Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: The Golden Finger of Yashan

Two months later, Su Hao successfully mastered two additional techniques: Light Body Technique and Wind Bullet. At this moment, he had teleported to Luzhong Changzhou, where Yashan was located.

‘Light Body Technique!’
Su Hao’s hand seals formed in an instant, and he activated the technique, causing his robes to flutter as if caught in a wild wind.

With a swift step, he moved, leaving his original position and floating a hundred meters away.

After circling around, Su Hao murmured, “The ability of this technique is quite similar to the abilities of the ‘Speed People’ sequence! But it can complement ‘Slip Shadow Steps’ and enhance flexibility.”

The ‘Light Body Technique’ was a rapid movement technique, enveloping the surroundings with strong airflow. It allowed him to become like an elusive wind, ready to float away with a slight guide—a lifesaving skill for Qi Induction Realm disciples who couldn’t fly.

Su Hao moved his right hand, forming three seals, and then extended a finger forward, activating the third technique.

‘Wind Bullet!’

A white light shot out from Su Hao’s hand, hitting the trunk of a large tree in the distance, causing it to explode.

Su Hao chuckled, “This power is not bad! And the speed is only slightly slower than a handgun bullet!”

The ‘Wind Bullet’ appeared to be wind, but it was actually a concentrated spiritual energy projectile that would explode violently upon hitting the target, comparable to Su Hao’s ‘Ten Explosions’.

However, of these three techniques, only ‘Wind Spirit Shield’ was truly useful for Su Hao as a defensive skill. He believed in the mantra that more defense skills were better.

As for ‘Light Body Technique’ and ‘Wind Bullet,’ Su Hao had better and more powerful skills of his own in terms of variety and intensity.

Was the speed comparable to his ‘Blink’? It could cover thousands of meters in an instant!

Was the attack as strong as his ‘Thousand Explosions’? Well, he could go for ‘Two Thousand Explosions,’ and it was even activated by spiritual power!

So far, Su Hao hadn’t dared to try bombs with more than ‘One Hundred Explosions,’ just casually making a ‘Fifty Explosions’ test.

The power was frightening, comparable to a small nuclear bomb!

How powerful would ‘One Hundred Explosions’ be? What about ‘One Thousand Explosions’? Su Hao didn’t know for sure, and he hoped that the big shots in this world of cultivators wouldn’t force him to test the power of ‘One Thousand Explosions.’

Otherwise, don’t blame him for sending ‘One Thousand Explosions’ in front of them and then blinking away!

After Su Hao finished testing, Yashan ran over excitedly, exclaiming, “Boss Wei, is this immortal technique? Looks so powerful!”

Su Hao didn’t answer but, remembering something, asked, “How well do you remember the basic runes I gave you a month ago?”

Yashan’s face immediately fell, and he helplessly said, “Boss Wei, for some reason, my thinking is too dull now, and my memory is bad. I tried various scientific methods, like the ‘Palace Memory Method,’ but it’s useless…”

With that, Yashan took out the worn-out book from his pocket, starting to memorize mechanically.

“‘Fundamental Power One,’ ‘Fundamental Power Two’…”

Then Yashan said, “It’s like this. After a nap, I forget everything.”

Su Hao slapped his forehead in disbelief and said, “Yashan, is this really how you memorize? If you can remember like this, it’s a miracle!”

Yashan, with lifeless eyes, said, “Boss Wei, I’ve tried various methods and found that my brain is beyond help! So, the method doesn’t matter…”

Su Hao helplessly said, “Your brain doesn’t seem malfunctioning at all!”

Yashan replied, “How can you tell? Only those who use my brain know!”

Su Hao then said, “Alright, in a few days, I’ll send you a ‘Prophet’ injection. Let’s fix your brain first; otherwise, with this learning efficiency, mastering runes might be challenging!”

Yashan’s mind immediately cleared, and he expressed great joy, “Thank you, Boss Wei! My brain needs a makeover.”

Su Hao looked at the rune book Yashan was holding, feeling that Yashan’s learning efficiency was low.

With a furrowed brow, Su Hao weighed his options and said, “Yashan, I’ll give you a computer.”

Yashan was surprised, “A computer? Boss Wei, do you have a computer?”

In this backward cultivation world, where could one find a computer? Did Boss Wei handcraft one?


Thinking of this, Yashan’s admiration for Boss Wei continued to rise, reaching an unimaginable level!

Su Hao said, “The type of computer you imagine doesn’t exist, but I can implant a small computer into your brain. It will generate a system interface visible only to you, with some simple functions to help you collect data and perform basic calculations. Most importantly, you can import runes into the computer, allowing you to study anytime without having to carry around this book all the time!”

Yashan’s eyes bulged in disbelief, “Isn’t this like the brain chip system in those online novels?”

Su Hao said, “You can think of it that way.”

Unable to contain his excitement, Yashan exclaimed, “Damn, I thought such things only existed in imagination! I didn’t expect Boss Wei could actually research and create it. You’re amazing! This is the legendary ‘golden finger,’ right? Boss Wei, you must be a deity, absolutely a deity! Otherwise, how can you be so incredible? What’s your divine name? Tell me so I can admire it. I’ll dedicate myself to spreading your great divine name in the future!”

Su Hao laughed, “I’m not a deity right now. Perhaps, after countless years, I might become one. Moreover, the definition of ‘deity’ is not yet established!”

With a face full of imagination, Yashan’s heart burned with passion, “Boss Wei, since ‘deity’ has no definition, why don’t you define it? And if you define ‘deity,’ wouldn’t I be the assistant to the ‘deity’? It’s awesome!”

Su Hao looked up at the starry sky and said softly, “Yashan, ‘deity’ is still far away. Right now, I can’t even leave this planet!”

Upon hearing this, Yashan also looked up at the sparkling starry river, a big smile spreading across his face, “Boss Wei, I, Yashan, will do some insignificant things for you! Until you successfully define ‘deity.'”

At this moment, Boss Wei unintentionally uttered these words, and Yashan finally understood Boss Wei’s pursuit.

That is, the vast starry sky!

‘I’ve never been able to guess Boss Wei’s pursuit… It turns out that, no matter how I guess, I can never guess Boss Wei’s pursuit! Because my perspective is much smaller than Boss Wei’s!’

Yashan turned to look at the figure next to him, a body that seemed to contain the entire starry sky.

For a moment, Yashan felt that Boss Wei’s figure was so majestic!

In Yashan’s eyes, Boss Wei’s figure was more mysterious than the starry sky above his head.

The two of them stood quietly under the night sky, gazing at the stars.

This dazzling scenery reflected in their eyes, and at this moment, their souls seemed to have traveled among the stars. This could also be considered a man’s romance, right?

Su Hao snapped out of it first, waved his hand, and said, “Yashan, let’s call it a night for now! I’ll swap your brain in a few days and install the computer!”

With that, Su Hao disappeared from the spot, teleporting back to the immortal door’s room!

Yashan stared blankly at the position where Su Hao left, slowly clenching his fist, “I must help Boss Wei! I must!”

Then Yashan took out the basic rune book and started memorizing, “‘Fundamental Power One,’ ‘Fundamental Power Two’…”

No one could stop his efforts! No one!

Even if he forgets today after memorizing, what does it matter?

Yashan is determined to work hard and keep up with Boss Wei’s pace!

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