Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: My Sister Likes to Raise Rabbits

Feng Ling waited left and right, not seeing her master coming out of seclusion. However, the matter concerning Feng Wei’s talent was significant. Gathering courage, she approached and knocked on the door. A note was seen through the crack, and she read it with a sigh, “Master ran off again to find that Six-Winged Swift Wind Fox. No idea when he’ll be back! The Sect Master is also absent, leaving only three senior brothers guarding inside…”

She stomped her foot in frustration, muttering, “Can’t find anyone during a critical moment. They wander around in front of me every day when there’s nothing to do! I have to teach Feng Wei!”

There weren’t many cultivators in the sect at the moment. Most were either on journeys, searching for necessities, or handling sect missions.

The ones staying in the sect were mainly three types: senior brothers on duty, disciples with cultivation potential, and those not allowed to leave due to insufficient cultivation. Of course, there were those in seclusion breaking through realms, but they were rare.

“Hmm?! Little Feng Ling?”

A gentle and magnetic voice came from behind Feng Ling. She turned to see a man in a light blue robe smiling at her.

Feng Ling exclaimed, “Master, you’re back! Every time you appear out of nowhere! Did you find the Six-Winged Swift Wind Fox?”

The man shook his head, “Not yet, but there’s information. It’s said that its trace was seen in Qingyu Youzhou. I came back to prepare, and I’ll set out again in a few days.”

Feng Ling gasped, “Master, going to Qingyu Youzhou? That’s the territory of demonic cultivators… and leaving so soon?”

The man nodded.

Feng Ling asked, “What should I do?”

The man wondered, “What do you mean?”

Feng Ling mysteriously smiled, “Master, I have some surprising news that you won’t imagine, absolutely shocking.”

The man became interested, “Tell me, Little Feng Ling.”

After a while, the man’s usually calm face showed astonishment. He asked, “Really? Could he have learned it before?”

Feng Ling shook her head, “No, he studied mortal martial arts. I didn’t sense any spiritual energy in him, and the ‘Cloud Heart Technique’ I recounted had differences from the original, yet he faithfully reproduced it. Also, despite his calm demeanor, I could feel his inner arrogance, similar to the feeling I got from Grandmaster Feng Qi…”

After pondering, the man said, “In that case, no need to do anything special. Teach him what needs to be taught, treat him well, but maintain a balance. Remember, we are a great sect, having faced countless challenges. Exceptional talents are not uncommon. Don’t let our pride in Yunzhong Valley waver before him. Talent is worth cherishing, but he must grow before meeting me and standing before the Sect Master. Understand?”

Feng Ling nodded, “Understood, Master!”

The man added, “Little Feng Ling, you teach your disciple, but for such a genius, the usual teaching methods won’t suffice. Besides guiding his cultivation, inform him of the purpose behind it.”

Feng Ling looked confused, “Huh?”

The feeling of ‘seeing the boss from a different realm’ was something only Yashan could understand. He desperately wanted to return to Boss Wei’s side!

He wanted Boss Wei to level him up, then come back and show those arrogant villains his prowess!

Having seen a lot, Yashan knew that “evil” existed everywhere, in any world, continuously emerging and persisting. He gradually accepted the fact that “people act for their own interests, not inherently good or bad.” However, if he saw it, even if he had to abandon his body, Yashan would pursue it to the end.

Unfortunately, what left him helpless was having a sense of justice but lacking the strength of justice, echoing Boss Wei’s words, “Your power doesn’t match your sense of justice!”

Yashan, now nine years old, always presented a cold and cool appearance to others. However, in front of Su Hao, Yashan never concealed his emotions.

With a mournful expression, he said, “The place I’m in seems to be called Luzhong Changzhou! Outside Hugong City…”

Hearing this, Su Hao temporarily dismissed the thought of summoning Yashan back because it was too far, almost on the opposite side of the planet. Given Yashan’s current condition, he might die on the way before reaching Annan Hengzhou!

However, leaving Yashan in such a miserable state without intervening was not an option. After some thought, Su Hao said, “Later, I’ll send you a ‘Space Transfer’ rune array plate. Find materials to draw the array, and every month, I’ll send you a syringe for self-evolution!”

Tears welled up in Yashan’s eyes, “Finally… Thank you, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao continued, “You don’t need to come to me now. Survive first. After three years, I’ll directly summon you using the teleportation array. By then, you’ll also become a disciple of Yunzhong Wangyue Valley, and I’ll have some research tasks for you!”

Yashan immediately replied, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao sent the rune transfer array’s side to Yashan through the small black room, fearing he might forget. He instructed Little Light to send it to Yashan every minute.

Then, Su Hao collected Yashan’s body information and designed a mutant gene for him.

Regardless, first, help Yashan evolve to the “Earth Lord” level. As for why it’s “Earth Lord” and not “Life Bearer,” Su Hao feared that the people from the Sanhe Peaks would mistake Yashan for someone they could manipulate and seek revenge.

If Yashan was pursued by a group of cultivators, even if he were a “Life Bearer,” he probably wouldn’t withstand it!

As for accessories like “Prophet,” ‘Master Core Rune,’ ‘Balance Organization,’ ‘Life Detection,’ ‘Dynamic Vision,’ etc., they could be added to Yashan later.

With these items, Yashan should be able to survive. Of course, the precondition was that Yashan shouldn’t act recklessly and attract powerful cultivators. Without the ‘Space Transfer’ technique, Yashan might be in trouble.

After sorting out these matters, Su Hao went out for hunting. In no time, he returned with two cute little rabbits in his hands.

Feng Cheng, holding two sweet potatoes in both hands, stared at the rabbits in Su Hao’s hands, drooling.

Since coming here, he hadn’t tasted meat, only relying on fruits and grains to fill his stomach. It wasn’t because there was no meat in the sect; on the contrary, the sect’s grassland was full of cute little animals. However, the problem was that he couldn’t catch them. Despite their adorable appearance, those little creatures were slippery and elusive, not something a young master like him could catch.

Seeing Su Hao about to process the ingredients, he couldn’t endure it and approached, flattering, “Senior Brother Feng Wei, Senior Brother Feng Wei, hehehe~”

Su Hao casually asked, “What’s up?”

Feng Cheng pointed to the rabbits beside him and said, “Does Senior Brother Feng Wei need my help? Hehehe~”

Su Hao was surprised, “You can do this?”

Feng Cheng smiled even more brightly and immediately said, “Yes, yes. Before, my sister liked to raise rabbits. I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I took my sister’s rabbits and roasted them. The taste was good. My sister thought the rabbits had run away on their own and kept getting new ones. After several times, I became skilled!”

Su Hao found it amusing and threw both rabbits to him, saying, “Okay, try your skills. I’ll give you half a rabbit!”

Feng Cheng was excited, trembling all over. He had just mustered the courage to communicate with the Great Demon King and unexpectedly succeeded! Moreover, he successfully got to eat meat.

Then, he discovered the mystery of communicating with the Great Demon King.

The Great Demon King seemed… very lazy! If he worked a bit harder, maybe he could make a name for himself under the shadow of the Great Demon King.

“Also, Senior Brother Feng Wei is a genius. Can I ask Senior Brother for advice on some cultivation issues?”

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