Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: Senior Brother is indeed a good person.

While Su Hao was studying the energy structures of the three foundational ‘techniques’ he acquired in the Qi Induction Realm, Feng Ling found him.

Handing three books to Su Hao, she said, “Feng Wei, these three are respectively the Foundation Establishment Realm’s ‘Cloud Heart Technique,’ ‘Cloud Spirit Technique,’ and ‘Wind Deception Technique.’ You can only read them, don’t attempt cultivation easily because I’m afraid you might accidentally break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm…”

While Feng Ling spoke, a strange feeling could be sensed in her tone.

What does it mean to ‘fear accidentally breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm’? Is that even a concern?

Other cultivators are eager to break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm as soon as possible. Moreover, they worry about the risk of failure, which could decrease their lifespan! Feng Ling, on the other hand, is worried that her disciple might break through too quickly and be transferred away from the Immortal Sect…

Su Hao showed a pleased expression, reaching out to take them, “I thought Master had forgotten, and I was planning to remind you in a few days. Unexpectedly, Master is still such a trustworthy person. Very well, I will definitely cultivate into an immortal in the future!”

Feng Ling: “… I appreciate your kind words!”

Feng Ling continued, “Of the three techniques I gave you, cultivate one of them… cough! How many have you cultivated? If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask me.”

Feng Ling initially wanted to ask if he had cultivated one of them, but she abruptly stopped herself!

Asking that way would be like inviting Feng Wei to slap her face, right? After so many times, she had learned her lesson! Hmph!

Su Hao said, “Those three techniques are really challenging to practice!”

Feng Ling nodded in agreement, “Indeed.”

Su Hao continued, “I only managed to cultivate all three techniques in the last few days!”

Feng Ling: “…”

Su Hao then demonstrated them for her – ‘Wind Chime Protective Shield,’ ‘Wind Drift Light Body Technique,’ and ‘Wind Bullet’ were successively performed!

Feng Ling took a deep breath and said, “Very good. It took you nearly three months to cultivate these three techniques, and they are indeed difficult to practice! I’ll leave now. As for the foundational heart method, spirit technique, and technique for the Foundation Establishment Realm, I won’t explain them to you now! As for books on ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Artifact Refinement,’ I’m trying to find a way to get them for you. There should be progress soon! I need you to wait for some time!”

After some thought, Feng Ling took out two small bottles from her pocket and handed them to Su Hao, “These two bottles are ‘Qi Induction Pills’ specifically for the Qi Induction Realm. Originally, they were meant to accelerate cultivation during the ‘Accumulation’ stage of the Qi Induction Realm. However, it seems you don’t need any pills! Deliver these two ‘Qi Induction Pills’ to Feng Cheng for me. He needs them more! Oh, and during your usual time, guide him in his cultivation. In the next period, I will be in seclusion for cultivation, attempting to break through to the fourth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, ‘Perseverance.’ I won’t come out for at least fifty days.”

After receiving the pills, Su Hao exclaimed, “Master, you still haven’t broken through to the fourth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm ‘Perseverance’? It’s been three months already! Is cultivation in the Foundation Establishment Realm really that difficult?”

Feng Ling didn’t want to talk to Su Hao, gave him a disdainful look, and then drifted away.

When Su Hao first became Feng Ling’s disciple, he thought she could guide him as she had reached the Golden Core Realm. Later, he found out she had only reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

This surprised Su Hao slightly. He hadn’t expected that one could take disciples even at the Foundation Establishment Realm!

No wonder, after Su Hao broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, Feng Ling was expelled from the sect to carry out missions. It turned out she had nothing more to teach!

This feeling was like a student who, after graduating from middle school, became a teacher and went to teach at an elementary school – it felt weird.

Su Hao then thought of another issue, “In other words, cultivation techniques for the Foundation Establishment Realm can be learned from one’s own master. However, once you reach the Foundation Establishment Realm and want to obtain cultivation techniques for the Golden Core Realm and Nascent Soul Realm, it’s not possible through the master; it has to be obtained through the sect.”

And the method of obtaining was not hard to guess: Sect missions!

“Isn’t this just completing missions to get rewards? With each completed sect mission, tying the interests of cultivators and the sect closer together, preventing cultivators from leaving the sect and establishing their own sect…”

Cultivators are a group of ‘homebound’ cultivator otakus. Apart from their own master and fellow disciples, they rarely interact with other sect brothers, nor do they have the time for socializing.

Therefore, relying on emotions as a bond to maintain the sect is extremely difficult and not long-lasting.

Using ‘sect missions’ as the bond between cultivators and the sect, binding the two with absolute interests, Su Hao thought, was an excellent method – a win-win situation.

“I might have to go out for some missions in the future. Hopefully, it won’t waste too much time.”

After Su Hao jumped down from the stone peak, he directly knocked on Feng Cheng’s door and casually handed over a bottle of ‘Qi Induction Pill,’ saying, “Junior Brother, this is the Qi Induction Pill Master gave you to accelerate the accumulation of spiritual power.”

As for the other bottle, Su Hao planned to use it for some experiments. Feng Cheng’s face lit up with excitement, “Thank you, Senior Brother Feng Wei!” Su Hao waved his hand, “Thank me for what? Thank Master!”

After saying that, Su Hao was about to leave when Feng Cheng immediately called out, “Senior Brother Feng Wei, can I ask you some questions about cultivation?” Su Hao paused, turned to look at Feng Cheng, rubbed his chin thoughtfully, then slowly walked towards Feng Cheng, circled around him, and scrutinized, “So, Junior Brother Feng Cheng, at what stage are you in your cultivation?”

Feng Cheng felt a bit creepy being scrutinized by Su Hao, and nervously replied, “It seems like I’ve cultivated ‘Mind Intent,’ but I’m not very sure.” Su Hao praised, “You’ve already cultivated Mind Intent. I can’t believe you’re still a genius!”

“No, no, I’m really quite dull!” Feng Cheng immediately shook his head vigorously, feeling almost like he was cultivating autism. A genius?

Su Hao chuckled, “Junior Brother Feng Cheng, your cultivation speed is indeed a bit slow.” In reality, cultivating ‘Mind Intent’ in less than half a year made Feng Cheng quite a rare talent. However, in the radiance of Su Hao, he appeared dim, to the point that Feng Ling had overlooked Feng Cheng’s talent.

Feng Cheng nodded, “It’s too slow! Unfortunately, I’m too dumb; I just can’t seem to learn it! I need Senior Brother Feng Wei to give me more guidance!” Su Hao nodded, “Guidance? No problem, we’re senior brothers; there’s no need to be formal… Junior Brother Feng Cheng, do you want to cultivate faster?”

Feng Cheng’s eyes widened suddenly, “Senior Brother, are you willing to teach me?” Su Hao chuckled.

Cultivation, generally seen as an individual’s transformation into an immortal through practice. However, for Su Hao, cultivation is a form of ‘research.’ It involves exploring and understanding various properties of spiritual power, and then applying that knowledge to achieve different functions.

Since it is research, experiments and test subjects are indispensable.

And Feng Cheng, this cultivation genius, humble and without the petty flaws found in some disciples from prominent families, after a bit of training, turned out to be a good choice for Su Hao.

However, the current Feng Cheng didn’t serve much purpose yet. ‘Mind Intent’ had just been cultivated and was still far from being qualified!

When Feng Cheng successfully cultivated a qualified ‘Mind Intent,’ many of Su Hao’s speculations could be tested.

Next, Su Hao took some time to give Feng Cheng proper guidance, speeding up his cultivation of ‘Mind Intent.’ Feng Cheng was grateful and couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, “Senior Brother Feng Wei is truly a good person!”

Su Hao entered the pinball space, waved his hand, materializing a study room, comfortably lying in a chair, contemplating the matter of the ‘Golden Finger’ for Yashan: “How should I plan the assistant system for Yashan?”

In Su Hao’s anticipation, Yashan’s consciousness was still locked in the little black room, unable to perceive the existence of the pinball space. He could only passively receive signals from the little black room.

In the previous world, Su Hao added a new function called ‘Enemy Marking’ for Little Guang, which allowed Yashan to see inverted red arrows above the heads of marked enemies.

In the same vein, if Su Hao expanded the ‘Enemy Marking’ function, transforming it into an operating system visible only to Yashan, then the so-called ‘Golden Finger’ would be achieved.

“Let’s give the system a name first, let’s call it… Universal Assistant!”

So, what functionalities should this Universal Assistant have?

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