Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Rune Dimension

From Su Hao’s entry into the Yunzhong Wangyue Valley to now, a little over two months have passed, and he has successfully cultivated to the perfection of the Qi Induction realm.

This, placed anywhere, would be unbelievable. Even Feng Ling, whose heart has been greatly stimulated by Su Hao, was dumbfounded when she learned that Su Hao had already cultivated to the fourth layer of Qi Induction, ‘Residence Formation.’

“What did you say? He’s already at ‘Residence Formation’!”

(Translator’s Note: There was a translation error in the previous chapter for “结府,” which I translated as ‘Foundation Establishment.’ I have corrected it back to ‘Residence Formation’ as in Chapter 351.)

Once again, Feng Ling lost her composure in front of Su Hao. But she couldn’t care less at this point; all dignity and composure went out the window!

Feng Ling reached out and touched Su Hao’s wrist, sensing a strand of spiritual power containing ‘intent.’ The next moment, she released her hand, stunned on the spot: “This… this… Motherf***!”

Why does she feel that Su Hao has more spiritual power than her? What is going on…

This state, contrary to common sense, left her utterly bewildered. On her round face, there was nothing but a dumbfounded and puzzled look!

This is what Feng Wei got her into; she won’t be taking disciples anymore.

After a while, Su Hao couldn’t help but wave his hand in front of Feng Ling: “Master! Stop daydreaming; this is perfectly normal! Answer me quickly, should I directly break through to the Foundation Establishment or study academic methods first?”

Feng Ling regained her senses, looking at Su Hao. Her eyes gradually refocused: “Huh?”

Su Hao rubbed his forehead, thinking that with his master in this state, achieving immortality is a hoax!

Then Feng Ling replied, “I… I don’t know. I need to ask my master, your master uncle! Just wait for me a few days.”

After saying that, Feng Ling flew away.

Feng Cheng, in a daze, reached out to stop her: “Master, what about me? I still have questions!”

But where does Feng Ling have time for him?

Feng Cheng looked eagerly at Su Hao, squeezed out a bright smile, and said, “Senior Brother Feng Wei, I have a few cultivation questions, I wonder…”

As long as it doesn’t waste too much time, Su Hao is happy to answer, especially since Feng Cheng has been obedient lately.

Casually, Su Hao said, “Ask whatever questions you have!”

Feng Cheng was overjoyed, poured a cup of tea for Su Hao, and then asked about his cultivation confusion.

For Su Hao, these were all trivial questions. He casually answered Feng Cheng, precise in language and vivid in description, much better than Feng Ling by who knows how many times.

Having resolved many doubts, Feng Cheng was so excited that he danced on the spot, almost falling off the mountain peak.


Now that Su Hao has achieved perfection in the Qi Induction realm, he lacks follow-up cultivation techniques, and Feng Ling hasn’t provided corresponding methods. Therefore, Su Hao focuses on practicing ‘mind’ while studying the characteristics of spiritual power.

Curious about whether spiritual power can replace vitality, becoming a new source of energy for runes, Su Hao wonders if its effect might surpass that of vitality.

With nothing else to do, he decides, “Why not give it a try?”

Taking prompt action, Su Hao leaves the Stone Peak Forest and slowly walks to a secluded area with few people. After confirming no abnormalities on the radar, he casually uses Diamond Armor to draw a basic rune, ‘Fundamental Force One.’

To test if spiritual power will affect the rune, he doesn’t need a complete rune; using a basic one to assess the reaction of spiritual power is sufficient.

With a touch, Su Hao activates a surge of spiritual power from the middle finger acupoint, flowing over the basic rune.

Su Hao’s eyes widen unexpectedly, “It works!”

After the flow of spiritual power over the basic rune ‘Fundamental Force One,’ a portion mysteriously disappears, similar to how vitality is transformed into force by the rune.

This discovery excites Su Hao. If spiritual power can enhance the effects of runes beyond vitality, it means all of Su Hao’s runes will upgrade accordingly.

When attaching a ‘penetrating’ effect to a weapon, he won’t need to pre-draw an oversized rune array as before!

However, feasibility is one thing; whether the effect can surpass that of vitality is another.

Climbing out of the Diamond Armor, Su Hao draws a small ‘Fire Dragon’ rune. Spiritual power surges, activating the ‘Fire Dragon’ rune.

“Pong! Hoo—”

A basin-sized bluish-green flame spouts out, crossing a distance of two hundred meters in the blink of an eye, scorching a stone in the distance.

Like an industrial high-temperature flame-thrower, it’s a bluish-green column, without any flickering flame, resembling a solid pillar.

Su Hao’s first reaction is, “Unbelievable!”

He drew a ‘Fire Dragon,’ not a ‘Fire Pillar’…

The degree of power enhancement leaves Su Hao unable to make a precise evaluation. It’s not a matter of how much the power has increased; this effect has even transcended into another dimension.

Su Hao thought for a moment, then drew a rotating rune, activated it with spiritual power, and thrust down with a knife.

“Hum! Boom!”

Mud splattered beneath his feet, leaving behind a two-meter diameter hole that seemed bottomless.

Su Hao couldn’t help but remark, “This is a bit unbelievable! The energy level of spiritual power is indeed much higher than that of vitality, but the effects displayed by the rune seem too exaggerated!”

Subsequently, Su Hao speculated that it might be related to the function being substituted. Using a simple example, ‘2’ and ‘4’ may seem only twice as different, but when these two numbers are plugged into the exponential function 2 to the power of X, they result in ‘4’ and ’16’ respectively. This magnifies the difference.

The power displayed by the rune cannot be compared solely based on the energy levels of vitality and spiritual power. The issues involved are far more complex than Su Hao initially thought.

Next, Su Hao used spiritual power to consecutively test runes like ‘Sharp,’ ‘Penetration,’ ‘Hardness,’ ‘Barrier,’ ‘Bright Light,’ ‘Lightning,’ and others. The conclusions drawn were uniform: all of them ascended to another dimension, reaching unimaginable strength.

Taking ‘Lightning’ as an example, with this one rune, Su Hao could now be called the God of Thunder, surpassing the Thunder God Thor by far.

After completing the tests, Su Hao erased the traces and returned to his room in the Stone Peak Forest.

Seated on the bed, he pondered the issue of runes.

Since it’s confirmed that spiritual power can not only activate runes but also enhance their power, Su Hao needs to organize his current power system thoroughly.

Strength is secondary; what’s crucial for Su Hao is not allowing any portion of his power to escape his control.

For example, Su Hao only intended to break a tree and collect materials, but the strength was too much, shattering the entire tree.

Such immense power might not necessarily be beneficial for Su Hao.

Closing his eyes, Su Hao entered the pinball space, listing out all his rune arrays and categorizing them.

First-level runes no longer held much value and were completely eliminated by Su Hao.

Currently in use are improved ‘Second-level Runes,’ which offer the highest cost-effectiveness for vitality.

However, what is cost-effective for vitality doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same for spiritual power.

“So, the first step is to test spiritual power runes, find the most cost-effective rune arrays, and then reassign levels based on the effects displayed by the runes.”

After some thought, Su Hao thought, “To determine rune levels, let’s use the effects displayed by the runes!”

The reordering method remains ‘First-level Runes’ and ‘Second-level Runes.’ However, Su Hao divides rune levels into five categories! As the level increases, the power output strengthens. First-level runes have the lowest power, and fifth-level runes have the highest power!

Thinking quickly, Su Hao created entries and, with the help of Little Light, designed dozens of testing plans.

Soon, Su Hao exited the pinball space, saying, “Find an opportunity to test thoroughly. It’s not suitable to demonstrate here in the Yunzhong; if the power is too great, damaging the Yunzhong would be troublesome!”

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