Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: I want them all, money is not a problem!

The Weapon Pavilion is naturally the place for forging and selling weapons.

There is a wide variety of weapons here, but swords dominate, of all kinds.

If you can’t find one to your liking, you can also have one custom-made, very convenient.

Lin Beifan quickly browsed and soon found the target.

“I want this sword!”

It was a dark green longsword, unsharpened, simple in appearance, but it gave Lin Beifan a dangerous feeling.

The price tag reached 3200 points, but for the wealthy Lin Beifan, it was nothing.

The shopkeeper hesitated and said diplomatically, “Junior Brother, this is a spiritual weapon, not very suitable for you, choose another one!”

In today’s world, based on the power of weapons, they are divided into the following 6 levels.

Ordinary, precious, spiritual, holy, dao, and immortal.

Ordinary weapons are just ordinary, with nothing special.

Precious weapons are carefully forged with precious materials, very tough, not easy to destroy, and highly valuable, the mainstream weapons of extraordinary power.

Spiritual weapons are weapons that have developed spirituality, not only powerful but also able to recognize their owner, understand their intentions, and can be used as if they have an extra companion.

Holy weapons are weapons crafted with holy-grade materials, with the power to overturn the heavens and move mountains.

Such weapons are very proud, and only a sage-level expert can wield them.

If an ordinary person touches them, they may be lightly injured or fatally wounded.

Dao weapons are weapons engraved with dao patterns, acknowledged by heaven and earth.

Such weapons are extremely rare and each one is unique, causing a frenzy every time they appear.

The Tai Xuan Sword Sect itself has three dao-level divine swords, treasures of the sect!

As for the Immortal Divine Weapons…

Those are weapons possessed only by forces at the level of sacred realms, extremely rare worldwide.

Regarding their powers, due to their limited use and documentation, Lin Beifan is not clear.

Anyway, every time an immortal weapon appears, the heavens and earth are sure to undergo significant changes.

Back to the main topic.

In fact, the shopkeeper’s meaning is that this sword is too expensive, and you can’t afford it.

Lin Beifan doesn’t waste words and directly takes out the points card.

“Don’t worry, I can afford it!”

The shopkeeper is shocked when he sees that the disciple with only divine power cultivation has points exceeding six digits.

Looks can indeed be deceiving, and the sea is immeasurable.

He must have some powerful background.

The shopkeeper’s tone becomes more respectful: “Alright, I’ll get it for you right away!”

“Don’t rush, the other four swords next to it, include them all for me!”

The shopkeeper is surprised again: “Huh? These are all spiritual weapons, quite valuable, and you want them all?”

“Yes, I want them all, money is not a problem!” Lin Beifan said with a smile, his tone filled with a faint coercion.

Having money in your pocket is quite remarkable!

The shopkeeper hands over the swords, and Lin Beifan pays. 13,000 points are spent just like that.

The reason he wants to buy five spiritual weapons is not to show off, but to enhance his strength, for self-preservation.

When parting ways with Senior Brother just now, he secretly taught Lin Beifan a move.

This move is called “Way of Inquiring to Execution,” never used in front of outsiders.

It’s a life-saving move, damaging enemies by detonating weapons. The higher the weapon’s level, the greater the damage.

If a spiritual weapon is detonated, even a divine core expert can be severely injured.

Therefore, each spiritual sword is a life!

Thinking for his own life, Lin Beifan naturally wants to have several of them.

In addition, Lin Beifan spent another 2000 points to buy 10 spare precious swords.

He also spent 5000 points to equip himself with a spiritual-level soft armor.

This soft armor is quite powerful, able to automatically protect the wearer and withstand 10 full-power strikes from a divine core expert.

As for experts below divine core level, they can forget about breaking its defense within the time of an incense stick.

With these weapons by his side, Lin Beifan feels that his safety level has greatly improved.

He is no longer an easy target for bullying but a formidable figure who could accidentally take down even a divine core expert.

“Hey~~ shopkeeper, what are these?”

Lin Beifan pointed to some strange scrolls.

“These are divine symbols!”

The shopkeeper explained, “Divine symbol masters temporarily seal techniques by drawing symbols for later use! For example, this lightning symbol, once torn open, will bring down a lightning strike! These divine symbols are in high demand because anyone can use them. They sell very well. Do you want to buy a few?”

Lin Beifan looked them over, “Looks quite simple. Why buy them? Can’t I just draw my own?”

“Simple?” The shopkeeper frowned, “Don’t be fooled. While it looks simple, making them consumes a lot of energy and divine power, and the success rate is not high! Otherwise, the world would be filled with divine symbols by now!”

Lin Beifan nodded, “That makes sense.”

“Junior Brother, do you want to buy a few?”

“Sure, I’ll buy a few to study!”

“Wish you success! If you really figure them out, you’ll make a fortune!”

“Haha, thanks for your good wishes!”

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