Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: Elder Shen’s Might

Su Hao casually selected a cultivator with a weak aura, set up an egg-shaped ellipsoidal ‘opposite space barrier’ in the airspace beside the cultivator, and then transported himself into the interior of the egg-shaped space barrier.

This ensured that he didn’t have to worry about not having enough time to establish the ‘opposite space barrier’ after teleporting and being surrounded by others.

This method ensured Su Hao’s safety.

“Just establishing a remote space barrier makes the activation time for short-distance teleportation longer. But, safety first!”

So far, Su Hao hadn’t sensed any signs of someone manipulating space in this world, giving him great confidence!

Ready for action, Su Hao flashed and appeared behind a meditating intermediate-level cultivator, thrusting his long knife.



The disciple was stabbed and sent flying forward, letting out a reflexive scream.

Su Hao only slightly stabbed him, the wound not too deep, but the disciple seemed to have suffered immense damage, screaming in agony for a while!

The surrounding cultivators were drawn to his scream, subconsciously turning to look. They saw a tall figure in crystal armor stepping back slightly and then swinging a long knife, gradually disappearing in place.

A word instantly popped into everyone’s minds: “Cool!”

The female cultivators present had starry-eyed expressions. “Too… too handsome!”

The male cultivators looked envious. “If only I had that armor too…”

And naturally, they mentally placed themselves in the armor!

“I’m going to die, Senior Brother, save me!” When the distressed voice of the injured intermediate-level cultivator sounded again, everyone realized that the armored person was an enemy!

Suddenly, everyone felt on edge, guarding against the possible sudden appearance of the armored person.

“The armored person has appeared, quickly go find Elder Shen!”

“Please wait here, senior brothers. I’ll go find Elder Shen.”


Su Hao’s figure appeared outside the mountain range, activating runic effects, and once again took action.

Teleporting to the coniferous forest, radar locked onto a fortunate cultivator, set up a space barrier, and teleported! All done in one go!

Following that, Su Hao easily pierced through the cultivator’s fragile shield with his long knife, smoothly extracting blood, and in the next moment, he teleported away again.

What seemed like a complex operation became increasingly proficient and smooth as Su Hao continued to use it. In the eyes of the other cultivators, it appeared as if the armored figure suddenly appeared, stabbed someone, and then vanished, reappearing near another disciple about ten seconds later, stabbing again! Every strike drew blood, terrifyingly efficient!

Although Su Hao’s pre-set space barrier actions slightly slowed down his collection compared to yesterday, it wasn’t a significant issue. With such harvesting efficiency, he would soon obtain enough samples.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

“Ah, ah, ah~”

“Senior Uncle, what should we do? We can’t just let the armored person harass us like this!”

“Listen to me, fellow disciples. Let’s gather a bit, prepare our flying swords, and as soon as that armored person appears, we’ll immediately attack and kill him!”

“Senior Uncle is wise!” “Great idea!”

A few seconds later, Su Hao’s figure appeared by the side of a cultivator with small eyes and stabbed him.

The moment Su Hao appeared, the cultivator with small eyes knew he was under attack. Although he was prepared, the sudden appearance of the armored person at his side still startled him, causing a drastic change in his expression.

Despite his efforts to dodge, he was still impaled by the long knife, releasing a stream of blood.

“Uh, ah~”

The cultivator with small eyes groaned in pain as if suffering a severe injury.

However, what terrified him even more was yet to come. Countless flying swords shot towards him, the sound of their rapid approach piercing his heart. He shouted in despair, “Senior brothers, hold on! I’m one of you—”

As for Elder Shen, who had high expectations from everyone, he remained in his medicinal garden, staring fixedly at the spot where Su Hao disappeared, anticipating the armored person’s reappearance. This medicinal garden was considered more important to him than his own life, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to tamper with it.

However, Su Hao was destined to disappoint him. He wouldn’t use this teleportation point again in the short term, even if Elder Shen guarded it for days and nights, Su Hao wouldn’t reappear there.

After a moment, Elder Shen sensed someone approaching outside the medicinal garden with his spiritual perception, seemingly looking for him.

Hesitating for a moment and seeing that the armored figure hadn’t appeared for a while, Elder Shen decided to change his approach.

Exiting the medicinal garden, Elder Shen saw a disciple with an excited expression. “Elder Shen, that armored person is currently on the main peak, recklessly harassing fellow disciples. It’s too audacious; please go and stop him!”

Elder Shen’s eyes glared angrily, his temper rising. He exclaimed, “This is intolerable! I’ve been waiting here for him, and he dares not to show up! Let me go and meet that rascal!”

The disciple was overjoyed and immediately led the way.

Meanwhile, Su Hao teleported to a point outside the mountain range and felt a sensation of heaviness all over his body, causing him to pause in his actions. “Too many teleportations in a short period; even if the body is like a ‘balancer,’ it’s struggling a bit!”

The tearing sensation on the body caused by spatial travel, even with the powerful regenerative ability of the [Child of Fate], still persisted. Although minor damages to crucial organs were swiftly repaired, the repair was relatively slow.

Frequent high-frequency teleportations over a short period would gradually accumulate damage, leading to discomfort in the body.

“My body is signaling for help! Well, today’s activities stop here. Let me see how much blood I’ve collected!”

With that thought, Su Hao’s consciousness entered the pinball space, and Little Light immediately reported, “Respected Mr. Su Hao, welcome back! Currently, 103 new recorded cultivator blood samples!”

Su Hao smiled, “Is that enough? I didn’t expect to surpass the limit. This is even better!”

With the collection task completed, Su Hao could now take a break. Collecting more blood wouldn’t hold much significance for him at the moment. Instead, he planned to use the time to study the acquired data.

After resting briefly on the spot, Su Hao’s figure disappeared, teleporting back to his temporary base. This was a makeshift base he had dug in the wilderness, rarely visited, ensuring it wouldn’t be discovered.

Upon returning to the base, Su Hao felt a sense of relief, exiting the [Child if Fate] state. Somewhat exhausted, he sat on the bed and laid down. “A nap, then immediate research after recovery!”

Elder Shen, after reaching the main peak, saw the disciples preparing for a possible encounter, wielding flying swords and knives as if the armored person could appear at any moment.

With the arrival of the disciples and Elder Shen, their confidence soared as if they had found their backbone.

“That armored person is in big trouble this time!”

However, after waiting for a while without the armored person appearing, Elder Shen’s expression turned stern. He turned to the disciple who delivered the message, “Where is that armored person? Are you trying to deceive me?”

The disciple was immediately scared, trembling as he said, “Disciple would never deceive Elder Shen! Just now, that armored person did appear every now and then, attacking the disciples present. But now… now…”

He hesitated for a moment, suddenly had an insight, and spoke with a louder voice, “Perhaps knowing that Elder Shen was coming, the armored person, out of fear, dared not come here!”

Other disciples chimed in, “Yes, it must be because of Elder Shen’s prestigious reputation. The armored person dares not come anymore!”

“Indeed, Elder Shen is truly unmatched!”

“Joking, who would dare to act recklessly in front of Elder Shen?”


These words, like music to Elder Shen’s ears, made him exceptionally content. It seemed as if the armored person was just a mere clown he could easily crush.

The previous anger was unexpectedly suppressed.

Elder Shen snorted, “I’ll wait for him here and see if he dares to come.”

The disciples echoed, “Elder Shen is mighty!”

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