Chapter 35

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“Lord, use me as an instrument of your peace!” (Eugene)

“Don’t talk nonsense; focus!” (Oswald)

Eugene continued to shoot down the elves with his fiercely burning eyes.

Seeing the white light on the edge of the sword burst with each stroke, it seemed his ‘god’ was quite satisfied with his prayers.

But no matter how exceptional they were, they were still students. Their skills might surpass their grade, but the quality of experience was different.

“We’re getting pushed! We’re getting pushed!” (Yuri)

“I know! Hold on!” (Oswald)

Oswald and Yuri swung their hands in frustration. The advancing army, with solid defenses, faced no apparent way to break through.

These were troops who had experienced the era of the demon war. Even though it had been only four years since the advent of peace, they were still soldiers who remembered their active duty.

In other words, facing these excessively elite forces as the first opponents for 21st-century reincarnators with almost no combat experience was a challenge.

If the goal was assassination from the beginning, the battle would have ended sooner. The commander laughed.

“Students, enough of this, put down your weapons!”

“When is Mr. Ivan coming?!” (Yuri)

As Yuri’s tearful scream grew sharper, the deck began to shake.

– Creak, creak, creak…!

“What the…?!”

“Wheelhouse, get to the wheelhouse, what’s going on, officer on duty!”

“Where’s the captain?!”

A massive shock, like the explosion of the hull, struck the deck along with the sound of bones grinding and rumbling from below.

Soldiers and transmigrants staggered and fell to the ground.

“What is this?” (Oswald)

“Did Mr. Ivan do this…?” (Yuri)

Oswald steadied himself on the floor, then suddenly raised his head.

A tremendous flow of magic… no, magic infused with advanced techniques was visible.

Emerald magic poured into the cabin like a torrent. Thud, crash. The explosive sounds approached.

“No, it’s not Mr. Ivan. This is…” (Oswald)

Oswald squinted his eyes. Soon, a dense magical power gathered on the deck.


– Kwaaaang!

Throwing Eugene, who was under the influence of a courage buff, Yuri grabbed Oswald’s neck and jumped back. A large crack appeared in the middle of the deck, and something bounced out.

The object, rotating gracefully in mid-air like a gymnast, landed near the transmigrants. It was a neatly executed parachute descent.

“It’s Mr. Ivan!” (Yuri)

“Hmm.” (Ivan)

A pungent smell emanated from Ivan’s body as he calmly faced them with an axe in hand.

“Excellent! To cultivate such determination in a world preserved by peace!” (Veolgrin)

“V-Veolgrin, sir?!”

The crew’s eyes widened as if not expecting Veolgrin to pop out. Ivan narrowed his eyes at their reaction. What’s going on? Did he deceive even his fellow elves?

Why go through such a covert method if the Kalion faction wanted to support Alexander on a national level?

“Uh, Mr. Ivan. Could you please explain what’s going on…” (Oswald)

Oswald looked at the floating Veolgrin with a confused expression.

As an elf himself, he had encountered Veolgrin a few times—an overwhelming, truly overpowering wizard.

This being was now floating above them, preparing an attack spell.

“In short… I almost succeeded.” (Ivan)

Veolgrin looked down at Ivan with a smile mixed with laughter. He had lost one arm.

He spoke with a wry smile.

“Ivan, I was surprised to see you show up, but… well, I guess I provoked Princess Elizaveta more than I thought I would. I planned to sneak around in a more friendly situation.” (Veolgrin)

As he raised his remaining hand, emerald magic surged intensely. Ivan prepared to throw his axe, observing the scene closely.

If at least one of the reincarnators could attract Veolgrin’s attention, they might have a chance.

However, the battlefield and the situation weren’t favorable.

“We’ll meet again later. For now, things don’t look good.” (Veolgrin)

“Veolgrin.” (Ivan)

“How much do you know about Crown Prince Alexandre, and are you still loyal to your king despite knowing ‘that’?” (Veolgrin)

“…What?” (Ivan)

Veolgrin waved his hand. Powerful magic formed a grip and lifted a carriage that had been stuck in a corner of the deck.

Inside the carriage, there was commotion and screams. Soon, with a thud, the door opened.

“Come out.” (Veolgrin)

“What, what is all this commotion…! W-We are here for the secret medicine…!” (Man inside carriage)

“Hush, be quiet.” (Another man inside carriage)

Veolgrin swung his remaining arm. The middle-aged man who had raised his head outside the carriage floated into the air, drawn by magic.

“So, Alexander indeed didn’t come by himself. Who are you?” (Veolgrin)

“I-I’m Nikolai Slobodanovich Ryurik…! I-I am delegated with full authority from the Foreign Ministry of this country! Y-You can’t harm me!”

“Oh, you’re the one making such claims. Do you even know who you’re talking to?” (Veolgrin)

Veolgrin chuckled and approached the man slowly.

He placed his remaining hand on the man’s head and whispered softly.

“Speak. Where is Crown Prince Alexander right now?” (Veolgrin)

Under Veolgrin’s hand, emerald magic surged. The magic, like a snake, penetrated into the ears and eyes of the man.

The man’s facial expression gradually disappeared. He murmured with a vacant face.

“He is currently waiting at the Foreign Ministry….”

“A person who knows nothing. It was a waste of time.” (Veolgrin)

With a sharp sound, the man’s head slumped. Veolgrin, who tossed the man away like garbage, descended slowly onto the deck.

“What is all this about? Veolgrin, what were you planning?” (Ivan)

Ivan opened his eyes narrowly.

Stimulating Elizaveta to make contact with Alexander, naturally, Kalion’s faction attempted to interfere in internal affairs by supporting Crown Prince Alexander.

No other speculation seemed possible in this situation.

However, Veolgrin suddenly killed the envoy. And asking about Alexander’s location?

“He is not in the city at this time. Hmm…There are many untold stories between us, but it’s difficult to bring them up.” (Veolgrin)

Veolgrin hesitated several times, then frowned.

“A deadlock. If you couldn’t figure it out by yourself, I couldn’t tell you. Unfortunately, magicians tend to be entangled in mysteries.” (Veolgrin)

“Why didn’t you explain to me from the beginning? If you didn’t plan to join Alexander, you could have told me beforehand….” (Ivan)

“Then I wouldn’t have been able to verify your credentials, and I wouldn’t have known which side you stood on. I thought you were already dead. It was necessary.” (Veolgrin)

Veolgrin shrugged. His magic slowly waned, becoming faint.

“We don’t have much time left. Someday, you may come to my tower in Kalion. You probably won’t be able to confront me directly… Ivan. Our rear guard. You have the qualifications.” (Veolgrin)

“What qualifications are you talking about?” (Ivan)

“The qualifications to turn over the final page of truth. The qualifications to look at the pawns on this chessboard. Ah, this. Damn it.” (Veolgrin)

A rift appeared on Veolgrin’s face like a crack. He touched his face again and sighed.

“It’s too cruel not to say even this much. Wizards are generally talkative.” (Veolgrin)

“What should I do?” (Ivan)

“Prepare. This game seems to be related to that university below us. Many days are spread out under there.” (Veolgrin)

“Prepare…?” (Ivan)

“They aren’t bad, but they weren’t prepared from the beginning. Suddenly appearing on the chessboard… well, playing cards, shall we say. So, pay attention to the chess pieces too. Take care of my daughter.” (Veolgrin)

Veolgrin’s face gradually faded. Just before he completely disappeared, he looked straight at Ivan and grinned.

Although no voice was heard, Ivan instinctively read his lips with his lip-reading technique.

-Maximilian is not gone.

With a small laugh, Veolgrin’s magic completely faded away.

The commotion on the deck did not reach the citizens of Frechenkaya. It seemed like the ship was floating in the sky as usual.

Ivan and the transmigrants received a nervous farewell from the scared captain and were able to descend to the ground. With the overturned carriage left in a corner of the alley, Ivan scanned the transmigrants.

A game board.

Like cards thrown onto a chessboard. Perhaps it could be interpreted as a mixture of games with different rules.

What story did they need? What story was prepared, and what kind of flow was being induced?

Who is the hand on the board?

A god?

Ivan looked at Eugene, who could use divine magic. Due to the end of the [Grant Courage] buff, Eugene had an exhausted expression on his face.

“Do you still have the divine spell slot?” (Ivan)

“Yes? Oh, yes.” (Eugene)


Unlike regular magic, divine spells were a kind of blessing directly bestowed by a deity. It was a spell unfolded using the human body as a medium to represent the will of the gods.

In other words, the term “divine spell slot” meant nothing other than Eugene’s ‘status bar’ having received divine authorization.

No, perhaps it could be an incarnated deity created by the damn modern fantasy world’s personification of gods, acting as a conversation interface.

Especially considering the meticulous implementation, including detailed things like the quest window.

“You’ve been through a lot today. Go rest, see you tomorrow.” (Ivan)

“Uh, sir. Is it just ending like this?” (Yuri)


Ivan glanced at the departing transmigrants and then turned away.

It wasn’t the right time to take them to the reporting spot. Especially in a situation like this, where they shouldn’t get deeply involved. Particularly in this case, it would be better if they didn’t become further entangled.

If it was a simple matter involving the conflict between a princess and a prince, it might be better to decisively pick a side if victory was certain.

However, since the news that the prince in Frechenkaya wasn’t himself, this case had surpassed the level that students could handle.

Especially young kids in their fourth year of transmigration.

It’s been a few years.

Walking through the nighttime streets, Ivan pondered.

Thinking about the last appearance of Colonel Kirilovna, Ivan headed towards the reconnaissance headquarters.

It was time to face the princess.

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