Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Slip Away

Without mentioning the future of the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks, the day after Su Hao woke up, he went to the nearby city, collected over a hundred samples of ordinary people’s blood as research references, and then returned to the temporary base, immediately entering the research state.

The sooner he thoroughly researched the talent for cultivating immortality, the sooner he could gain greater autonomy.

Compared to genetic research talents, Su Hao was already adept. Leaving aside Zhu Huo dealing with genes every day in the human world, even in a previous world, his summoner talent was something he had modified for himself.

In just three days, Su Hao discovered anomalies in the genes carried on the third chromosome of cultivators, and the third chromosome happened to carry the most genes related to protein encoding!

Surprised by this discovery, Su Hao blurted out, “Protein! The talent of cultivators is related to protein!”

Such speculation left Su Hao greatly shocked, “How could the talent of cultivators be related to proteins? That’s unscientific!”

Feeling skeptical, Su Hao rechecked multiple times, and the results remained consistent.

However, there was a new discovery on the eighth chromosome, with subtle differences. Yet, these differences were far less significant than those on the third chromosome.

In other words, the most significant genetic difference between individuals with the talent of cultivators and so-called talentless ordinary people lay in the gene sequence on the third chromosome!

“The relationship between cultivating immortality and proteins, what could it be?” Su Hao pondered, unable to find an answer.

Suddenly, he seemed to grasp something, “No! Perhaps it’s not proteins, but something similar to proteins… But what is it? What does this gene sequence represent?”

For a moment, Su Hao’s mind felt like thousands of ants gnawing, itching uncontrollably. He immediately wanted to explore and uncover the truth!

While the gene sequence allowed Su Hao to compare the internal differences, it couldn’t reveal the effects after gene expression.

“Should I find a cultivator to cooperate with me in an experiment?”

However, Su Hao immediately dismissed this idea. Such a dangerous experiment should wait until he had mastered the techniques of cultivating immortality! Currently, cultivators were all unknowns to Su Hao, and there was no basis for experimentation. A wrong move could put himself in jeopardy!

“Let’s investigate whether cultivating immortality is related to protein-like substances later! For now, let’s design a genetic talent for myself!”

Su Hao made a decision and immediately began designing his own gene sequence in the virtual space.

In these days, using the gene sequence of cultivators to compare with the gene sequence of this body, he found, unsurprisingly, that he was just an ordinary person!

Perhaps even a waste among ordinary people! A waste unable to even learn ordinary martial arts!

“Transforming into a young master, thought I had good luck, turns out I was overthinking it!”

Five days later, Su Hao used his Diamond Armor to create a syringe and slowly injected the gene modification fluid into his body.

“The difference between a waste and a genius might just be one injection!”

“Without Yashan doing some experiments for me in advance, it’s a bit uncomfortable…” Thinking of this, Su Hao made up his mind. After joining the immortal sect and understanding the situation, he would find Yashan and make him a research assistant!

Of course, provided that Yashan hadn’t died by then!

Each gene modification was accompanied by a strong drowsiness, and Su Hao didn’t resist; instead, he fell asleep, waiting for the gene modification to finish.

Five hours later, Su Hao regained consciousness.

He immediately entered the virtual space to check the status of his gene modification. After a moment, Su Hao exited the virtual space, closed his eyes to sense for a while, then opened them, muttering strangely, “The gene modification went very smoothly! But in terms of perception, there’s no particular feeling!”

Su Hao speculated that perhaps the time for acquiring the talent was too short, and the uniqueness of the talent had not been fully activated. Alternatively, there might be a need for special activation methods, such as cultivation techniques. Of course, it didn’t rule out the possibility that he still didn’t have the talent for cultivating immortality!

Regardless, Su Hao had done the necessary preparations, and now he awaited the testing at the Ascension Grand Assembly, followed by joining the immortal sect for further study!

“However… I may have offended the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks recently. Perhaps someone remembers my aura. Joining them again at this time poses too much risk! Let’s choose another immortal sect!”

Fearing recognition, Su Hao decided to find another place to stay.

If the elders of the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks knew about this, they would undoubtedly celebrate with excitement!

Hua Yang Beizhou, the fame of the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks, was the greatest. Su Hao didn’t have much interest in other small immortal sects. Therefore, he decided to change his location. After a little inquiry, Su Hao selected his destination.

“I heard that two months later, Yunzhong Wangyue Valley in Annan Hengzhou will also be recruiting disciples, searching for those with fate. I’ll give it a try.”

With a firm decision, Su Hao bought a map and set off immediately.

If, by then, he still had no talent, he would collect information on the bodies of cultivators in Wangyue Valley, modify himself again, and then head to the next major immortal sect. In a world with so many immortal sects, he would surely succeed!

Moreover, Su Hao was not in a hurry; he still had a year left.

Two months later, in Huayun City of Annan Hengzhou.

At this time every three years, Huayun City was crowded with people from all over, seeking a chance for immortality. Most were between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, coming either by themselves or accompanied by their parents.

For them, whether they can ascend to immortality depends on whether they gain recognition from the immortal tomorrow.

“Tomorrow at the morning, it’s time for Yunzhong Wangyue Valley to openly recruit disciples again. I wonder how many lucky ones will catch the eye of an immortal this time!”

“While it’s said to be openly recruiting disciples, the ones truly with immortal fate are few. Immortals aren’t what we ordinary people imagine.”

“That’s right. Every time they recruit, over a thousand youths participate in the trial. In the end, less than twenty obtain the qualification to enter. Tsk tsk, the difficulty is evident.”

Su Hao wandered through the city, gathering information about Wangyue Valley. In the end, Su Hao summarized it briefly:

First, Yunzhong Wangyue Valley recruits disciples every three years.

Second, tomorrow, Wangyue Valley will openly recruit disciples outside Huayun City, with a large number of youths participating. However, the conditions for recruitment are extremely stringent.

Third, the process generally involves three steps. The first step is talent testing; those whose talent doesn’t meet the standard are eliminated directly, eliminating ninety percent of the candidates. The second step is testing physical strength and intelligence, eliminating the weak and foolish. The third step, Su Hao guessed, involves eliminating those they dislike. The most crucial point is that if the talent is outstanding in the first step, they can overlook the other conditions.

In the end, the reason for letting others choose is that the candidates are not good enough.

Fourth, disciples recruited by Yunzhong Wangyue Valley must sever worldly ties and rarely set foot in the mortal realm again.

The number of disciples Yunzhong Wangyue Valley recruits surprised Su Hao a bit, “Could the conditions for Elemental Celestial Three Peaks be lower? Why do I hear they recruit a hundred people every year? With such long-term accumulation, Yunzhong Wangyue Valley’s disciples must be far fewer than Elemental Celestial Three Peaks. How did they become the largest immortal sect in the entire Annan Hengzhou? Was it based on individual quality?”

After much contemplation, Su Hao still found it somewhat unreasonable!

With numerous immortal sects now, to maintain the longevity of the sect, they must gather as many exceptionally talented youths as possible to join. This ensures a constant influx, as having too few disciples poses a risk to the sect’s vitality in the event of accidental deaths.

Having more people has its advantages. Whether they live or die doesn’t matter much; with a large base, outstanding geniuses will eventually emerge.

The legend of ordinary people cultivating immortality is prevalent in this world too!

Su Hao speculated inwardly, “Could it be because of cultivation resources?”

“No way! I didn’t choose a sect of paupers, did I?”

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