Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Crazy Purchases, Arm Yourself!

“Beautiful!” Lin Beifan couldn’t help but exclaim.

Senior Brother was proud and smiled, “Indeed, very beautiful! I once used this move to slay dozens of demons with a cultivation of over a hundred years and fierce ghosts! As long as you learn this move, it’ll be hard for demonic creatures to get close in the future!”

Then, Senior Brother imparted the essentials of swordsmanship to Lin Beifan.

To Senior Brother’s great astonishment, Lin Beifan learned this sword technique in just one attempt.

Moreover, since the other party had the attribute of lightning, the power displayed was astonishing, three times more formidable than his original version.

Senior Brother looked embarrassed, “Junior Brother, your comprehension… truly makes me feel inferior!”

Lin Beifan frowned, “Senior Brother, where are these words coming from? I’m just imitating, how can I compare to you, the creator of this sword technique? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn this extraordinary sword technique.”

“Junior Brother speaks reasonably!” Senior Brother laughed heartily.

Next, taking advantage of the opportunity, Senior Brother imparted the other three styles of the Way of Inquiring Sword Technique – Way of Inquiring Ghost and God, Way of Inquiring World, and Way of Inquiring Heart – all to Lin Beifan.

These sword techniques increased in difficulty one after another, yet Lin Beifan mastered them all in one go, leaving Senior Brother both amazed and delighted.

“The talent in swordsmanship of Big Brother Ah Fei is even more frightening than in the previous life! If his bone marrow catches up…”

Thinking of this, Senior Brother’s expression became resolute.

“Big Brother Ah Fei, I will definitely find a heaven-defying elixir to reshape your bone marrow!”

After teaching the sword technique, they shared another pot of wine before reluctantly parting ways.

On the way back, Lin Beifan assessed his gains from this journey and found them to be quite abundant.

Apart from the invaluable Way of Inquiring Sword Technique, just the 100,000 points alone would sustain him for a long time.

At this moment, he saw Bai Yiyi rushing towards him.

Lin Beifan was puzzled, “Sister, where are you going in such a hurry?”

Upon seeing Lin Beifan, a pleased expression appeared on her face, and she stopped, saying, “Brother, I just heard that you had a private meeting with Senior Brother. I was worried he might harm you, so I hurried over! Brother, are you okay? Did Senior Brother do anything to you?”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Sister, no need to worry. Senior Brother is very kind to me. Not only did he invite me for a drink, but he also gave me 100,000 points! Oh, and he even imparted his Way of Inquiring Sword Technique to me!”

Bai Yiyi was dumbfounded, “Huh? He invited you for a drink, gave you points, and taught you his unique skill?”

Lin Beifan nodded seriously and even showed his points card as proof.

“That’s strange!” Bai Yiyi frowned, “You two are not acquainted, why would Senior Brother be nice to you? Why would he do all this… what’s his motive?”

She felt that Senior Brother had become peculiar since his return, like he was a different person.

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Don’t think too much! In my opinion, he genuinely considers me as his brother, that’s why he’s treating me well!”

“No, we can’t let our guard down!” Bai Yiyi nervously said, “Brother, until we figure things out, try to keep your distance from him!”

Lin Beifan hesitated, “Isn’t that a bit too much? After all, he sincerely treated me well, giving me so many things, and now I’m turning my back on him…”

“Fine, I’ll compromise. Next time you meet, make sure to bring me along, or I won’t feel at ease!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll follow your lead!”

After Bai Yiyi thoroughly inspected Lin Beifan, she finally left with peace of mind.

Lin Beifan, on the other hand, planned to continue reading.

However, with an additional 100,000 points in his hands, his heart felt a bit restless.

“Due to the issue with my bone marrow, it’s challenging to improve my strength quickly! So, why not purchase some weapons and miraculous elixirs to arm myself first!”

So, he changed his course and headed towards the Pill Pavilion.

As the name suggests, the Pill Pavilion is the place in the Tai Xuan Sword Sect where pills are refined and sold.

As long as you are a disciple here and have enough points, you can come to the Pill Pavilion to purchase the pills you need.

Before long, Lin Beifan arrived at the Pill Pavilion.

The place was spacious, filled with a variety of pills neatly arranged in cabinets.

There were many people here, but most of them could only look longingly.

Unfortunately, the pills here were too expensive.

Despite being cheaper than outside, most people still couldn’t afford them.

Lin Beifan, on the other hand, didn’t have this worry. With 100,000 points, even among the outer disciples, he was considered wealthy.

Even some experts in the Divine Pill Realm couldn’t match his wealth.

He quickly browsed and set his eyes on a particular pill.

Recovery Pill—could rapidly restore depleted divine power; one pill could replenish up to eighty percent of a divine power user’s strength.

Since he had just entered the Transcendent Realm and lacked sufficient divine power, this pill was exactly what he needed.

With this pill, he could temporarily compensate for his shortcomings.

Lin Beifan waved his hand, purchasing 100 pills, enough for him to endure a prolonged battle.

He also acquired a few other types of pills.

In the end, he spent tens of thousands of points but left the Pill Pavilion satisfied, heading towards the Weapon Arsenal.

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