he wouldn’t have come if he knew it would be like this. Why not let Feng Ling come and take it herself?

After waiting for a while, when Su Hao starts to grow impatient, rows of bookshelves fly out from the abode, landing neatly in front of him.

The shelves are filled with various books, all neatly arranged.

Feng Yan follows, wearing a faint smile, “Well, that doll. Take your time to choose. In appreciation for the little fairy brought by Little Feng Ling, I’ll give you an hour to pick, allow you to borrow ten books, return them in a month, understood?”

Su Hao widens his eyes, “An hour to choose?”

Feng Yan asks, “What’s wrong? Not enough?”

Su Hao says, “It’s enough!”

However, Feng Ling interjects, “Uncle Feng Yan, let him choose by himself. How can he possibly do it? Let me help him pick ten books!”

Su Hao immediately waves his hands to stop Feng Ling, “Master, it’s not necessary. I can choose by myself. No need for Uncle Feng Yan’s help! Please wait for me a moment; I’ll pick quickly!”

Saying this, Su Hao eagerly rushes to the first bookshelf, takes out the top-left book, quickly flips through it, and after finishing, puts it back in place. He takes out the second book and continues flipping.

Feng Yan and Feng Ling exchange puzzled glances: “???”

‘This kid is clueless; does he really intend to find them on his own? If he had just asked me for help, I would have chosen suitable introductory books for him. Unexpectedly, this kid is not sensible at all!’

Having experienced injuries, Feng Yan deeply understands one principle: the results of others seeking his help and his actively offering assistance are completely different.

He places a pile of books in front of Su Hao, intending to challenge him and make him realize the difficulty, then have him voluntarily ask for his help.

Now, the question arises: should he go up and help Su Hao pick the books, or let him struggle on his own?

If Su Hao knew his thoughts, he would probably say, “Please, don’t help me!”

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