Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: More Spiritual Power is Certainly Better

Before Feng Ling arrived, she had made thorough preparations and decided to remain calm regardless of how extraordinary Su Hao’s performance might be this time.

Being Su Hao’s master every day, she was constantly bombarded with questions like, ‘How did you do it?’ ‘No way!’ ‘Are you kidding me?’

She always felt that her status as a master was somewhat devalued.

However, Feng Ling miscalculated. Despite all her calculations, she didn’t anticipate Feng Wei, this kid, asking questions like ‘Will there be side effects if the spiritual power is converted too quickly?’

One sentence directly disrupted her plans!

Feng Ling, full of confidence, came but left helplessly, strengthening her mental defenses a bit more: “What kind of extraordinary things haven’t I seen? I won’t be surprised anymore in the future!”

After learning from Feng Ling that there would be no side effects from cultivating too quickly, Su Hao relaxed: “No big problem!”

What Su Hao didn’t expect was that when he mentioned ‘too fast’ in converting, it might not mean the same thing as Feng Ling imagined.

If Feng Ling knew that Su Hao’s ‘too fast’ meant several times faster, she might not confidently say ‘fast is a good thing.’

After returning to his room, Su Hao pointed at the bed, and the Diamond Armor surged out, quickly forming a runic pattern the size of a grinding disc on the bed. This was the ‘Spiritual Wave’ rune designed by Su Hao, which could make the concentration of ‘spiritual energy’ in the room extremely rich.


“Hum!” The rune array flashed with a faint light, quickly calming down. Su Hao understood that the rune had been activated.

At the same time, Su Hao’s ‘mind’ also sensed the highly intense ‘spiritual energy waves’ all around him.

“Good, now let’s try practicing, converting spiritual power!”

Su Hao covered the runic pattern of ‘spiritual energy waves’ with a blanket, then sat cross-legged, closing his eyes in meditation.

His ‘mind’ spread throughout his body, contemplating the ‘Cloudy Moon Spirit Technique.’

Soon, countless sparkling spiritual power points reflected on Su Hao’s ‘mind,’ covering his entire body. The speed of spiritual power conversion was at least fifty times faster than before!

This was the training speed Su Hao could accept!

If it was stipulated that reaching the Qi Induction Second Layer required three years of training, Su Hao accepted it, but he couldn’t accept spending all three years on converting spiritual power. That was unreasonable.

“Three years’ time, half a year to accumulate spiritual power, two and a half years to study and learn. Isn’t that reasonable?”

If one were to spend three years sitting in meditation, converting spiritual power with closed eyes, it’s only natural to breed inner demons…

Su Hao sighed, “Cultivators in this world have it tough!”

Ten days later, the spiritual power within Su Hao surged. According to the description of the “Cloudy Moon Spirit Techniquee,” he gathered the spiritual power together, reaching the goal of the ‘Accumulation’ stage of cultivation. He could now enter the third layer of “Imitation Existence.”

Although Su Hao had accumulated enough spiritual power, it was too early to manipulate and release spells. Only by reaching the fourth layer of Qi Induction, the ‘Residence Formation,’ could he use spiritual power to cast spells.

“The next step should be the third layer of Qi Induction, ‘Imitation Existence.’ It involves dispersing the spiritual power again, hiding it within the twelve meridians of the body, building the most basic system throughout the entire body.”

Su Hao sensed his internal spiritual power again, furrowing his brow, “According to the ‘Spiritual Arts,’ the quantity of this spiritual power is sufficient, but when gathered together, it looks like no more than a marble. What use can this be? It will be depleted in just a few moves… the spiritual power is still too little!”

Recalling Feng Ling mentioning ‘the more spiritual power, the better,’ Su Hao thought, “Since I can convert spiritual power quickly, I’ll convert for another month! Otherwise, the spiritual power feels insufficient.”

With this thought, Su Hao continued to close his eyes, focusing on converting spiritual power!

Over a month later, feeling the spiritual power in his body, which was now the size of an egg, bringing significant pressure to his body, Su Hao finally revealed a satisfied smile, “This is about right!”

If Su Hao had a slight ‘insufficient firepower anxiety,’ it was understandable. After all, he never considered the issue of consumption when using skills. This habit was hard to change, and even in cultivation, he hoped to use spells freely.

Kakashi’s high-intelligence combat style didn’t suit him; he preferred pushing forcefully and relying on strength…

However, when Su Hao converted spiritual power to the size of an egg and felt the oppressive sensation on his body, he stopped naturally, not continuing to convert spiritual power.

To be precise, that sense of oppression was not applied to the body but to the mind. Su Hao could feel that if he continued to increase spiritual power, he could do so physically and mentally, but it would burden his mind slightly.

This burden might not seem significant, but for Su Hao, it was an uncertainty factor, potentially posing hidden risks for the future—an unfavorable trade-off.

‘Spiritual power’ is a highly energetic substance with vast energy content; it’s better to fully control it.

Su Hao thought, “No wonder other cultivators move on to the next step when they accumulate spiritual power the size of a marble. It’s not that they don’t want to continue accumulating, but the body and mind can’t bear it anymore. If ‘spiritual power’ suddenly goes out of control within the body, it’s highly likely to explode!”

Cultivation! Gaining power also means taking on corresponding risks.

The next step is the third layer of Qi Induction, ‘Imitation Existence,’ dispersing spiritual power through the meridians throughout the body!

Su Hao entered the pinball space, used the system to simulate several times, found the optimal path, and then exited, preparing to complete the third step, ‘Imitation Existence’!

Su Hao closed his eyes, and his ‘mind’ sank into his body, then shifted to the gathering place of spiritual power and energy—the Tanzhong.

Slowly, Su Hao extracted a thread of spiritual power from the pile, allowing it to flow slowly along the meridians.

Like a kilometer-long serpent curled into a heap, it began to extend its head, getting longer and longer.

After an unknown period, Su Hao finally opened his eyes, took a long breath, and felt the meridians throughout his body filled with spiritual power. He couldn’t help but murmur, “Should be successful like this?”

There was no clear explanation in the book about what ‘Imitation Existence’ was, and Feng Ling only gave a vague description. Su Hao could only speculate on his own.

“The next step is the fourth layer of Qi Induction, ‘Residence Formation.'”

Now, it was still early, and Su Hao planned to complete the entire process in one go!

“According to the master’s words, it’s about setting the spiritual power in the meridians into motion, forming a dynamic circulation, and that’s considered successful ‘Residence Formation’!”

However, forming a dynamic circulation wasn’t easy; it required utilizing the meridians, connecting all the meridians to create a large circulation pathway for success.

Su Hao looked at the operation diagram in “Spiritual Arts,” entered the ball space, materialized his body, and began to simulate the spiritual power’s circulation pathway.

“The creator of this ‘Cloudy Moon Spirit Technique’ is indeed a genius. In such a complex human meridian system, he thought of using multiple small cycles to form a large circulation, completing a dynamic circulation pathway.”

After a few simulations and minor adjustments to the details, making the entire circulation appear smoother, Su Hao confirmed the final plan.

He didn’t intend to make major changes; if any changes were needed, it would be after understanding everything and moving on to the next world!

He, Su Hao, wasn’t in a hurry!

Su Hao exited the ball space, sat cross-legged, and began to set the spiritual power in motion according to the specified circulation pathway.

Two hours later, the spiritual power within Su Hao’s body was completely in motion, forming a circulation that repeated endlessly. The speed was approximately 0.8 meters per second, slightly faster than the flow of blood in human arteries.

Standing up and moving around, Su Hao found no issues; instead, his limbs felt stronger!

Only at this moment did Su Hao understand why he needed to reach the fourth layer of Qi Induction to cast spells.

After all, spiritual power was different from Su Hao’s ‘Elite Blood Qi.’ Blood Qi allowed Su Hao to command it effortlessly, moving it at will. However, the same couldn’t be said for spiritual power. Manipulating spiritual power was more than ten times more difficult than manipulating blood qi. Trying to use such ‘heavy’ spiritual power to cast spells not only increased the difficulty but also slowed down the casting speed.

If a cultivator activated spells too slowly, enemies would surely approach and stab them with a knife.

So, only when reaching the fourth layer of Qi Induction, ‘Residence Formation,’ would the manipulation of spiritual power become swift. With just a thought, spiritual power would immediately respond.

The principle involved in this was ‘inertia’!

One could imagine spiritual power as water flowing rapidly through pipes within the body. When Su Hao wanted to manipulate the water, he only needed to open a small hole in the pipe, create a guide, and the water would divert. Following inertia, it would swiftly flow to the guided location!

In this process, Su Hao didn’t need to exert much effort to manipulate spiritual power; he only needed to provide guidance to easily manipulate a massive amount of spiritual power!

Understanding the key points, Su Hao couldn’t help but praise, “These cultivators are something! All of them are talents!”

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