Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Melancholy of Uracal 3

Once again, in Uracal’s camp.

The Slum Empire.

Uracal welcomed the two downcast people who had returned.

“Well, I guess it’s impossible after all.”

“Sorry, boss. There was a goddess-like woman next to Aix. But I…I got so frustrated that I said I’d get back at him with my Honey Trap.”

“No, it’s okay. You’re not at fault. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Uracal glanced at the subordinate who had turned into a woman due to ‘her’ momentum.

“I’m sorry, boss.”

“It’s okay. But instead of that, how long are you going to keep wearing women’s clothes?”

Uracal asked with a sudden curiosity.


“Alright, you can take off those clothes. Go home for today.”

The subordinate’s bewildered expression looked like that of a woman, and it confused Uracal. He signaled the new door to the subordinate who had opened a new path and made ‘her’ back away with his hands.

“…Should we redo the audition for the Honey Trap unit?”

There was still a problem. Although there were many applicants for the Honey Trap unit that useless subordinates had brought in, the number of dropouts had been increasing, and now there were only two left.


– A child (down with a cold)

-Old lady (back pain)

-Pregnant woman (went into labor)

-Wild man (escaped from the cage)


-Female dog
-Cat girl (new)

There was a mysterious young girl who was a cat-beast hybrid among the new applicants, but she was too young to be considered! He looked at his subordinates and asked, “Who brought this idiotic girl here?” but they all looked clueless.

“Well, never mind. There seems to be someone here who could do something useful. I have a hunch,” he thought to himself. “Hey, doggy, do you want to try?”

He offered a truce to the female dog.

“Woof!” The dog seemed to forget what had happened earlier and enthusiastically came over to him. He smiled, finding it endearing.

When he petted her, she showed her belly and looked up at him with her big eyes. He lifted her up and felt his heart beating faster. The dog was excited and happy, panting in his ear.

“Anyway, let’s go get some sheets from Aix’s room with his scent on them.” He gave instructions to his idle subordinates.

“Hey, you over there,” he said suddenly.

“Huh?” Suddenly, he felt a warm and cozy sensation.

What’s going on? He met the apologetic gaze of the dog.


“Damn it! This dog just pissed on my shirt!”

When he let go of the dog, it jumped back and kicked him in the chest before landing elegantly. Then it ran away with great speed and disappeared into the shadows of the building.

He felt frustrated and wanted to kick her to death.

“Damn it!! Get me a mage who can use clean magic! Right now!”

The dog was disqualified.

“Ah, this might be the first time I’ve been so humiliated. I’m getting fired up,” he thought.

“Kikuku, you’re doing pretty well. Aix!” he called out.

“Huh? Aix nii-san?” murmured the young girl.

“What did you say just now?” he asked, surprised. She flinched, realizing that she had said something scary. Uracal felt a little hurt because he knew that his face was intimidating.

“Are you acquainted with Aix by any chance? The order is to guide Aix to the Viscount’s house. What do you want in return?”

“C-could I have some cold medicine, please?”

Ah, this young cat girl must have come here for a sickly child in the morning! Finally!

“Got it. I’ll arrange it, so go.”

Nodding, the young girl ran off, and I couldn’t help but let out a sigh while watching her go. Furrowing my brows, this isn’t like me. This isn’t like me at all.

“Haah. Have I really resorted to using a kid for this job?”

“You. This job ends here.” (Uracal)

Huh? He forced a smile and stared at the woman.

“Are we done with the honey trap?” (Ane-san)

“Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want to see you like that.”

She’s still a great woman. Somehow, she looked cute to me. Ulacar closed his eyes tightly and hugged her.


“Aix nii-san, Honeytrap is here.”


Even Aix was surprised at this.

After listening to the details, Aix tightly held the young girl’s hand. How could anyone make a child who didn’t even understand the meaning of honeytrap do something like this?!

“It hurts, nii-san.”


Aix burned with righteous anger and headed towards the Viscount’s house.

“I will fight against the unforgivable evil.”

He holds hands with a cat girl.

The butler, Yesman, gazes at Aix, who was honeytrapped by the viscount’s household, with a look of astonishment. His gaze clearly showed contempt.

“Aix, h-how could you do this to such a small child…”

And Aix had the same kind of gaze.

In short, both of them had misunderstood the situation. It was Ulacar and the Viscount who had created this situation. And in situations like this, the one who speaks loudly first wins. Aix had always been on the receiving end until that day, but he acted first for the first time.

Thus, Aix’s first victory was secured.

For the sake of the weak.

Influenced by the soul of Crazy Bear.

The boy becomes a hero.

Aix’s eyes blazed!

“I’m angry. You people are rotten to use such a young child as a honeytrap, and to make a deal for medicine for a sick child’s cold is too despicable!”

The butler Yesman was speechless. He was probably thinking that Aix had misunderstood the situation. However, due to Uracal’s wandering, it was actually the truth.

“Moreover, it’s despicable to use a sick child’s cold medicine as a condition for a deal!”

“T-That’s not…”

“Yes it is!”

Aix confronted Yesman, who was trying to make excuses.

“That’s not you say? You did hire this child as a honey trap, didn’t you? Can you prove your innocence?”


They hired her.

There was no excuse for it.

Yesman had been forced into a corner by Uracal’s unreasonable methods. Why would that man use such a young girl?!

“You’re caught. This child said she would do anything for her sick friend. I have nothing but contempt for those who would use such a young child.”


He was speechless.

Then, the viscount appeared and, as usual, made the situation worse with his carelessness.

“Ah, Aix, you finally arrived. Did my honey trap work on you?”

Moreover, this time he had tied his own noose.


“I won’t forgive you! I’ll buy the medicine for this child’s friend myself. Let’s go home.”

“W-what? Wait a minute. You can’t just leave. We’re not done talking, Aix, Ajx–”

An onlooker who happened to witness the situation from the shadows told the story at their workplace.

“Hey, did you hear? The viscount…”

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