Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: The Sure-Kill Thunder Formation of the Nascent Soul, Unquestionably Fatal??

The black-robed demonic cultivator was filled with shock and dread.

“Report… reporting to Young Master, I… I’ve managed to… escape back.”

However, a slash of black blade light descended.

With a ‘puchi’ sound.

The right arm of the black-robed demonic cultivator was severed.

He let out a muffled groan, his face pale with fear. His right arm fell to the ground, and from the severed part, blood gushed out wildly.

In the hand of Gu Yuan, there was a dark treasure knife, with the flowing patterns of a Spirit-grade sword technique on it.

It was unexpectedly a Spirit-grade magic treasure!

Gu Yuan said coldly.

“This strike only severs your arm. The next one will be your head on the ground. I want the truth.”

The black-robed demonic cultivator pleaded in terror, “Young Master, I was wrong. I beg for mercy!”

“To be honest, it wasn’t I who managed to escape back. He let me go. But Young Master, rest assured, I have erased all traces of my path to come here. He couldn’t possibly have followed me!”

“Young Master, spare me, I beg you!”

Gu Yuan’s gaze turned icy.

“Fool, you value your life too much, fearing death. What use do I have for you?”

He struck again with his blade.

In the next instant.

A head fell with a ‘clang’, its eyes wide open, an unblinking death!

The Nascent Soul of the black-robed demonic cultivator rushed out, attempting to flee.

Gu Yuan raised his hand, a tremendous suction emerged.

Capturing that Nascent Soul in his hand.

The Nascent Soul of the black-robed demonic cultivator was full of terror, still begging for mercy.

As long as the Nascent Soul didn’t perish, he could possess others and be reborn. He didn’t want to die!

However, Gu Yuan didn’t spare a glance.

He placed it into his mouth and consumed the Nascent Soul directly!

Chen Chang’an, who was secretly observing, was taken aback.

He actually consumed the Nascent Soul directly. He truly deserved to be the young master of the Demonic Sect. He was indeed cruel and ruthless, sparing not even his own people.

After consuming the Nascent Soul of the black-robed demonic cultivator, Gu Yuan was surrounded by strands of sinister aura, incredibly eerie. His aura became even more formidable. This was the path of demonic cultivation.

To become stronger, to act as one wished, to consume others’ Nascent Souls, to slaughter cities and kill people for refining magic treasures—everything was normal for demonic cultivators.

Gu Yuan spoke coldly.

“You’ve seen enough from the sidelines. Whoever’s hiding in the shadows, come out.”

Chen Chang’an squinted, “Discovered? Or pretending to expose me?”

Chen Chang’an remained still, not revealing himself.

Gu Yuan sneered, rising from the bed.

He took a step.

Instantly, numerous formations erupted throughout the inn, reducing the entire place to ruins!

The sky was covered in dark clouds, and thunder rumbled. It turned out that Gu Yuan had set up a grand formation involving heavenly thunder, which was activated at this moment.

With a ‘boom’, a bolt of heavenly thunder pierced through the dark clouds and struck the place where Chen Chang’an was concealed, forcing him out of hiding.

As he looked at the refined young man forced out of the shadows, Gu Yuan’s gaze turned dark and cold, like a venomous snake observing and assessing him.

As for Chen Chang’an, he wore a faint smile, a bit surprised but still quite composed as he met Gu Yuan’s gaze.

Under the cultivation of Martial Dao Mastery, Chen Chang’an’s defense was solid as a rock, without revealing any weaknesses.

Gu Yuan narrowed his eyes.

This young man in white robes was no simple character; he was experienced and shrewd.

Then, Gu Yuan spoke.

“You must be the Nascent Soul cultivator by the side of the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal. I never expected you’d find your way here.”

Chen Chang’an replied, “Thanks to one of your subordinates, otherwise, how could I have possibly located you?”

“Keep in mind, as soon as I found out you were targeting my master, I couldn’t sleep at night. I thought of killing you as soon as possible, urgently, to prevent any nightmares.”

Gu Yuan coldly chuckled.

“Hehe, you’re in a hurry to kill me. Do you really think you can kill me with just you?”

Meanwhile, in this ancient town, the sudden appearance of the Thunderfall Formation startled many people.

Numerous cultivators gathered to watch.

“It’s the Thunderfall Formation!”

“This is a Spirit-grade formation. If controlled by a Nascent Soul cultivator, it can kill Nascent Souls. If a Spirit Severing Realm expert controlled it, even Spirit Severing Realm cultivators would bleed and die within!”

“Who could have set up this formation?”

People were discussing fervently.

However, within the Thunderfall Formation, thunder roared, and lightning illuminated the surroundings.

No one could see clearly inside the formation.

Only vaguely, they seemed to perceive two figures confronting each other.

Inside the Thunderfall Formation.

Chen Chang’an felt the terrifying aura of the grand formation.

Yet, he remained calm, showing no sign of panic.

His Black Jade Robe radiated a black sheen, ready to defend against the falling thunder at any moment.

To be honest, the figure before him, Gu Yuan, wasn’t just cunning, he was also cautious and meticulous.

To have laid down this grand formation in advance, and to be prepared for any enemy at any moment.

Chen Chang’an understood this well.

If he’s allowed to escape this time,
Next time it won’t be easy to kill him.

Chen Chang’an’s thoughts were clear.

To kill this Gu Yuan.

First, he needed to break through this Thunderfall Formation.


This formation posed the greatest threat to him.

But well,

In times of crisis, stay calm. Let’s first take a stroll through the Filial Piety Store.

Seeing Chen Chang’an’s composed demeanor, Gu Yuan’s gaze grew even colder, and he continued to speak calmly.

“This formation is the Thunderfall Formation. It can kill Nascent Souls, and even Spirit Severing experts wouldn’t have a good outcome if they were trapped within.”

“Since you’re the disciple of the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal, it’s just right that I kill you first and settle her debt.”

“After I kill you, I’ll find that woman of the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal, enjoy her, and then let you reunite as master and disciple on the path to the afterlife.”

With that said, Gu Yuan’s thoughts moved, and he activated the Thunderfall Formation!


Thunder resounded, earth-shaking, deafening!

As the thunderclouds churned, thousands upon thousands of thunderbolts descended, creating a sea of lightning.

In an instant, the lightning completely engulfed Chen Chang’an!

It looked extremely spectacular, astonishing!

Observing this scene, Gu Yuan’s eyes slanted, and he coldly said,

“A fool seeking his own death.”

He had full confidence in the Thunderfall Formation, this deadly formation against Nascent Souls.

From the moment Chen Chang’an entered the inn, he was already a dead man!

Gu Yuan couldn’t believe that someone as young as Chen Chang’an could be a Deity Transformation expert!





People were startled.

“This Thunderfall Formation has been activated. Its power is terrifying.”

“Those inside are most likely in grave danger!”

“Not only in grave danger, they’re most likely doomed! If there’s a Spirit Severing expert inside, there might be a slim chance of survival. Otherwise, for high-level cultivators like Nascent Soul realm, they will perish within, turning to ashes in the sea of thunder!”

“Who could be battling inside this small ancient town?”

People discussed with a sense of shock and curiosity.


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