Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Financial Plan 1

Oh…I don’t have any money.

This is bad.


I thought I had enough money for at least six months even if I lived a somewhat luxurious life.

Maybe it’s because I got carried away and bought that thing.

No, I had to buy it. Not buying it wasn’t an option, and I don’t regret buying it, but now I have no money.

I’ve been avoiding facing reality, but I’m starting to feel the pressure. I’m counting the remaining coins on my bed.

It’s not enough.

At this rate, I only have about three days left.

Even if I cut back, it’s only six days.

I put the coins in a purse and tied it shut.

“Should I sell my Slime Pillow?”

I looked at my beloved pillow and then at the storage Slime Pillow that I haven’t taken out of the box. But, no, no, no, this one is a limited edition color!

“I can’t sell it.”

What should I do?

I thought of Luca and Crazy Bear high-fiving each other.

“Aix, that was faster than I thought. Did you want to live with me that badly?”

And I thought of myself lying down in a room at Rina’s house, on shop duty.

“Aix-niisan, come play. Don’t just lie there, come play with Rina!”

No, neither of those are bad, but I feel like I’m losing.

Later, I’ll definitely hear this:

“Partner, it’s time to live on a shoestring budget!”

“Who are you going to sleep with tonight, aunty or Rina? Which slime do you like better, Aix-kun?”

If I touch either of those Big Slimes, I’m done for. I’m still a hero who hasn’t left the starting town, and I don’t think I can defeat them.

Should I go back to my master’s house?

Lately, I’ve become accustomed to the luxury of eating a set meal every day, and I can’t go back to my previous vomit-inducing lifestyle.

Yesterday, I even got carried away and had a juice after dinner. It was delicious. And now I want to drink it again.

I’m living like a nobleman even though I have no money.

What should I do?

I don’t want to work, but I need money.

Sure thing! Dragon Sword.

Why don’t we exchange the Dragon Sword for cash? If I go to the lottery shop in the rumored lucky slum area and manage to draw the first prize slip that’s inside the box, I could easily continue living like a noble. Even the fourth prize would be okay.

I’ve come up with a good idea.

Phew. It’s kind of like a viscount’s idea, but I’m glad I thought of it today. The seed money is just barely safe.

“Beginner’s luck!”

Luck +1 (only on the first try)

It’s subtle, but my luck has improved.

The effect lasts a long time, so I’m ignoring the anti-cheating measures. It’s not omnipotent like normal luck, so I forgot about it until just now.

“All right, let’s do this!”

I have a plan.

This magic only works the first time and is a weak magic that’s only used for jokes.

And it’s only +1.

But if I gather all my money on the first try while it’s in effect?


If I manage to grab ten at once,

In theory, it’s probably.

Luck +10

A one-time-only secret trick that exceeds even the +3 of advanced magic.

“To alter the probability, it’s more than enough. Nobody else knows this simple trick except me, so I’m the only one who can use it.”

“I’ll get the Dragon Sword myself.”

With enthusiasm, I opened and closed my hands rapidly, determined to grab as many lottery tickets as possible.

“Let’s begin!”

I set out to extend my noble lifestyle by winning the jackpot.

Clutching my precious money close to my chest, I wandered through the slum streets like a moth drawn to a flame, aiming for the suspicious lottery shop.


“How about the Dragon Lottery? Try your luck with one silver coin! Choose between the coveted Dragon Sword and a villa in Shirahama. Get your hands on the ultimate dream of everyone!”

The henchmen of Uracal were selling the lottery tickets like hotcakes, reading off a script in the alleyways.

Ane-san pleaded with Uracal, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

“I want to try too. Let’s go on a trip together if we win.”

“No. It’s against the rules for related parties to participate. You’ve made sure the boys know that, haven’t you?”

Damn, there are too many idiots around here and it’s becoming a problem.

That thing won’t hit me. The dragon lottery run by the good-for-nothing Hero Association, which I started as a side job for extra cash, is too shady. They promise to to pay all the money if you win the fourth prize or higher.

I already remember that lucky hero, Kaiser Hige, who seems to be someone who won that special ticket many times is associated with that shady organisation. I think he was the captain of the forest security team.

You wonder how many winning tickets are in that bin?

The answer is zero.

“‘Miss’, give me one too!”

“I want ten!”

“Get out of the way, I’m first. I’ve been feeling sick this month for some reason, so I have to hit it big with this one!”

I look at the crowd of customers who seem to be getting overly excited with a tired expression. The explosive popularity may be due to this salesperson.

The new member? A beautiful ‘woman’ in absolute territory, showing her navel, and wearing a sleeveless shirt? She looks embarrassed.

“Uh, please line up.”

The customers who drew losing tickets seem happy, saying things like “Damn, I lost. I’m having no luck.”

“Keep trying. There will be good things that happen too.”

They all act like lovey-dovey idiots.

That ‘woman’ is a man, you know?

Having no luck? Of course, because it’s my luck already.


As the dog snuggles up to my legs, I hug it tightly and it gets excited.

My rough heart is soothed by its warm body temperature and the sound of its heartbeat. Ah, you’re the only one who understands my struggles.

“Kukuku, let’s have some poor man’s meat today.”


If you pee from happiness, I’ll ignore it. Uracal strokes the excited dog with dirty, rat-like eyes.

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