Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: Here comes the rainbow fart!

With the sound coming, Lin Beifan saw a man in white clothes, carefree and unrestrained, as well as a burly man in coarse linen clothes, unconstrained in details, stepping in the air.

These two people, Lin Beifan is very familiar with, they are none other than the long-lost sword immortal Shangguan Jianhun and the knife saint Ouyang Badao.

Looking at the nervous court experts, Lin Beifan waved his hand and said, “No need to be on guard, these are my friends!”

“Yes, Lord Prime Minister!” The court experts stepped back.

In the blink of an eye, these two grandmasters had already leapt into the capital city and arrived in front of Lin Beifan.

“Little brother, it’s been a year, I’ve missed you, old buddy!” the two of them laughed heartily.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Two old buddies, it’s been a year, and you finally remembered me! It seems like both of you have made progress, your martial arts have improved quite a bit, which is delightful!”

With a sword on his shoulder, the Saber Saint looked at Lin Beifan and smiled, “In this past year, old buddy, I have indeed made some progress! But compared to you, I’m still far behind!”

The Sword Immortal also sighed, “Yes, when I first met you a year ago, you were just a small official! But now, you’ve become the Prime Minister, surpassing tens of thousands of people! At such a young age, to become a Prime Minister, you can truly be called remarkable in the present age! I dare to say that a hundred years from now, there will be few who know the name of Sword Immortal, but there will certainly be even fewer who don’t know yours!”

Lin Beifan exclaimed loudly, “It’s not very convenient to talk here. Both of you, come with me, let’s go have a drink and discuss together!”

The two young grandmasters chorused, “Sure! Let’s drink and discuss together!”

After returning, Lin Beifan naturally warmly entertained them.

During the drinking process, they talked about their experiences over the past year.

A year ago, they left the capital to gain experience in the mortal world.

Later, they each had some insights, so they went into seclusion and practiced for a few months, and as a result, Lin Beifan lost contact with them.

When they emerged from seclusion, they found that the world had changed dramatically, and it was all related to Lin Beifan.

Using the divine artifact cement, Lin Beifan built a magnificent city capable of accommodating a million people within three months.

The Crown Prince of Great Xia, Xia Tianqiong, led an army of 800,000 to attack Great Wu, but was dealt with by Lin Beifan.

Prince of Southern Jiang led 500,000 troops in a rebellion, but was resolved by Lin Beifan.

The combined forces of Wuxi and Dayue, totaling one million, were dealt with by Lin Beifan.

The Prince of Northern Hebei and the head of the Tianmen Sect, Leng Ruochen, conspired to create a powerful army of martial artists that threatened the court. They fought their way to the capital city but were also resolved by Lin Beifan.

There was also the shocking incident of the dragon bones that was related to Lin Beifan.

It was precisely because of these various events, all of which were successfully resolved, that Lin Beifan steadily rose and became the Prime Minister of today.

These two could not help but sigh that their little brother was truly skilled in his official position!

At this moment, the rebellion of the Prince of Northern Hebei had failed. The head of the Tianmen Sect, Leng Ruochen, who possessed the strength of a grandmaster, was actually killed with a single strike by a young expert named Night Fragrance, which greatly shocked the two of them and made them eager to give it a try.

Considering that Lin Beifan was also in the capital city, they decided to return and take a look.

They happened to meet on the way and came together.

With a sorrowful tone, Lin Beifan said, “So, you guys just came to see me in passing…”

“Little brother, you can’t say that!” Sword Immortal poured wine for Lin Beifan while apologizing, “Actually, I came back to see you. I want to discuss swordsmanship with you! There are very few people in this world who understand the sword as well as you do! Your words and actions are like the voice of the Dao, the words of a sage, enlightening!”

“Old buddy, I’ve gained some insights during this trip, and I’ve made some progress in swordsmanship. It’s all thanks to your guidance from the beginning! The more I understand, the more I realize my own shallowness and insignificance, and the more I realize your extraordinary talents!”

Lin Beifan listened with great pleasure and drank the cup of apology wine.

“Yeah, the reason I was able to make progress this time is also thanks to your guidance, old buddy!” Saber Saint also sat down, pouring wine for Lin Beifan while beaming, “Unfortunately, I, this old coarse fellow, with a master around and not knowing it, went to seek others for advice, wasting many opportunities and time! Oh right, there’s a line of poetry that describes it, how does it go?”

Lin Beifan said, “Among the crowd, I searched for him for a thousand times, suddenly looking back, he was there all along in the flickering lights!”

Saber Saint slapped his thigh, “Exactly! That’s the line! So, I’ve come back this time. Little brother, I hope you won’t hesitate to enlighten me this time, please, hehe!”

Lin Beifan calmly drank his wine, “That’s about right!”

The nearby Little Princess and others were stunned.

The dignified two young grandmasters were actually trying so hard to please Lin Beifan, acting so humble?

Was that really necessary?

Guo Shaoshuai clasped his hands and respectfully asked, “Two seniors, when you were discussing philosophy and drinking before, I was also there! I felt that what the young master said sounded profound and reasonable, full of mysteries, but it didn’t seem to provide any practical cultivation methods! It seems impossible to improve one’s strength through that!”

Saber Saint patted Guo Shaoshuai’s shoulder and laughed, “Kid, that’s because you’re too young, you’ve had fewer experiences, plus your cultivation level is low, so you can’t understand! You’ll understand when you reach a higher realm. When you achieve the Grandmaster level, the most important thing is enlightenment!”

“Absolutely right!” Sword Immortal chimed in, “The path of martial arts is divided into nine realms. But to put it accurately, there are only three major realms: Postnatal, Innate, and Grandmaster!”

“In the Postnatal realm, the focus is on strengthening the body through self-torture, practicing muscles and bones, warming meridians, and refining qi and blood and muscles. This is the foundation of martial arts, building a tall building from the ground up!”

“When you reach the Innate realm, the focus is on refining your true qi! Condense your true qi, make it more abundant, manifest it externally, extend it into your body, and enhance your killing power!”

“But when you reach the Grandmaster realm, everything changes!”

“In the Grandmaster realm, it means you have completed both the Postnatal and Innate paths, excelling in all aspects, reaching perfection! Those who can cultivate to this realm are all exceptional talents, one in a billion, the prodigies of the martial world!”

“Now, you tell me, at this level, how can you progress further? How can you distinguish strength?”

Guo Shaoshuai humbly inquired, “I’d like to hear more details!”

“At this point, it’s all about enlightenment, understanding martial arts, understanding the way of heaven!” Saber Saint laughed, “Whoever has a deeper understanding of martial arts, who is closer to the way of heaven, will have stronger strength!”

Sword Immortal nodded repeatedly, “Exactly, that’s how it is!”

Saber Saint pointed at the silent old monk nearby, a hint of envy in his voice, “Look at Jing Tai old monk, it seems like he just broke through to become a Grandmaster last year, even later than this one! But now, his strength and depth of accumulation have far surpassed me! The reason is that he has been following your young master, gaining enlightenment from him, which is why his cultivation has advanced so rapidly!”

Sword Immortal clicked his tongue, “Exactly! Back then, I saw him, a grandmaster, willing to take your young master as his teacher, and secretly called him foolish. Now I finally see through his true intentions. He’s a cunning old fox. The foolish one is me, not him!”

“Amitabha!” the old monk silently chanted.

Everyone remembered that after the old monk had discussed philosophy with Lin Beifan, he shamelessly tried to become his disciple, and only reluctantly gave up when it wasn’t approved. It turns out it was for this purpose.

Indeed, he’s a high monk!

Truly, very high!

“But he’s learning Buddhist teachings!” Guo Shaoshuai said.

“For him, Buddhist teachings are his path!” Sword Immortal replied.

The old monk opened his somewhat clouded eyes, placed his hands together, and bowed, “Both venerable speakers speak the truth! The master said that Buddha is the way. Amitabha!”

“Amitabha!” Sword Immortal and Saber Saint echoed in unison.

“So, young one, you should cherish the opportunity to follow by the side of your young master, pay attention to his every word and action. You can learn a lot from him, which will benefit you greatly throughout your life!” Saber Saint said.

In an instant, in the hearts of everyone, Lin Beifan became infinitely magnified!

Everyone’s faces were filled with admiration. So, their master (Lin Beifan) was such an amazing person!

Lin Beifan was secretly delighted.

The two old buddies came, and they even brought rainbow farts!



Next time, bring a bit more!

“Don’t say anything else, let’s continue drinking!” Lin Beifan shouted.

As a result, everyone continued to enjoy their drinks and have a good time.

Saber Saint, while drinking, said, “Actually, I have another purpose for coming this time!”

“What purpose?” Lin Beifan asked.

Saber Saint and Sword Immortal exchanged a glance, gritted their teeth, and said, “Old buddy, you understand this matter too! A year ago, after the battle beyond the heavens, the two of us encountered a young and mysterious expert outside the city. That battle, I suffered a terrible defeat, and the fear still lingers to this day. So, this past year, I’ve been diligently practicing my sword technique, all to seek revenge on him!”

Lin Beifan silently drank his wine, pretending not to hear.

“That’s right, that’s my intention too!” Sword Immortal gritted his teeth, “That battle shattered all of my pride! As a swordsman, I’d rather break than bend. I won’t rest until I avenge this grudge!”

“But over this past year, I haven’t heard any news about him from anywhere else. I suspect he’s still in the capital city, so I came back! Old buddy, you’re the Prefect of the capital city. Could you have any clues about him?”

Saber Saint’s gaze turned over, carrying a hint of expectation.

Lin Beifan calmly shook his head, “No! Since you guys left, there’s been no news about him. It’s as if he never existed. Someone of that caliber who wants to hide can’t be found by ordinary people!”

Saber Saint and Sword Immortal were greatly disappointed.

“However, if you want to find Night Fragrance, I can help you get in touch with him!”

“Thank you, old buddy!” Saber Saint and Sword Immortal said in unison.

In less than the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, Night Fragrance arrived gracefully, “Lord Prime Minister, what brings you to me? Do you have some important task for me again that only I can handle?”

Lin Beifan grinned, “Night Fragrance, let me introduce you to two people! These two young grandmasters are my close friends, Sword Immortal Shangguan Jianhun and Saber Saint Ouyang Badao. They want to exchange moves with you!”

Sword Immortal and Saber Saint were brimming with fighting spirit, each revealing their weapons.

“So, you’re Night Fragrance? A true hero indeed! Show us your weapon, we’ll determine who’s superior in battle!”

“I want to see whether your blade is sharper or if mine is stronger!”

Night Fragrance: “Oh my God!”

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