Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Mind Technique

For Suo Hao at this moment, discussing a lifespan of over two thousand years was premature. Whether he could reach the highest realm of Unity Realm was one thing, and whether he could live smoothly for two thousand five hundred years was another.

From the information Suo Hao had gathered during this period, true cultivators who lived over two thousand years in the Unity Realm were very rare. The majority often met premature ends due to various reasons, such as being killed by enemies, falling into demonic cultivation during a breakthrough, dying during exploration, or perishing in resource disputes.

There was nothing unimaginable; everything had its end.

The discussions about lifespan felt like a huge pie drawn by Feng Ling, and whether they could successfully enjoy that pie was uncertain.

Suo Hao was not concerned about that; instead, he was more interested in how to start cultivation, progress upward, and achieve the physical ‘transformation’ mentioned by Feng Ling.

After imparting some common knowledge about the cultivation world to Suo Hao and Feng Cheng, Feng Ling finally entered today’s real topic.

She said, “I’ve said so much just to tell you some basic concepts of cultivation. However, that doesn’t mean you can live for two thousand five hundred years! You need to embark on the path of cultivation, step by step, to undergo the transformation and have a chance!”

Feng Ling raised three fingers, saying, “To truly embark on the path of cultivation, you need three conditions: First, spiritual roots, which is often referred to as innate cultivation talent; second, method, the cultivation method that can help you shed your mortal body; third, enlightenment, strong personal insight to understand the true meaning of cultivation. After all, no matter how many teachings there are, if you don’t comprehend, it’s in vain.”

“Since you’ve come before me, it means you already possess excellent spiritual roots, meeting the prerequisite conditions. As for the cultivation method, I will teach you the first one later. As for enlightenment, that depends on each of you!”

In the eager gazes of Suo Hao and Feng Cheng, Feng Ling took out a thin booklet and handed it to Suo Hao, saying, “Cultivation methods are divided into ‘Mind Techniques,’ ‘Spirit Techniques,’ and ‘Art Techniques.’ You must start with ‘Mind Techniques’ before moving on to ‘Spirit Techniques.’ Don’t be impatient! This is the foundational Qi Refinement Realm Mind Technique called ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique.’ Feng Wei, Feng Cheng, memorize this ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ as soon as possible, and tomorrow I will provide a detailed explanation.”

Suo Hao took the booklet and flipped through it from beginning to end. The ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ was recorded using common encryption methods in the cultivation world, and Suo Hao had studied this recording method for some time, making it barely readable for him.

He found that it detailed a mental power cultivation method similar to consciousness cultivation, but with a different direction.

So far, Suo Hao had obtained three mental cultivation methods: the consciousness cultivation method from the martial arts world, focusing on guiding blood and energy; the ‘Spiritual Cultivation Theory’ from the summoner’s world, emphasizing simulating spatial dynamics; and now, the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ from the cultivation world. Based on the records inside, Suo Hao speculated that the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ emphasized controlling the internal body, with the keyword being ‘control’…

Suo Hao casually handed the booklet to Feng Cheng, who eagerly took it, thinking, “Why would Senior Brother Feng Wei be so kind as to let me read it first? He must be waiting for an opportunity to beat me up! No, I must return it!”

Feng Cheng forced a smile and handed the booklet to Suo Hao, saying, “Senior Brother Feng Wei, you read it first. I’m not in a hurry!”

Suo Hao was deep in thought when he was disturbed, causing him to subconsciously extend a middle finger and casually poke, “I’m thinking, don’t disturb me!”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch~” Feng Cheng bounced off, holding his poked thigh, resembling a rooster hiccuping.

Only then did Suo Hao come to his senses, frowning as he looked at Feng Cheng, saying, “Didn’t I say it? Don’t disturb me!”

Feng Cheng hurriedly covered his mouth with his other hand, still wincing in pain. He cast a pleading look at their Master, Feng Ling, hoping she would understand his feelings about Suo Hao violating the fourth rule he remembered so clearly: ‘Harming fellow disciples.’ However, he didn’t dare to speak out, merely wishing that their Master would comprehend his heart.

Feng Ling found it amusing, bursting into laughter with her round face and charming eyes, looking extremely beautiful.

Suo Hao glanced at the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique’ in Feng Cheng’s hands and casually said, “You can take a look at that technique; I’ve already memorized it!”

Feng Ling and Feng Cheng both widened their eyes, exclaiming in unison, “You haven’t even looked at it!”

Suo Hao realized and casually said, “Oh, that! I just browsed through it a moment ago. But I’m quick at memorizing things. Well, I’m a genius!”

Both Feng Ling and Feng Cheng: “…”

It was only at this moment that they realized the young, handsome, short-haired boy before them was indeed an extraordinary genius!

The next day, after confirming that both of them had memorized the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique,’ Feng Ling explained its meaning in detail and personally guided them on how to start their first cultivation steps. Finally, she said, “You two should contemplate it yourselves, give it a try. If you encounter any problems, on the seventh day, six days from now, I will answer your questions. During this time, do not disturb me. If you want food, you can go to the backyard to pick fruits or catch field mice. There are also fish in the lake to the west.”

After speaking, she gracefully floated away.

Suo Hao returned to his room, and Feng Cheng remained in place, hesitating to speak but ultimately deciding not to. In a voice only he could hear, he muttered, “I still don’t understand… What’s this entering a trance? And that thing about visualizing the body, what is it? The idea of thoughts transforming into flesh and blood, what is that? I know nothing, but why does Feng Wei keep nodding and saying ‘I see,’ ‘Understood,’ and ‘Feasible’… Also, I don’t know how to catch field mice!”

So, Feng Ling’s teaching approach as a new teacher was prone to being misled by outstanding students, thus neglecting the less capable ones.

Feng Cheng, recalling the smile on Feng Ling’s face, couldn’t help but feel disheartened, “What should I do… Could it be that I’m an idiot!”

Back in his room, Suo Hao sat down on the bed and, following Feng Ling’s instructions, began cultivating, entering a trance using the ‘Mind Technique.’ The ‘Mind Technique’ at the Qi Refinement Realm allowed cultivators to perceive spiritual energy. This perception ability was called ‘mindfulness.’

Suo Hao speculated that once he sensed spiritual energy, the next step would be cultivating the “Spirit Technique,” likely a method of guiding spiritual energy to transform into spiritual power.

Soon, Suo Hao grasped the cultivation method of the “Mind Technique.” This method mainly trained two aspects of consciousness: the meticulous perception of the body and the perception of the ‘external world.’

The term ‘external world’ here did not refer to the physical world outside the body but rather… using consciousness to capture something!

“Could it be capturing the so-called spiritual power?”

Suo Hao couldn’t be sure, so he refocused his mind and diligently followed the method of the “Cloudy Moon Heart Technique” to enhance his perception abilities.

This kind of perception ability wasn’t something that could be suddenly comprehended after understanding how to cultivate; it required accumulated practice over a long period. It was similar to someone knowing that doing push-ups could strengthen muscles, but it didn’t mean their muscles would suddenly become robust. Continuous and prolonged practice was necessary.

In summary: Watermill effort!

Suo Hao was least afraid of watermill effort; he had plenty of time to grind. What he feared most was being clueless!

As Suo Hao entered the cultivation state, not far from his room, Feng Cheng sat on the bed with a dejected face, muttering to himself as if he had gone mad, “Entering a trance, entering a trance… it’s impossible, too many distracting thoughts… Am I an idiot? No way, I have immortal fate; how could I be an idiot? Everyone around me has praised my intelligence since childhood…”

The sixth day arrived.

Suo Hao, in a meditative state, followed the “Cloudy Moon Heart Technique” with his consciousness. Due to his continuous cultivation of the “Spiritual Cultivation Theory,” his spiritual power was already formidable. Coupled with the strength of his consciousness, he quickly found the knack for cultivating the “Cloudy Moon Heart Technique.”

Suo Hao’s consciousness wandered within his body, surrounded by mist that resembled black clouds. In what felt like an instant, or perhaps a long time, a faint starlight appeared within the black mist. This starlight gradually spread, forming a faint halo, partially piercing through the black mist like the moon behind clouds.

Following that, the black mist seemed to encounter a scorching sun, revealing a gap as if parting the clouds to reveal the moon. Suo Hao’s entire spiritual world was completely illuminated.

Suo Hao slowly opened his eyes, a hint of joy flashing in them. “Is this the ‘mindfulness’? Truly amazing! Only in this unique world can such a special ‘thought’ be generated. It must be related to gene expression! In other worlds, even with the ‘Cloudy Moon Heart Technique,’ you wouldn’t be able to cultivate this ‘mindfulness’! Learning this is truly gaining something. Talents and the like, I’m not worried at all! Moreover…”

“Now I know what ‘spiritual energy’ is. So, this is how it is! It’s completely different from what I thought!”

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