Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Do I Have Immortal Fate Too?

During the night, Su Hao contacted Yashan, saying, “Yashan, where are you right now?”

Yashan, who was preparing to sleep, reflexively jumped up and replied, “I’m in a guest inn in the city! It’s a small town with not many people!”

Su Hao said, “Do you have materials? Set up a larger teleportation array; I need to come over for something.”

Excitedly, Yashan exclaimed, “Boss Wei, you’re coming? That’s great! I’ll immediately set up the teleportation array outside the city. Boss Wei, wait for me for an hour!”

Su Hao replied, “Alright, hurry up!”

An hour later, Yashan whispered, “Calling Boss Wei! The teleportation array has been set up and can be activated at any time.”

Su Hao went to a secluded area within the Yunzhong, drew the corresponding teleportation array, and then replied to Yashan, “Activate it now!”

Upon receiving the message, Yashan immediately activated the teleportation array and said, “Boss Wei, the teleportation array is now active!”

Simultaneously, Su Hao activated the teleportation array beneath his feet. In less than ten seconds, spatial fluctuations surrounded Su Hao, and he disappeared from his original location.

At the same time, Su Hao’s figure appeared at the location of the teleportation array in front of Yashan.

This was Su Hao’s first time using a long-distance teleportation array to shift positions in this world. It felt no different from long-distance teleportation in the previous world.

From a spatial perspective, there was no fundamental difference between short-range blinking and long-distance teleportation.

Two torches were planted on either side of the teleportation array. The flames flickered, and the light dimmed. Faintly visible within the teleportation array was a slender figure that suddenly appeared. Yashan directly shouted, “Boss Wei, it’s you, Boss Wei!”

Looking at the little bald head in front of him, Su Hao smiled and said, “It’s me. Yashan, you look too young, not even ten years old, haha!”

Not having seen Boss Wei for a long time, Yashan’s originally brewing sentimental emotions were unexpectedly dispelled by Su Hao’s laughter.

Yashan asked the question that concerned him the most, “Boss Wei, are you coming this time to go back afterward?”

Su Hao replied, “Of course, I plan to go back. I just want to find a secluded place to do some testing!”

Yashan understood and then widened his eyes, getting closer with curiosity, “What kind of testing? Boss Wei, did you get some new interesting stuff again?”

Su Hao said, “Nothing particularly interesting, just some runes.”

Yashan showed a little anticipation, “Oh, I see! Boss Wei, have you thought about taking me with you tonight?”

At this point, Yashan had evolved into a second-level mutant, a “Roamer.” He wasn’t in a hurry to have Boss Wei tattoo the runes on him. He planned to wait until he evolved into a “Earth Lord” or a “Child of Fate” and stabilized a single form before getting the runes.

Currently, he had no immediate thoughts about the runes. What he wanted was to return to Boss Wei’s side as soon as possible. The solitary life of wandering might sound cool, but the various experiences involved were truly indescribable.

Su Hao knew his thoughts and chuckled, shaking his head. “That won’t work. You don’t have a spatial balance organization now. Rushing through space could crush you under the immense pressure.”

Yashan sighed but didn’t feel overly disappointed. He didn’t have too high expectations for Boss Wei taking him away. Boss Wei had mentioned taking him after three years, so it would definitely be three years later.

With a radar sweep, Su Hao said to Yashan, “We are too close to the city here. Let’s move a bit farther!”

So, after hiding the teleportation array materials, the two moved away from the city and arrived in an uninhabited mountain valley.

“Crackle, crackle~”

The ground beneath Su Hao’s feet transformed into Transforming Diamond Armor. In the blink of an eye, it spread dozens of meters, slowing down gradually. Then, all the Transforming Diamond Armor within the range sprouted upward, with every few meters growing a thumb-thick cylinder, densely covering the area.

In the curious gaze of Yashan, these small cylinders extended two meters from the ground. At their tops, they unexpectedly bloomed into various… runes!

On each small pillar, there was a rune array disk. Yashan recognized them at a glance—they were commonly used “Dragon Fire” runes.

No, not all of them were “Dragon Fire” runes. In four directions within the range, there were also a few “Strong Light” runes.

The “Strong Light” runes were activated first, illuminating the dark surroundings. For a moment, the small mountain valley became brightly lit.

Yashan was puzzled but stayed quietly watching. He was very curious about what Boss Wei was doing.

Yashan knew that Boss Wei rarely did things without meaning.

Just when Yashan was making random guesses, Su Hao started to move. He arrived at a slightly larger rune array disk, then pointed at the rune array disk and activated the runes.

The next moment.


This small rune unexpectedly spewed out a blue-green light column, shooting straight into the night sky, reaching a height of nearly four hundred meters. It turned the dim night sky into a blue-green color.

Initially, Yashan didn’t think much at first, “Boss Wei does a lot of inexplicable things, and a light column? What’s wrong with a light column? It’s normal!”

However, then a wave of heat hit him from a dozen meters away, even reaching his face, making him finally realize what was happening. “That… That’s the ‘Dragon Fire’ rune?”

For a moment, Yashan was almost shocked to lose his jaw. “When did the ‘Dragon Fire’ rune become so powerful? And… damn! This isn’t just a light column; it’s flames!”

He couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Wei, are you testing the ‘Dragon Fire’ rune?”

Su Hao reached into the air and, from his room on the other side of the planet, pulled out an iron rod. He extended it into the flames to test the temperature. Hearing Yashan’s question, he casually replied, “That’s right! I’ve been cultivating recently and discovered some new uses for spiritual power. I’m conducting tests!”

Yashan quickly remembered what Boss Wei had told him about the “Yuzhong Valley.” In other words, the “Yunzhong Valley” that Boss Wei currently belonged to was a sect?

Yashan shivered! Having been with Su Hao for so long, his knowledge far surpassed that of the past. Naturally, he understood the meaning of the term “cultivation.”

Moreover, Boss Wei had mentioned that three years later, he could also join the Yunzhong Valley sect…

Yashan couldn’t help but ask again, “Boss Wei, when you say I can join the Yunzhong Valley three years later, does that mean I can cultivate too? Do I have a chance for cultivation?”

The iron rod clamped by Su Hao’s Transforming Diamond Armor had melted into molten iron at this point. After accurately recording the melting time, he answered, “You don’t have the chance for cultivation!”

Yashan was disappointed, “So, even without a chance for cultivation, can I still join the Yunzhong Valley? Well, becoming an assistant to Boss Wei as a chef wouldn’t be bad.”

Su Hao said, “Hey! Still a chef! Don’t worry; you don’t have the chance for cultivation, but I’ll make you a ‘Cultivation Fate Needle,’ and you’ll have the chance right away.”

Yashan immediately realized that Boss Wei still had a versatile needle. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Boss Wei, you’re amazing! Your tiny needle can really do anything!”

Su Hao’s mouth curled up, showing that he was very satisfied with his genetic modification ability. “When you learn it someday, I can teach you. But you’re too green now; even if I teach you, you won’t learn it! Just wait!”

After saying that, Su Hao stopped the ‘Dragon Fire’ spray. While recording, he muttered, “This rune took twenty seconds to turn the iron rod into molten iron, and the power is not bad. Well then, let’s set this power as the reference for a second-level rune! All runes activated by blood energy, regardless of power, will be designated as first-level runes.”

“Second-level runes, all use this ‘Dragon Fire’ rune as a reference to determine the level!”

After recording, Su Hao came to another larger ‘Dragon Fire’ rune array disk, pointed his finger at the rune, and activated it with spiritual power.


A thicker blue-green light column shot straight up into the sky, reaching six hundred meters high, making the night sky even brighter.

Su Hao grabbed another identical iron rod from mid-air and used pliers to put it into the light column to burn.

In just ten seconds, the iron rod had been burned into molten iron.

“So, this rune model will be used as a reference for the third-level rune.”

To determine the level of runes, as long as the most critical reference is determined, the subsequent leveling becomes straightforward.

Next, a blue-green light column would occasionally rise into the sky above this valley, illuminating the night sky. People several kilometers away could clearly sense the anomaly in this area.

Everyone was thinking, “Could it be that a treasure from an immortal has descended?”

Then, those with courage quietly got up and were about to walk over, attempting to touch some immortal luck. However, before they even left, a bright electric light suddenly appeared in the distance, winding its way up to the sky, illuminating the entire sky of clouds.

“Ka-cha~ Boom—”

Immediately after, the roar of thunder reached their ears, causing those who wanted to seek immortal luck to involuntarily feel weak in the legs. They hurriedly retreated back inside, closing the door, “Damn, scared the hell out of me! Looking for immortal luck? I’d rather go to sleep!”

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