Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Roar Against Injustice

Feng Ling, inheriting the excellent teaching tradition of the Yunzhong Valley, initially planned to familiarize her disciples with some unique phrases from the “Cloud Heart Technique” and let them experience the realm of cultivating immortality. Then, she allowed them to ponder for a few days, and after accumulating some questions, she would explain in detail.

In her view, these two disciples wouldn’t truly enter the cultivation state for at least a month. Entering the cultivation state didn’t guarantee mastering the ‘Heart Mind’; it required repeated exercises of mental strength to reach a certain intensity.

However, what surprised her was that the somewhat handsome young man before her had already mastered the Cloud Heart Technique in just a few days!

Such a monster! Why did such a monster fall into her hands!

Feng Ling suddenly asked, “Feng Wei, are there practitioners of cultivation in your family? Have you practiced similar techniques before?”

Su Hao casually replied, “I practiced with my uncle for two years.”

“Phew~” Feng Ling breathed a sigh of relief. Now it made sense; this kid had prior experience!

She thought to herself, “Although he’s still a genius, this is more acceptable!”

Feng Ling then turned to Feng Cheng and asked, “And you?”

Feng Cheng shook his head like a drum, “No! I haven’t practiced anything! Master, I’m just foolish. Please teach me more; otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t understand!”

To ensure smooth cultivation, Feng Cheng bravely admitted he was foolish and hoped the master wouldn’t compare him to Feng Wei.

Feng Ling was speechless and ignored him.

At this point, Su Hao directly asked his lingering question, “Master, I’ve already mastered the ‘Heart Mind.’ What should I do next?”

Feng Ling took a deep breath, adjusted her state, and slowly said, “Don’t be in a hurry. Mastering the ‘Heart Mind’ is just the first step. The second step is to perceive the ubiquitous spiritual energy. In our Yunzhong Valley, spiritual energy is abundant, making it the easiest place for perception. I believe that after practicing for another three to five months, you will be able to sense the presence of spiritual energy. Consolidate first, don’t rush, take it slowly! Keep it up!”

Su Hao fell silent. There was something he wasn’t sure whether to mention or not.

Looking at Feng Ling, he hesitated, “Master, does it really take that long to perceive spiritual energy? I seem to have already sensed it!”

Feng Ling almost choked, initially intending to express her astonishment with ‘What, how is that possible?’ but forcefully held back. Instead, she calmly asked, “Oh? Is that so? Feng Wei, you indeed exceed my expectations. What does the spiritual energy you sensed look like? Tell me!”

For Su Hao, spiritual energy is a unique ‘force field wave.’ Ordinary people cannot perceive the existence of this force field wave, but those with the talent for cultivation can sense this ‘spiritual energy wave’ after practicing the ‘mind technique.’

It’s akin to how humans can’t perceive WIFI signals, but phones can. The ‘mind technique’ can be seen as a talent-enhanced perception device for individuals, created using the power of consciousness or mental strength.

Feng Ling silently thought, “He describes it even clearer than I do. In my words, it’s probably ‘spiritual energy is everywhere, understanding it naturally comes with perception. If you can’t perceive it, no matter how much is said, it’s in vain. What, still don’t understand? Keep practicing.’ Feng Ling, oh Feng Ling, take it easy. He’s just a genius. In the path of cultivation, nothing is impossible!”

Feng Ling’s heart relaxed a bit, as if accepting the fact that Su Hao was a great genius, restoring her past confidence and calmness. She calmly said, “That’s right, what you sensed is indeed spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is elusive and omnipresent. In different places, the intensity of spiritual energy varies. In our Yunzhong Valley, the spiritual energy is rich and abundant, making it easy to sense. In the ordinary mortal world, it’s incredibly difficult to perceive spiritual energy!”

Su Hao nodded silently, “The meaning in Master’s words is probably that this spiritual energy wave has a source. The Yunzhong Valley is at the source point, where the spiritual energy wave is strong. In other places, the signal of the spiritual energy wave is very weak.”

Feng Cheng asked, “What are they talking about? Why can’t I understand anything?”

After understanding the progress of Su Hao and Feng Cheng, Feng Ling looked at Feng Cheng for the first time and thought, “This Feng Cheng is not bad! It’s a normal appearance! As a teacher, I feel gratified!”

Then, looking at Su Hao, she thought, “This child is truly born for cultivation. What I say, he understands instantly, with clear and insightful thoughts. He’s definitely a rare gem. Fortunately, he joined our Cloud Moon Valley. If he were taken by another sect… sigh! No, I need to talk to the sect leader about Feng Wei’s situation!”

With a firm decision, Feng Ling stopped overthinking and patiently guided Su Hao and Feng Cheng in their cultivation. Then, she hurriedly left, leaving a message, “Wait for me here in six days!”

Su Hao leaped down, and Feng Cheng watched with envy, slowly climbing down himself.

After returning to his room, Su Hao immediately sat in meditation and practiced the “Cloud Heart Technique.”

Two hours later, Su Hao opened his eyes and murmured, “Although Master said the ‘Cloud Heart Technique’ is a rare and superior technique in the cultivation world, with a fast cultivation speed, for me, it’s still a bit slow. To enter the next stage of cultivation, it will take at least another month.”

While physical cultivation progress could be expedited, Su Hao didn’t dare to rush the mental training.

“One month is one month, take it slowly!”

This kind of mental cultivation required about four hours each day, exceeding that would be harmful.

After mental cultivation, Su Hao would take the token given by Feng Ling and go to a book pavilion in the Yunzhong Valley to read. There were many interesting stories, gossip, and biographies about the cultivation world. Although most of these records were outdated, they still had some value for Su Hao.

After reading, Su Hao remembered he hadn’t eaten dinner. His stomach was growling, and he thought of Yashan.

“If Yashan were here, wouldn’t it be much more convenient?”

With that in mind, Su Hao entered the pinball space, accessed Yashan’s small black room, and checked Yashan’s recent situation.

Su Hao originally thought Yashan, being a qualified researcher with adult thinking, decent skills, and a good physique, would surely thrive.

Who knew he was in such a miserable state, making Su Hao almost unable to look straight at it.

After escaping into the wilderness, Yashan began his survival journey. As a professional chef, he wasn’t bothered by the lack of food ingredients. However, after consuming some unknown substance, he nearly got poisoned and lay unconscious for two days before waking up. When he was weak, he encountered wild beasts while foraging for food, narrowly escaping death.

After about a month of struggling, Yashan finally arrived at another city, looking ragged and like a beggar. He couldn’t even enter through the city gates. So, Yashan bathed by the lake, shaved off his long hair with a small knife he carried, somehow stole a large, loose-fitting garment, wrapped himself up, and sneaked into the city.

Roaring against injustice. Yashan, being a person with a strong sense of justice, couldn’t stand things he disapproved of. Without Boss Wei overseeing him, he took matters into his own hands. As the saying goes, the more you argue about reason, the clearer it becomes. Even if it’s justifiable, it might not be easily explained?

Then, Yashan inexplicably attracted a series of troubles, being hunted, escaping the city, and wandering to other cities.

Being wiser, he decided to lay low for a while, develop discreetly, and then use his advanced skills to create wealth, buy land, and settle down.

However, Yashan’s soap-making technique was claimed by a local gang, and they even sent skilled individuals to hunt him down, wanting to eliminate him…

At this moment, Yashan, with a bald head and dirty appearance, was grilling food in a dilapidated temple. As he grilled, he sighed, “I, Yashan, am knowledgeable in various fields, an outstanding talent in technology, the father of a little fairy, and yet, I’ve fallen to this… These people are extremely superstitious and conservative. I told them the world is a sphere, floating in space, orbiting around the sun. If they don’t believe, fine. But they actually wanted to tie me up and burn me alive… It’s simply absurd… When I regain my strength, I will undoubtedly illuminate the world with the light of science.”

Unable to bear it any longer, Su Hao communicated with Yashan through the small black room, saying, “Yashan! Where are you now?”

Yashan shuddered all over, tears glistening in his eyes, almost bursting into tears, “Boss Wei~ I’ve missed you so much, Boss Wei…”

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