Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: “My Lord, you are the Night Hero, right?”

The Empress said seriously, “Yes, I want to use his money to develop my own power!”

The Empress sighed and said worriedly, “Nowadays, there are many corrupted officials in the court, forming factions, fighting for power and profit, and corruption is rampant! Outside the capital, my imperial uncles have their own armies and can rebel at any time! Even beyond that, the major imperial dynasties are eager to move, stationed at the border, ready to invade the Central Plains at any time! Even the martial world is not very stable, with ambitious people causing a lot of trouble…”

“Alas! It can be predicted that in the near future, the world will inevitably be in turmoil! In order to deceive the court officials and my imperial uncles, as well as foreign emperors, I have to pretend to be a foolish ruler and secretly accumulate strength!”

The Empress sighed again, “However, to develop my own power, I not only need time, but also a lot of money and grain! I am very short of money, the private treasury is empty, and I want to use the money from the national treasury, but that money is being watched by countless pairs of eyes. If I use it, my intentions will be exposed and cause others to be vigilant!”

“Now, there is a very good way to make money!” The Empress’s voice carried a hint of joy, “That is to transfer the money Lin Beifan has embezzled into my hands! After I have money, I can develop my own power and deal with the future crisis!”

“Your Majesty, this is indeed a good idea! However, it is a difficult problem to take money from him! If we use force, it may lead to uncontrollable consequences!”

“This is where I need your help, Qingxuan. I believe you can handle it!”

The Empress winked mischievously, “I only have one request, don’t reveal my identity! After all, this is not a very glamorous matter, and it’s better to have as few people as possible who know about my secret development of power!”

“This is a bit difficult, but I will try my best to find a solution!”

“Thank you, Qingxuan!” The white figure gradually disappeared.

The next day, Lin Beifan left early for the morning court.

At noon, Dali carried two large boxes into Lin Beifan’s room.

This scene happened to be seen by Li Shi Shi.

Curiously, she asked, “Dali, what are you doing?”

Dali respectfully bowed his head and said, “In response to the young mistress, when the young master went out this morning, he gave me a silver banknotes worth 100,000 taels and asked me to exchange it for 100,000 taels of silver at the bank! Inside this, there are 100,000 taels of silver!”

“100,000 taels of silver…” Li Shi Shi’s eyes were trance-like.
At this point, Dalie had already finished moving the boxes and closed the door of the room.

“Young mistress, I have no other business, so I will go and do my work!”

“Okay, go ahead!”

After Dali left, Li Shi Shi slowly walked over and opened the door to Lin Beifan’s room. She also opened two large boxes placed at the bedside, and was immediately blinded by the shiny silver inside.

“Really 100,000 taels!” Li Shi Shi’s gaze was complex, expressing sadness, disappointment, and confusion.

In the evening, when Lin Beifan returned to eat, he noticed that Li Shi Shi’s face was not quite normal, looking haggard and unable to eat.

So he asked concerned, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”
Li Shi Shi forced a smile, “Hmm, maybe I caught a cold and don’t feel too comfortable. Thank you for your concern, sir!”

“Do you want me to call a doctor for you?”

“No need, it’s nothing serious. I should be fine after a nap!”

“Okay, after dinner, rest as soon as possible!”

Their conversation was minimal, as if both had something on their minds.

After dinner, Li Shi Shi went back to her room to rest.

Lin Beifan also went back to his own room, opened the box full of silver, and then took the silver pieces and crushed them one by one.

Late at night, Lin Beifan changed into his night cloak again and secretly went out with the crushed silver to spread wealth.

Soon after he left, a graceful figure appeared at Lin Beifan’s door.

She knocked and called out a few times, but received no response.

When she pushed the door, she found that no one was inside.
The two large boxes of silver were open, but there wasn’t a single tael of silver.

“Where did the master go? What about the silver?” Li Shi Shi felt like she was in a huge mist.

Lin Beifan had become even more mysterious to her. Less than an hour later, Lin Beifan finished spreading wealth and returned home.

But as soon as he arrived at the door of his room, he felt that there was someone else inside, sitting on his bed.

He was very alert and immediately broke in, “Who are you?”

With swift movements, he quickly grabbed the person’s throat.

But by this time, Lin Beifan had recognized the person in front of him and quickly released his grip.

“Shi Shi, why are you here? What are you doing here?”

“Sir, Shi Shi has been waiting for you!”

Li Shi Shi stood up from the bed and bravely walked towards the black-clothed masked man in front of her.

With shaky hands, she took off the mask, revealing a familiar face.

At this moment, tears suddenly fell from her eyes and she smiled excitedly, “Sir, I knew it was you! You’re the night hero, right? You’re the one who’s been generous lately, right? Shi Shi didn’t get it wrong, did she?”

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