Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: With your talent, it’s difficult for me to explain to you.

As Su Hao comprehended ‘mind’ simultaneously, it was as if clouds dispersed, silver moonlight shining down, illuminating his body completely.

At this moment, Su Hao ‘saw’ his body, or rather, Su Hao’s spirit saw his own body.

Like a perennial ‘introspection.’

He saw blood flowing, muscles twitching, pulses synchronizing with the strong heartbeat, witnessed the rise and fall with breath, completing a small circulation in the body… even saw the intricate ‘rune blood-qi system’ engraved within, where massive blood-qi flowed, surged, and lurked.

This sensation astonished Su Hao, akin to the first time in the previous world when he sensed ‘space’ with his mental power. Another world unfolded before him, filling him with inexplicable joy, soaring to the clouds.

It was his genuine, first-time experience of his own body.

Su Hao became like a tiny person, entering his own body, freely roaming within. And the body was another vast world.

This was entirely different from his perception of blood-qi!

Su Hao’s method of perceiving blood-qi wasn’t actually seeing it but knowing its existence, consciously deceiving himself, forming a ‘deceptive’ perception system, like ‘I can’t see my internal organs, but I know they’re there.’

‘Heart-Mind’ was different; it was no longer deception but a genuine seeing of everything.

“No, not seeing! It’s the body reflecting on the spirit!”

While experimenting with his developed ‘Heart-Mind,’ Su Hao thought and quickly identified the core of Heart-Mind!

His mental power alone was strong enough to effortlessly penetrate the entire body, reflecting all the dynamics of the body in his mental power.

Similar to entering a pinball space, using a small light to manifest the real-time state of his body. The difference now was that he didn’t need the manifestation of a small light; he could perceive the body’s information by infiltrating it with mental power.

“However, the current ‘Heart-Mind’ is not powerful enough, its accuracy completely incomparable to the manifestation of the small light. The small light can manifest and magnify microstructures by millions or tens of millions, but my ‘Heart-Mind’ can only sense the general idea! However…”

“Presumably, with continuous cultivation, ‘Heart-Mind’ will gradually become powerful, and I will soon be able to fully reflect my body!”

Then Su Hao thought about what Feng Ling had told them – above ‘Heart-Mind’ is ‘Intention,’ above ‘Intention’ is ‘Consciousness’… so what is the difference between this ‘Intention’ and ‘Consciousness’?

These are questions to be studied and deciphered in the future.

Su Hao bundled up these scattered thoughts and stored them in the ‘Inspiration’ section of his log. Then he focused his mind on another discovery: “Spiritual Energy!”

While Su Hao perfected ‘Heart-Mind,’ he also sensed what exactly this so-called ‘Spiritual Energy’ was, something entirely different from his imagination, almost shattering Su Hao’s worldview!

Su Hao always thought that the so-called ‘Spiritual Energy’ must be some kind of energy material diffused in the heavens and earth. As long as he could inhale this material into his body, he believed, just like in myths, refining and circulating it along the meridians would enable him to transform these energy materials for his own use, achieving extraordinary feats!

However, in reality, it’s not that simple!

After perfecting ‘Heart-Mind,’ Su Hao faintly felt that ‘Spiritual Energy’ might be a special ‘force field.’

This discovery left Su Hao astonished.

“Perhaps the essence of cultivating immortality lies in the changes in the organizational structure of life under this particular force field…”

This made Su Hao think of even more.

The spatial module comes from the special force field ‘Spatial Waves,’ and ‘Spatial Talent’ is a unique ability evolved by humans in the environment of this ‘Spatial Waves’ force field;

Cultivation’s spiritual energy also originates from the special force field ‘Spiritual Energy Waves,’ and ‘Cultivation Talent’ is a special ability evolved by humans in the environment of this ‘Spiritual Energy Waves’ force field…

Can it be said that the universe is filled with various ‘Force Field Waves,’ and these ‘Force Field Waves’ are diverse, each region of the universe having different ones?

The key point is: within these areas of the universe filled with different ‘Force Field Waves,’ if life is born and possesses a strong environmental adaptability over a sufficiently long time, it will inevitably evolve special abilities adapted to different ‘Force Field Waves.’

In other words, if the universe’s secrets are hidden in these ‘force fields,’ then life with extremely strong environmental adaptability is the manifestation of the universe’s secrets!

“As long as I follow the evolution trajectory of life, explore the essence through appearances, perhaps I can decipher the secrets of the universe!”

Su Hao raised his hand, slowly condensing a ‘Spatial Waves’ force field generation rune, murmuring, “Force field? Force field, what exactly is it…”

The next day, Su Hao leaped twice and reached the mountaintop. Feng Cheng also puffed and climbed up. This time, he was clever and used wooden pegs to climb as steps, inserting them into the stone crevices.

Today is the seventh day that Su Hao and Feng Cheng agreed upon with Feng Ling. She would come here to check their cultivation progress, clarify doubts for both of them, and then continue with the next stage of learning.

When Su Hao was in school, it was a six-day study and one-day rest. Learning with the round-faced fairy here was the opposite, studying for one day and contemplating for six days. No wonder they say cultivating immortality takes a long time. If the teacher doesn’t explain clearly, how can it not take long? Looking at Feng Cheng’s frustrated appearance, it seems these six days might not yield any results.

Su Hao didn’t wait long before Feng Ling arrived, smiling and saying, “Feng Wei, Feng Cheng, how’s the cultivation progress in these few days?”

Feng Cheng didn’t dare to speak, and Su Hao said, “Master, I have already ‘seen the inner court,’ and ‘Heart-Mind’ has been achieved. What should I do next?”

Feng Ling didn’t react for a moment. She turned her head, her round face once again displaying a confused expression, “What has been achieved, and what’s next?”

Su Hao repeated himself and described his feelings. Feng Ling’s big eyes almost popped out, and she exclaimed in disbelief, “It’s achieved? Impossible! It takes at least half a year of meticulous work. How could it happen so quickly? It must be fake! You haven’t practiced this before, have you? No way! According to your description, it does match the characteristics of the Cloudy Moon Heart Technique How did you do it? It took me a whole year to ‘see the inner court’ initially! You did it in six days? Impossible, impossible! Hahaha, Feng Wei, you’re really good at joking. Did someone tell you what ‘seeing the inner court’ looks like, and you’re using it to tease me? You’re mischievous…”

Feng Ling, upon hearing that Su Hao achieved ‘Heart-Mind’ in six days, appeared somewhat confused. Her thoughts seemed scrambled, and she began muttering nonsensically.

Feng Cheng didn’t understand what this meant, but he looked at Su Hao with envy, and the jealousy in his eyes was about to overflow.

“Suck it up!” Feng Cheng forcefully sniffed, swallowing back both his runny nose and envy.

Su Hao, with a deadpan expression, said, “Master, wake up. I’m a genius! Different from you!”

Feng Ling, feeling tons of distress, angrily said, “Genius shouldn’t be like this! Have you ever seen a genius who masters the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ in six days? Stop kidding!”

Su Hao replied, “With your talent, it’s hard for me to explain. Maybe they couldn’t do it because their talents were too poor! Please, Master, don’t compare me to others; it’s harmful to them.”

Feng Cheng nodded in agreement from the side. He had already been hurt once!

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