Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Ding!

The functionality of the ‘Universal Assistant’ depends on its intended purpose. Future work arrangements for Yashan are already planned by Su Hao, mainly focusing on logistics, such as ‘scientific cultivation of spirit herbs,’ ‘scientific breeding of spirit beasts,’ ‘scientific alchemy,’ ‘scientific refining.’ The addition of ‘scientific’ is because these tasks assigned to Yashan involve more than just farming; there is a need to organize corresponding research tasks to achieve mass production of ‘elixirs,’ ‘artifacts,’ etc.

“So, the basic functions of the ‘Universal Assistant’ can be determined. They are ‘record,’ ‘compare,’ ‘calculate,’ ‘search,’ ‘magnifying glass,’ ‘experimental simulation,’ ‘task list,’ ‘calendar time,’ ’email,’ ‘address book.” Su Hao quickly lists the basic functions and adds, “Yashan’s current knowledge is not sufficient, so we need to facilitate a lot of learning. Therefore, let’s add a ‘library’ function. Also, for leisure during work breaks, let’s activate a ‘game’ function with some small games for daily recreation…”

As he thinks, Su Hao expands the ‘enemy marking’ function and gradually forms a rough framework.

Three days later.
In the pinball space, Su Hao looks at the virtual transparent screen with satisfaction. He exits the pinball space, opens his eyes, and calls out, “Universal Assistant!”

The next moment, a light blue screen spreads out before him, with several distinct icons evenly distributed, each representing different functions. The interface is overall coordinated and aesthetically pleasing, importantly not affecting normal vision.

Su Hao focuses on one icon: “Library.”
The interface transitions to a page full of bookshelves. Su Hao selects a book, “Basic Rune Deconstruction,” and it flies off the shelf, unfolding in front of him with clear text…

Su Hao tries other functions, finding no major flaws: “Overall, not bad. Let Yashan use it for a while, and if there are any issues, we’ll make adjustments later.”

The next day, Su Hao injects the genetic modification fluid of the [Prophet] into Yashan’s body. Yashan soon falls into a deep sleep. When Yashan wakes up, he discovers the whole world has changed.

“Ding! Hello, Mr. Yashan. Your Universal Assistant is now online. For details, please think ‘Universal Assistant’ silently!”

A sweet voice echoes in Yashan’s mind, making him momentarily stunned. He instinctively thinks, “Universal Assistant!” Yashan’s vision blurs, and a light blue virtual screen unfolds about a meter in front of him…

Su Hao interrupted Yashan’s research, saying, “Yashan, I’ve set up a computer for you. Take your time to explore its specific functions. I’ll head back now. By the way, learn the basic runes as soon as possible; the information is in the library—find it yourself!”

Yashan, recovering from his thoughts, couldn’t hide the novelty and excitement in his eyes, “Sure, Boss Wei. I’m already a genius now; basic runes are just a small matter!”

Returning to the Yunzhong Valley, Su Hao took out the ‘Qi Induction Pill’ given to him by the Feng Ling. He poured all the pills into his palm, examining them closely. These small black pills, the size of soybeans, appeared crooked and lacked the refinement of an alchemist.

Su Hao infused his blood into the pill, recorded its information, and then swallowed one. He sat cross-legged on the bed, his consciousness entering the exploration space, monitoring his body’s condition.

An hour later, Su Hao opened his eyes, murmuring, “Similar to what I expected. This pill increases the concentration of protein-like substances in the body, thereby accelerating the conversion speed of spiritual power.”

However, this pill wasn’t very useful for Su Hao. What he needed was a pill that, when ingested, would immediately cause a surge in spiritual power, preferably skipping the step of converting spiritual power.

After storing the pills, Su Hao reviewed the cultivation method for the Foundation Establishment Realm. After going through the ‘Mind Technique,’ ‘Spiritual Technique,’ and ‘Art Technique,’ he gained a general understanding of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

At the Qi Induction Realm, the body’s meridians already formed the basic framework for spiritual power. By constructing an ‘automated’ spiritual power core above this framework, serving as the central hub, breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm was possible.

Once this spiritual power core reached completion, it was akin to the heartbeat of the human body, giving vitality to the entire spiritual power framework. From the perspective of cultivators in this world, it could be said that a new life cycle was formed within the body.

This new life cycle continuously provided vitality to the original physical body, which was the principle behind increased lifespan in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

However, Su Hao felt that this explanation wasn’t entirely accurate; there must be a deeper reason. As the holder of the life force as the ‘Child of Fate,’ he could easily regenerate flesh and blood and, while not claiming to extend life by sixty years, constructing a spiritual power cycle in the body alone, how could it lead to increased lifespan?

Perhaps, it had nothing to do with the so-called life force.

The Foundation Establishment Realm consisted of four levels: ‘Solidifying Core,’ ‘Accumulating Pond,’ ‘Closing Essence,’ and ‘Maintaining Guard.’ Su Hao’s Master, Feng Ling, had only reached the third level, ‘Closing Essence,’ and crucially, she had cultivated diligently for at least ten years…

Su Hao shook his head, “My Master’s talent is really not that great; she hasn’t even reached the Golden Core Realm in ten years!”

Su Hao seemed to forget that his ‘normal’ cultivation was at least fifty times that of others, not to mention his self-made ‘spiritual energy.’

Setting aside the ‘Spiritual Technique’ and ‘Art Technique,’ Su Hao picked up the ‘Mind Technique’ and began reading it seriously.

Before breaking through the Foundation Establishment Realm, one needed to cultivate the ‘Mind Technique’ specific to that realm. This transformed the ‘mind’ of the Qi Induction Realm into ‘intent,’ according to the book. ‘Intent’ allowed the wielder to ‘move with strength, naturally and as desired,’ while also ‘communicating with the intelligence of birds, beasts, insects, and fish.’

Su Hao murmured, “The so-called ‘intent’ is essentially an enhancement of the ‘mind’ ability, reaching a level where one can freely manipulate spiritual power and possess a strong perception of the surrounding environment. In other words…”

“I only need to cultivate ‘intent’ as long as I don’t construct a spiritual power core before breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. Essentially, ‘intent’ doesn’t represent the Foundation Establishment Realm itself; it’s just a practical tool for breaking through to that realm, like a wrench for unscrewing a screw. With that in mind, Su Hao closed his eyes and attempted to cultivate ‘intent.’

Two months later, Su Hao’s ‘intent’ had taken shape. At this moment, he smoothly controlled spiritual power, slowly flowing into the core rune within his body, activating the core rune’s ‘sensory’ function.


Su Hao’s consciousness felt like it was being impacted by high-frequency oscillations, buzzing. In the next moment, his perception radar expanded from the original ten thousand meters to fifty thousand meters, breaking through the mist formations surrounding the Yunzhong Valley and reaching beyond. This was something Su Hao couldn’t achieve before!

All life reactions within the fifty thousand-meter range fell under Su Hao’s perception. Simultaneously, a topographic map composed of black and white lines generated in Su Hao’s perception, like a quick sketch of a landscape painting.

Most importantly, creatures that originally appeared as mere life reactions in Su Hao’s radar now had a roughly defined form. Su Hao could clearly distinguish whether it was a cow or a dog.

At this moment, all disciples of the Yunzhong Valley were within Su Hao’s perception. Figures of people walking, standing, meditating on the stone peaks of the Yunzhong Valley, hunting outside, lying down asleep, affectionate moments with lovers, or hiding in secluded corners for personal matters—all were within Su Hao’s awareness.

Su Hao also sensed many familiar figures, including a dozen young disciples who entered together, and his Master, the Feng Ling.

Su Hao opened his eyes and murmured, “Integrating ‘intent’ into spiritual power, activating the effects produced by the ‘sensory’ rune—it’s too powerful! This is just the result of me holding back a bit. If I go all out…”

“Perhaps, in this world, I will once again experience a comprehensive leap in abilities. The life force of spiritual power is even more miraculous than I imagined.”

Then Su Hao shifted his attention to Feng Ling, saying, “Oh? Master, you’ve come out of seclusion? It seems like you successfully broke through to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm, ‘Maintaining Guard’! I should go and congratulate her and remind her to quickly give me books on ‘alchemy’ and ‘refining’!”

Su Hao got up and pushed open the door. Soon, he intercepted the excited and blushing Feng Ling halfway. He pretended to be surprised, saying, “Oh~ Master, what a coincidence! Judging by the expression on your face, it seems like you’ve smoothly broken through. Congratulations!”

The Feng Ling, in high spirits, immediately grabbed Su Hao’s hand and said, “Feng Wei, you came at the right time. Come, I’ll take you to find the books you need!”

With that, she leaped up, carrying Su Hao and flying towards the edge of the Yunzhong Valley.

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