Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: Taking Disciples in Such a Hasty Manner

On the second day, Su Hao arrived early at the Heartbreak Cliff outside Huayun City.

This place, known as the Heartbreak Cliff, is said to be named after the reason why Yunzhong Wangyue Valley recruits disciples here every three years, meaning: breaking away from worldly desires.

The cliff was already crowded with many young boys and girls, their faces flushed with excitement and nervousness, all gazing beyond the cliff with longing eyes for the path of cultivation.

Without keeping Su Hao waiting long, a massive flying boat approached from beyond the cliff the next moment, slowly docking at the edge of the cliff amid the astonishment of the young ones.

Curiously, Su Hao looked at the floating boat in the air, a pile of questions popping into his mind: “What’s the principle behind this flying boat? How is floating flight achieved? How to control such precise docking without an intelligent control center? What about the energy system…”

Lost in thought, Su Hao took a step forward, carefully observing the design of the entire flying boat. His mind seemed captivated by the vessel!

Su Hao’s inner excitement surged: “I must understand the principle of this flying boat! Then, I’ll build an even more magnificent one myself! Hehe! Yunzhong Wangyue Valley in the clouds, I’m joining for sure!”

As for whether every sect has this style of flying boat, Su Hao didn’t know.

After the boat stabilized, a white-robed fairy, her face veiled with a thin gauze but unable to conceal her graceful figure and exquisite beauty, stepped out. Behind her, two women in light blue dresses followed, their expressions cool. Further away, a man held a long sword, sitting calmly on the edge of the boat, gazing into the distance.

The white-robed fairy stopped by the boat, and with a gentle touch, two square pillars rose from both sides of the flying boat, forming a huge vertical door. Then, the white-robed fairy’s wrist turned, lightly tapping on the pillars.


A faint yellow light emitted from the inner sides of the two pillars, connecting to form a light curtain, like two pillars pulling up a thin yellow curtain.

Seeing this change, the young ones exclaimed once again.

The white-robed fairy lightly leaped, standing on top of the pillars, overlooking everyone. She gently opened her vermilion lips: “To enter my Yunzhong Valley, you must pass through this ‘Pledge Door.’ If you can’t pass, please leave! Now, those who are willing to enter our valley, feel free to try!”

Although the fairy’s voice was not loud, it clearly reached the ears of everyone present.


For a moment, the young ones burst into an uproar, as if they had arrived at a party.

“This year’s recruitment process is different, isn’t it?”

“It is indeed different from the past, more concise~”

“It seems more grand this time!”

“Indeed, Yunzhong Valley is truly remarkable. I will definitely become a disciple of Yunzhong Valley and achieve immortality!”

Meanwhile, Su Hao looked at the tall and spacious door, pondering inwardly: “Could this be used to test one’s talent? Using a door to assess talent… the person who can create this ‘Pledge Door’ must be an applied super genius!”

Learning the knowledge of cultivation is one hurdle, but transforming that knowledge into practical applications is another, and this hurdle is not any simpler than acquiring the knowledge itself.

While Su Hao contemplated the principles of testing talent, some young ones were already itching to try.

Soon, a bold black-faced youth stepped forward, heading towards the light door. All eyes were fixed on him, eager to see the first person to take the plunge!

The black-faced youth cautiously approached the light curtain, reaching out to touch it. However, it was as if he touched a wall; his hand couldn’t penetrate. Unconvinced, he pressed his other hand on the light curtain and even tried bumping it with his shoulder, but to no avail.

Everyone immediately understood; the black-faced youth in front did not possess celestial affinity.

With the first attempt, more followed. A youth in floral attire tried to pass through the light curtain but was similarly bounced back.

After retreating behind with a sullen face in front of the fairy, the floral youth began muttering complaints.

Then came the third and the fourth, with more people attempting to pass through the light curtain, but without exception, all failed!

Some even started running and directly collided with the light curtain, attempting to forcefully break through. However, they were harshly rebounded; the force of impact matched the force of the rebound.

Yet, regardless of the youths’ efforts, the white-robed fairy seemed indifferent, merely observing the young boys and girls below.

After nearly a hundred failed attempts, a delicately featured girl cautiously reached out and touched the light curtain. Surprisingly, her hand didn’t rebound like others; instead, it created ripples on the light curtain, and the girl’s hand passed through.

The girl curiously observed her palm, then took two steps forward, quickly passing through the light curtain and reaching the other side, boarding the flying boat!

Seeming to understand the significance, the girl was suddenly ecstatic.


The first successful attempt boosted the confidence of everyone who hadn’t tried yet, and they rushed towards the light curtain.

The success of the girl served as a signal. Although the majority were still rejected by the light curtain, some continued to pass through, reaching the flying boat.

Third, fourth… the number of successful individuals kept increasing!

Seeing that there were only a few people left, Su Hao finally made a move, striding forward and focusing his gaze on the light curtain, highly concentrated.

Su Hao stopped in front of the light curtain, reaching out his hand and slowly pressing it against the light curtain.

He not only needed to pass through but also record information about his body, understanding the principle of the light curtain screening talents.

The moment Su Hao’s hand touched the light curtain, he distinctly felt a breath flowing through his body, seemingly combining with some substance inside him to form a new material. Immediately, this substance reacted with the light curtain, allowing Su Hao’s hand to successfully pass through.

In other words…

“I have talent!” Su Hao felt a sense of certainty in his heart.

As expected, just as he expected! Self-made talent is just as effective, and perhaps even more useful than others’.

The first step in cultivation, successfully taken! At the same time, Su Hao confirmed the role of his genetic technology – truly irreplaceable!

Su Hao slowly exhaled, took a few steps forward, walked into the light curtain, and casually found a spot to stand.

When Su Hao successfully passed through the light curtain, he instantly gained a wave of envious looks.

Glancing at the youths blocked outside the flying boat by the light curtain, Su Hao thought to himself, “In fact, I’m not much different from them; I just know a bit more!”

Su Hao surveyed the youths standing on the flying boat. Including him, there were seventeen individuals – ten males and seven females. Each one couldn’t conceal the excitement on their faces, as if becoming immortals was right before their eyes.

After about two minutes, two more individuals arrived, a male and a female. From then on, until everyone had tried, no one else boarded the flying boat.

In other words, out of the over a thousand youths, only nineteen possessed qualifying cultivation talents!

This made Su Hao furrow his brows, feeling concerned about the future of Yunzhong Valley!

Although this method of disciple recruitment yields a higher percentage of elites, it seems to lack foresight!

However, it’s evident how difficult it is to enter Yunzhong Valley.

Other sects might recruit a bit more, but not significantly more. It’s no wonder many people desperate for cultivation end up turning to the wrong path or getting deceived, leaving nothing but bones behind.

While Su Hao complained internally, his feet were firmly on the flying boat. If someone tried to make him leave now, he would resist.

“I’ll start here at Yunzhong Valley, gain basic cultivation knowledge. If this sect can’t satisfy me, I’ll travel and learn from other sects! Yes, that’s the plan!”

Su Hao admitted he had his eyes on this flying boat. Before mastering the technology, he had no intention of leaving this sect.

After confirming that no one else was entering the light curtain, the stunning fairy with the thin veil shifted her gaze to Su Hao and the other nineteen youths. She calmly said, “Since you have boarded the ‘Void Crossing Boat,’ consider it your initial entry! I’ll give you the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. If you regret joining the sect, you can leave the same way you came.”

A stick of incense quickly burned away, and everyone stood firm, their determination to cultivate evident.

“From now on, dedicate yourselves to the pursuit of the immortal path, cultivating for a long time beyond the mortal realm.”

The beautiful fairy curved her lips slightly and continued, “Since no one regrets their decision, remember the determination you made today. Let’s go!”

With a wave of her hand, the light curtain disappeared, and the two square pillars retracted into the boat.

Su Hao, however, was puzzled: “Huh? What about the first, second, and third steps of entry? Is recruiting disciples always this hasty?”

Su Hao really thought there would be some clever twists, tests of character, or other processes. He didn’t expect that passing through a door would count as entry!

Glancing at the fairy, Su Hao wondered, “Could it be they didn’t recruit enough people this time, so as long as you have talent, they accept anyone, no matter what type of person they are?”

It’s quite possible!

Lost in his whimsical thoughts, the flying boat slowly set off, leaving Heartbreak Cliff!

The nineteen youths on the flying boat were delighted, while the over a thousand youths who didn’t board felt heartbroken.

With teary eyes, they watched the flying boat depart.

Born into the world of cultivation but lacking the talent for it.

The sadness of the world can be no greater than this!

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