Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 Master’s Disciple Passing Down the Technique – Exploring the Martial Arts!

With just one move, it costs 100,000 points. Lin Beifan’s gaze towards the senior brother instantly changed.

This brotherhood is worthwhile!

“Younger brother, what technique are you practicing?” the senior brother asked.

Lin Beifan modestly replied, “I have a little understanding of various techniques. However, since our sect, Tian Xuan, focuses on swordsmanship and excels in the way of the sword, I will primarily practice swordsmanship in the future!”

“Swordsmanship is excellent!” The senior brother was very pleased. “I happen to have a set of sword techniques to pass on to you!”

“What sword technique is it?” Lin Beifan asked.

“The Way of Inquiring Sword!”

Lin Beifan was shocked, “Is it the Way of Inquiring Sword that you created, senior brother?”

The senior brother proudly said, “Exactly! This sword technique was created by me after 20 years of hard work. It is my proudest masterpiece in my lifetime! Even the sect leader and elders praised it highly when they saw it!”

“You want to pass on your masterpiece to me?”

Lin Beifan waved his hands repeatedly, “It’s too precious, I can’t…”

“Ah, younger brother, don’t be so polite! This sword technique was created and will be passed on to others sooner or later. You are my good brother through life and death. If I don’t give it to you, then to whom?”

The senior brother leaped into the valley, and a shiny green sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Younger brother, watch closely. This is the first move of the Way of Inquiring Sword – Inquiring the Martial Arts World!”

“When I was young and roamed the martial arts world, relying on this move, I defeated hundreds of strong opponents and became famous throughout the world!”

“With this sword, the path of the martial arts world opens!”

As he spoke, the senior brother started to dance.

His posture was agile, moving like a wandering dragon, and the sword in his hand was controlled effortlessly, like a guide pointing the way for immortals.

By now, he had gathered enough strength and swung down forcefully.


“Boom, boom, boom…”

The sword light was sharp, carrying the power of destruction, and cut open a crack that stretched a hundred feet.

Lin Beifan took a sharp breath; with such skill, even a hundred of him couldn’t withstand the senior brother’s sword.

This is the first move of the Way of Inquiring Sword – Inquiring the Martial Arts World!”

The senior brother sheathed his sword, turned around gracefully, and smiled, “As long as you master this sword, you’ll be unmatched among peers! Even against stronger opponents in a higher realm, you may still have the power to fight!”

“Senior brother speaks the truth!” Lin Beifan complimented.

“Listen carefully; next, I will teach you the essentials of Inquiring the Martial Arts World.”

Half an incense stick’s time passed.

After finishing the instruction, the senior brother drank some wine to clear his throat and said, “The key points of this sword technique are as I’ve explained. If you diligently practice according to my methods, you should make progress within three months!”

Lin Beifan hesitated, “This… I might have already learned it, not needing three months.”

“Pfft!” The senior brother sprayed out the wine in his mouth, astonished, “What did you say? You just said you’ve already learned it?”

“Yep!” Lin Beifan nodded, with a serious expression.

“You…” The senior brother looked at Lin Beifan’s serious expression and fell silent.

This was his proud sword technique!

It had a considerable level of difficulty in cultivation, and ordinary people couldn’t expect to make progress within a few months.

How could you have learned it with just one look?

He didn’t quite believe Lin Beifan’s words.

But it wasn’t easy to discourage him outright.

“Alright, show me a demonstration, and I’ll point out any issues if there are any!”

“Yes, senior brother!”

Lin Beifan took the sword from the senior brother, leaped to a distant open space, and skillfully demonstrated the moves.

After accumulating enough power, he swung the sword with force.

“Inquiring the Martial Arts World – Open for me!”

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The ground cracked open, revealing a fissure that extended three zhang.

Although the power was considerably less compared to the senior brother’s, the senior brother was shocked, staring wide-eyed.

Because this was indeed his proud masterpiece – Inquiring the Martial Arts World!

Lin Beifan had truly learned it and even reached the mastery level, only slightly behind the creator of this sword technique.

The significant difference in power was due to Lin Beifan’s modest strength and limited divine power.

Once his strength increased, he would undoubtedly be able to fully unleash the advantages of this sword technique, matching up to the senior brother.

“Senior brother, how was it?”

“Good, very good!”

The senior brother was extremely pleased. “I didn’t expect your comprehension to be so astonishing, learning it in just one go and reaching the mastery level! Your proficiency in swordsmanship surpasses mine! Next, I’ll teach you another sword technique!”

The senior brother retracted the sword and began demonstrating again.

“This is the second move of the Way of Inquiring Sword, named Inquiring the Demonic and Evil!”

“This sword is full of the majestic aura of the great path, specialized in overcoming demonic and evil entities, cutting down ghosts and monsters! When this sword is used, all evil spirits and wicked beings will disperse like smoke. Watch closely!”


The sword emerged, golden light spanning hundreds of zhang, brimming with a majestic atmosphere, and a wave of heat surged.

Everything along the way was scorched black, and hot air rose.

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