Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Moon-viewing Valley

After the flying boat left Heartbreak Cliff, the white-robed and stunning fairy pointed down, activating a device on the flying boat with a beam of light. A faint yellow protective shield emerged, enveloping the entire flying boat, transforming it into a shuttle that sped up as it flew.


The shuttle tore through the sky, turning Heartbreak Cliff into a tiny black dot in an instant.

The youths on the flying boat had never witnessed such high-speed flight. Watching the scenery outside rapidly retreat, they couldn’t help but stare in astonishment.

“So fast!”

“Is this the technique of immortals? I want to become an immortal too, freely wandering between heaven and earth!”

Meanwhile, Su Hao looked around and felt that his calm demeanor seemed a bit abrupt. However, he couldn’t fake surprise, so he simply walked to the side, leaned against a pillar, and sat down, closing his eyes to rest.

Su Hao’s actions attracted the attention of the white-robed fairy, who curiously observed him.

But for Su Hao, being noticed was nothing new. There was no need to make a fuss about it.

“When I join the sect, there will be even more attention on me!”

Su Hao wanted to infuse the flying boat with his vitality, record all the information about the vessel in his ball space, and then analyze and learn from it. However, he decided against taking the risk. If his vitality accidentally triggered something or damaged the flying boat, it could lead to complications.

“Time will tell!”

Su Hao ignored the outside world, entered the ball space while he had the chance, and examined his body’s reactions when he entered the light curtain earlier.

“The moment I touched the light curtain, my body reacted. So, as long as I find the source of this reaction, I can probably figure out how people in this world test cultivation talents!”

Su Hao meticulously examined the body data, quickly finding the changes that occurred.

Since Su Hao had enhanced his cultivation talent, a special substance started transcribing in his body. After a unique combination, it formed a protein-like substance with amino and carboxyl groups. Its complex structure, including a benzene-like ring, had no apparent function in the body’s metabolism and gradually accumulated until reaching a certain concentration.

Su Hao had studied it for two days but found nothing significant, only speculating its connection to so-called spiritual power.

After touching the light curtain, the special ‘spiritual power structure’ underwent changes. Unstable single bonds broke, and the structure recombined with a ring structure, forming a new structure.

It was this new structure that allowed Su Hao’s body to successfully penetrate the light curtain!

“Perhaps this protein-like substance is what cultivators refer to as the innate spiritual root!”

But the next question arose, “Do the so-called fire spiritual roots and water spiritual roots really exist? What’s the deal with them?”

Su Hao closed his eyes, indulging in wild thoughts, and recorded the speculative results of his musings in the ‘Inspiration’ section of the log board.

For Su Hao, wild thoughts were a source of inspiration in his research. Amidst countless ideas, perhaps he could grasp a fleeting insight.

The flying boat’s speed was extremely fast. After several turns and twists, it finally arrived at a massive sinkhole. The flying boat slowed down, gliding close to the ground, descending into the pit and flying through a narrow canyon at the bottom.

Mists floated on both sides of the canyon, water droplets cascading down. The walls were adorned with intertwined roots of short trees, and vines meandered down. A few beams of light penetrated from above, adding a touch of vitality to this otherwise desolate place.

Breaking through the water mist, the flying boat followed the winding canyon. After an unknown duration, the scenery ahead suddenly opened up. It was as if the flying boat had entered a secluded fairyland detached from the outside world.

This place was the location of the Yunzhong Valley sect!

The sect’s territory was vast, surrounded by continuous mountain ranges. Looking around, the mountains were covered in ice and snow, shrouded in thick clouds and mist, obscuring the blue sky. It resembled a basin.

Even for cultivators, crossing this mountain range would require considerable effort.

Below the mountains, undulating grasslands spread out like waves. The lush greenery was dotted with small yellow mountain flowers, sparkling like another starry sky.

Su Hao mused, “These cultivator sects really know how to pick places! Each one prefers finding such secluded places with beautiful and unique scenery. Thinking about it, I just randomly pick a corner, dig a cave, and, well, it’s far from ideal.”

Su Hao suspected that after staying in this world for some time, he might have more requirements when looking for experimental bases in the future!

The flying boat flew over the grassland and arrived at places where stone peaks stood tall. Flying between the peaks, it finally landed steadily beside a stone platform.

At this moment, the white-robed fairy waved her hand, dispelling the light curtain covering the flying boat. She walked up to the stone platform, calmly stating, “We have arrived. Follow me!”

The youths’ faces were filled with anticipation and curiosity. Pretending to be calm, they followed behind the white-robed fairy and stepped onto the spacious stone platform.

Su Hao also blended in, walking with the others and entering a large cave behind the stone platform.

Inside, it was a hidden paradise with a domed ceiling adorned with exquisite and unparalleled colored murals depicting immortals wielding swords, dancing in the moonlight, and practicing on lotus flowers.

After passing through this long hall, everyone emerged from the stone peak and walked along a suspension bridge to another stone peak.

It was only then that Su Hao noticed all these scattered stone piles were connected by suspension bridges, crisscrossing in all directions.

Soon, the white-robed fairy led everyone to a secluded cave within a stone peak. Inside, separated by individual rooms, she casually pointed and said, “From today onwards, you will stay here until the elders make arrangements tomorrow.”

After speaking, the white-robed fairy turned and left.

The youths looked at each other, and a braided young man suddenly shouted at the departing white-robed fairy, “Immortal, aren’t you going to ask our names?”

“Let’s discuss that tomorrow.” The white-robed fairy paid him no attention, continuing to walk until she disappeared from sight.

The fairy in white ignored it, and the young man with a tiger braid didn’t feel awkward. He turned to the crowd and said, “From now on, we’re all fellow disciples. Let’s get to know each other! I’m Qin Kefan, fifteen years old this year! I come from Phoenix City, and my family is in the salt trade.”

“Hiss—” The group of young people collectively took in a sharp breath.

The Qin family, a salt-trading powerhouse in Southern Hengzhou, the amount of information Qin Kefan ‘accidentally’ revealed is quite substantial!

Other young men and women started to view Qin Kefan with more respect, and their attitudes shifted.

Another seemingly polite youth spoke, “Qin Brother is right; we should get to know each other. I’m Huang Guilai, from Shoujin City, and my family is in the grain business, not as influential as Brother Qin’s.”

“Hiss—” The group of young people once again collectively took in a second sharp breath.

The third breath, the fourth breath… taken in until their whole bodies tingled!

After everyone exchanged names, someone asked in surprise, “Wait, aren’t we nineteen people? We only have eighteen here.”

Another pointed to a room inside and said, “I just saw someone already went to choose a room.”

“Yes, he checked all the rooms just now, then chose the first one. Probably thinks it’s the best room.”

“How can this be? It’s too much!”

“Let’s go find him; otherwise, this country bumpkin doesn’t know the rules.”

A moment later, the entrance to the ‘first-class room’ was blocked by a group of young people, while the girls stood on the side. Some were hesitant to speak, some were gloating, some were indifferent, and some were eagerly interested.

At the door of the room, ten young people were arguing, and it seemed to escalate, voices getting louder.

Then, Su Hao stepped forward, one punch each, sending them all flying, the skillful ‘Soaring Fist’ once again showing its prowess.

Su Hao walked out, scratching his ear and said, “You guys were too noisy just now; I couldn’t hear. One by one, what were you saying?”

The young man with the tiger braid, Qin Kefan, pointed at Su Hao, trembling, “You… you actually…”

Su Hao stepped forward, kicked him in the gap between his thigh muscles, leaned down, and asked, “What’s wrong with me?”

Qin Kefan, holding his leg in pain, wanted to speak, but Su Hao kicked him again.

Then, Qin Kefan immediately closed his mouth and shook his head.

With so many girls watching, Qin Kefan felt unwilling! But getting kicked really hurt!

“This short-haired bumpkin must be a mortal martial artist. When I become an immortal, I’ll make him pay! Hmph!”

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