Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 Accelerating Cultivation

Su Hao vaguely guessed the cultivation theory of this world, seemingly trapped in a difficult and impassable situation.

The specifics, Su Hao doesn’t know for now; it’s probably a ‘chicken or egg’ problem.

According to the manuals Su Hao has checked, this problem has at least stumped the cultivation world for nearly a millennium.

Numerous cultivators have successively engaged in cultivation, exhausting their wisdom to attempt to unravel it, but always achieving nothing.

Su Hao thought of that phrase again, murmuring, “A stone from another mountain can be used for jade carving.” Previously, it was about the limitations of the era; now, if applied to me, it becomes the limitations of the world.

In Su Hao’s view, if this world doesn’t give birth to more advanced ideas, then that’s it. Even if one undergoes endless cycles, progress would be difficult!

“Perhaps my arrival can change this, maybe. I might not necessarily crack it, but I can guide new thinking.”

Su Hao regained focus from scattered thoughts and turned attention to his current tasks: “Since I roughly understand the principles, the next learning plan becomes clear.”

Opening a page in his notebook, Su Hao continued to write:

1. Complete Qi Induction, break through to Foundation Establishment, feel the breakthrough in cultivation, understand why;
2. Learn ‘Arts,’ master the basic usage of spiritual power;
3. Attempt to activate runes with ‘spiritual power,’ observe if it’s feasible. If so, with higher-level spiritual power, it might cause the intensity of runes to leap to a higher level, achieving a qualitative change;
4. Learn the alchemy and refining principles of this world, master its core technology;
5. Use genetic technology to create plants that produce their own proteins, thereby obtaining a large amount of spiritual power, or even directly producing spiritual power for direct use…

Su Hao kept writing, jotting down future plans one by one.

If there are changes in future plans, it’s never too late to modify them.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Hao exited the pinball space, only then remembering something he almost forgot: “Almost forgot about Yashan; it’s time to send him the second batch of reagents.”

After preparing the genetic modification liquid for Yashan, Su Hao used a small teleportation array to send it to Yashan and then stayed in the room to convert spiritual power.

During the conversion of spiritual power, it seemed that his whole body was covered in countless points of spiritual power, appearing abundant. However, when Su Hao gathered them together, he discovered that it was pitifully little, so little that if not observed carefully, it could be easily ignored.

“What can this little bit of spiritual power be used for…”

No wonder cultivators are so eager to cultivate and practice; turns out, the conversion speed of spiritual power is too slow! After toiling away for a day, the results are almost negligible. In this light, there’s a reason for drug-enhanced cultivation.

After sitting in cultivation for two days, Su Hao stopped and muttered to himself, “This is so damn slow… Even someone as patient as me can’t stand such a sluggish pace!”

To be honest, Su Hao genuinely felt that this conversion speed was slow. At this rate, accumulating enough spiritual power to break through to Foundation Establishment would require sitting in meditation every day for at least three years!

By then, Su Hao would be sixteen!

Su Hao stood up to stretch, his brain quickly processing, “To gain more spiritual power, it boils down to stronger ‘Spiritual Qi Waves’ and more protein-like substances. Spiritual Qi Waves are abundant within the sect, not an issue for now. The current limitation on my conversion speed is the scarcity of protein-like substances. The body only produces a small amount each day, and after using it up, I have to wait another day.”

“If I want to increase the quantity of protein-like substances, cultivators in this world probably use drugs. But now, I don’t have pills for that… So, I’ll have to address the issue at its root!”

With that in mind, Su Hao directly entered the pinball space to design his own genes.

Su Hao planned to design himself as a production machine capable of mass-producing ‘protein-like substances’!

“It doesn’t need to be a lot, just tens or hundreds of times more than now should be fine!”

Su Hao did the math. At the current rate, converting spiritual power every day for three years would require around 1,100 days. If he could increase the speed by fifty times, he could achieve the goal in just over twenty days! Considering the time for learning, thinking, and experimenting in between, it wouldn’t exceed two months at most.

This kind of cultivation speed is worthy of Su Hao!

Spending a lot of time sitting in meditation is simply a waste. Isn’t learning more appealing?

In just one day, Su Hao designed the gene sequence and produced the corresponding genetic modification liquid.

Without hesitation, Su Hao injected himself, thinking, “Whether it can save a lot of time depends on the effectiveness of the modification liquid!”

A day later, the protein-like substances in Su Hao’s body did increase several times. Su Hao eagerly entered a cultivation state, attempting to convert spiritual power.

An hour later, Su Hao opened his eyes, smiling, “This is the feeling; this is the normal way of cultivation! Awesome!”

Who cultivates for ten or a hundred years? That’s not cultivation; that’s self-torture.

In Su Hao’s view, ‘slow cultivation’ is inherently abnormal. After all, in any universe, everything is in rapid motion and constant change. Being slow means being behind; it’s only superficial to appear shallow.

Then Su Hao shook his head, “Although the current speed is already fast, it still doesn’t reach the effect I envisioned. What now restricts the speed of spiritual power conversion is not protein-like substances, but the low intensity of the surrounding ‘Spiritual Qi Waves’ field! No need to hurry in converting spiritual power; the efficiency is too low, first design the ‘Spiritual Qi Waves’ generation runes to enhance the local spiritual energy in my room and increase the conversion speed.”

Sharpen the knife before cutting the wood; now, cultivating spiritual power in Su Hao’s view is not very valuable. Instead, it would waste a lot of time. His subconscious appreciation for time led Su Hao to choose to first improve conversion efficiency before converting spiritual power.

Su Hao entered the pinball space, waved his hand, and before him manifested a research and experimentation platform for runic arrays. Above it, nearly a thousand basic runes were neatly arranged, forming nine sequences and ten levels. Years of research on runes had given Su Hao a profound understanding of these basic runes, akin to alternative cosmic symbols. When Su Hao wanted to express a certain meaning, he could quickly extract corresponding runes, arrange them, and form a unique array.

With a wave of his hand, Su Hao immediately manifested a ‘Four-Ring Runic Array’ on the runic experimentation platform. Each ring had numerous embedded slots, all with identical ports, allowing Su Hao to insert basic runes at will.

“Let’s design a force field detection rune first! The detection runes designed in the previous world were ineffective; I need to rethink a more perfect force field detection rune.”

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao issued commands, “Little Light, 3-1 rune, embed Z-4; 4-2 rune, embed X-2; 8-1 rune, embed P-22…”

As Su Hao continued to give commands, the empty four-dimensional runic array slowly filled up!

“Test run!”

Little Light simulated the operating environment, and soon it failed; the detection rune was shattered by chaotic forces.

Frowning, Su Hao examined the replay, analyzed the reasons for the failure, and repeated the process…

Two days later, Su Hao finally succeeded. “Having experience in designing force field detection runes from the previous world saved me a lot of time! Otherwise, just this detection rune alone would probably take at least two months of slow experimentation.”

“Next, activate the runes, detect ‘Spiritual Qi Waves,’ and collect spiritual energy field data!”

On this day, it was time for the teaching session with Feng Ling.

The three gathered in the usual spot, and Feng Cheng had already set up small stools, waiting for the two experts to take their seats. The only difference today was a small table added to the mountaintop, with tea set on it!

Feng Ling’s round face showed a slight surprise as she looked at Feng Cheng. “You’re not cultivating properly; you have time to mess with these things!”

While saying so, her body honestly performed otherwise. She picked up the tea and took a sip, smacking her lips. “The tea is not bad!”

Feng Cheng had a smile on his face. “Providing a better teaching environment for the Master is necessary. We can’t let the Master speak for half a day without a warm cup of tea! Senior Brother, please have a seat too; it was tough for you to jump up here just now!”

Feng Ling, slightly self-conscious due to Feng Cheng’s actions, silently reflected, “Was I too harsh on my Master before? This is how a disciple should behave, right?” Then she glanced at Su Hao and added in her thoughts, “Feng Wei is too exceptional; he doesn’t count!”

With a light cough, Feng Ling asked, “These days, if you have any questions in your cultivation, feel free to ask.”

Su Hao took the lead and asked, “Master, if I convert spiritual power too quickly, will there be any side effects?”

Feng Ling almost choked on her tea.

Listen, is this person speaking human language?

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