Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Grand Opening

Within the Sanhe Peaks, numerous cultivators gathered on each peak, eagerly awaiting Su Hao’s presence. Unable to spot him, they settled in meditation, making the most of their precious cultivation time.

For cultivators, time spent in meditation is invaluable. Cultivate now, cultivate always! Striving to reach the pinnacle of cultivation, ascending in broad daylight, seeking eternal life.

As for the armored figure occasionally poking others? With so many fellow disciples around, there’s no need to worry. It’s unlikely they’ll be targeted, and the armored figure seems more mischievous than malevolent. Despite the playful antics being a bit excessive, it’s not a significant issue.

So, as night fell and dawn broke, nothing eventful occurred. Suddenly, a middle-aged cultivator in blue robes returned to the sect, observing disciples filling the main peak. Frowning, he landed and inquired, “Why is everyone sitting here?”

Seeing the cultivator, excitement lit up their faces as they respectfully greeted, “Elder Shen, you’ve finally returned!”

One disciple explained the situation, and others added details. When Elder Shen asked about other elders, uncertainty filled the air.

Finally, a disciple stepped forward, revealing, “Elder Ling’s Dao companion, Meng Hui, had a private affair with Senior Luo. It was witnessed by many, and Elder Ling, unable to bear the shame, entered seclusion.”

Elder Shen’s expression turned displeased, a hint of disdain in his eyes. With a scoff, he didn’t comment and instead asked, “Why not inform the Sect Master about such a significant matter?”

Disciples replied, “The Sect Master is in seclusion, and we dare not disturb him!”

After contemplating for a moment, Elder Shen said, “No need to stay here. Disperse! Since I’ve returned, there’s no issue.”

Hearing this, relief washed over the disciples. Elder Shen, the third elder of Sanhe Peaks, a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, a true heavyweight in the cultivation world. With his assurance, everything would be fine.

The cultivators, having gone without food for a night, dispersed to find sustenance, their hunger pangs becoming more audible. Fasting? Unthinkable. Without reaching Elder Shen’s Nascent Soul realm, indulging in eating and drinking was the norm, albeit with reduced intake as their cultivation advanced.

There are even rumors suggesting that Elder Shen, a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, was seen secretly enjoying roasted mountain chicken in the rear mountains!

So, even cultivators have to use the toilet!

After the cultivators dispersed, treating it as a normal day, they returned to their abodes, hastily ate something, and resumed meditation.

Su Hao woke up refreshed, his spirits at their best. With a cheerful mood, he thought, “Another beautiful day. Time to gather information; those cultivators must have finished their meeting by now!”

After a quick preparation, Su Hao vanished and appeared at a teleportation point outside the mountains. He transformed into a Child if Fate


His figure quickly soared to over three meters, a thick diamond-like armor covering him entirely. In the blink of an eye, a cool and handsome armored figure stood in place.

A faint glow lit up on his chest, and light radiated, creating a beautiful array of secondary runes covering the entire armor.

Su Hao extended his hand, and a long knife materialized in an instant.

His transformation skills had become more stylish and fluid over time!

Beneath his feet, three enormous rune arrays reappeared, quickly applying runic effects to the knife in his hand.

‘Penetration,’ ‘Sharpness,’ ‘Hardness’!

Taking a deep breath and confirming everything, Su Hao locked onto the location stone of the sect’s medicine garden.


The next moment, Su Hao appeared in the medicine garden, activating his radar to cover a radius of ten thousand meters within the sect.

“Hmm? Someone?” Su Hao immediately sensed the presence of a cultivator in the medicine garden, their vitality exceptionally condensed!

Without much thought, Su Hao randomly selected a fortunate cultivator.


He disappeared on the spot.

After Su Hao vanished, in a matter of two or three seconds, a blue figure flashed and appeared at Su Hao’s previous location. It was Elder Shen, a Nascent Soul realm cultivator. He looked around, furrowing his brows, “Where is he? Could there be some method of concealing one’s presence invisibly? He managed to avoid my spiritual awareness.”

This medicine garden is his territory, and he never expected that within just a month of his absence, someone would trespass into it!

After inspecting the surroundings and finding the garden intact, he decided to thoroughly review and reinforce the protective spell formations.

“This armored figure managed to enter my medicine garden freely; undoubtedly, there’s an issue with the protective formations!”

He then focused on examining the protective formations of his own medicine garden. As for the promise he made to disciples earlier about exposing the armored figure, it had long been disregarded.

Are disciples more important than the safety of his medicine garden? Not really.

If disciples were lost, recruiting more was a solution, but if the medicine garden was destroyed, a century’s worth of effort would be gone. Elder Shen recognized that his only strength was prioritizing what mattered most.

Su Hao appeared behind a diligent cultivator, thrusting his long knife, piercing through a protective shield, smoothly inserting it into the cultivator’s body, and then withdrawing it.


In the next moment, Su Hao immediately teleported away, reappearing outside the mountain range.

Su Hao smiled faintly, “Grand opening! Bring it on again!”

“Oh my goodness! I’m under attack by the armored figure!” A shrill scream echoed within the sect, startling the birds atop the peaks.

Disciples, engrossed in cultivation, tightened their defenses upon hearing the commotion. They rushed out of their abodes, gathering once again on the main peak.

“What? The armored figure is back? Can’t we practice in peace?”

“Perfect timing. Watch me take him down!”

“Where’s Elder Shen? Quickly find Elder Shen. As long as he’s here, we can surely deal with the armored figure.”

“We waited for so long last night, and now he finally shows up! Let’s quickly eliminate him and get back to cultivating!”

“Exactly, I’ll be on an external mission soon. I must break through a small realm before that, adding an extra layer of security!”

As everyone waited anxiously, Elder Shen was nowhere to be seen, leading to puzzled looks exchanged among them. Meanwhile, Su Hao prepared once again and teleported back to the medicine garden.

This time, Su Hao didn’t hastily lock onto a fortunate cultivator. Instead, the moment he teleported, he arranged a ‘Reverse Spatial Protection’ around himself. Then, he fully expanded the radar range, pinpointing the location within a 3,000-meter radius in the second area of the sect where no cultivators were present.


When Su Hao first teleported today, he had already sensed the presence of another cultivator in the medicine garden, and they seemed to possess formidable strength.

To be cautious, Su Hao needed to find a second concealed teleportation point as his jumping-off platform.

Just as Su Hao disappeared, a furious roar echoed nearby, “Thief, don’t escape! How dare you intrude into my medicine garden! Leave your life behind!”


*Sizzle sizzle sizzle!*

Three consecutive sword auras swiftly shot through Su Hao’s afterimage, deeply embedding into the ground.

A blue figure swiftly followed, unleashing over a hundred sword auras horizontally, intending to force out the armored figure hidden in this manner.

However, after the sword auras passed, the surroundings fell eerily silent, without any movement. Elder Shen focused his senses, meticulously probing every inch of the surroundings with his spiritual awareness, yet found nothing.

Apart from the ubiquitous spirit herbs, there was not the slightest anomaly.

Elder Shen was so infuriated that his whole body trembled. Clenching his fist tightly, he took two steps back, staring fixedly at the location where Su Hao appeared, with spiritual power surging within him.

“I’ll wait here! Whoever dares to appear, I’ll tear them into a thousand pieces.”

Appearing in the same location twice was no coincidence in Elder Shen’s eyes!

Meanwhile, Su Hao had already set up a new location stone in an area filled with needle-leaved trees.

“Why are they gathering for another meeting? It seems they’re targeting me…”

After some thought, Su Hao decided to stir things up! Just because the opposition had more people, shouldn’t stop Su Hao from taking action, right?

As long as he handled it well, whether it was a large or small group, the outcome would be the same!

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