Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: You Listen to My Explanation

“The forty-fourth, counting the three cultivators previously recorded, along with the middle-aged cultivator in Moliang Village, I now have data samples of forty-eight cultivation talents. Hehehe!”

Su Hao was extremely delighted. Although he had devised a relatively perfect plan, he didn’t expect that the actual execution would go so smoothly.

It wasn’t that the cultivators were too inexperienced; it’s just that Su Hao’s spatial abilities were too irregular. Moreover, Su Hao specifically targeted the vulnerable ones. When those low-level cultivators encountered Su Hao, they had virtually no time to react and were stabbed immediately. By the time they realized they were under attack, Su Hao had already obtained the blood information he needed and teleported away!

“It seems that this information collection operation will be successful. Just fifty-two more genetic information samples, and it should be sufficient! Now, I’m only lacking fifty-two!”

Calculating this, Su Hao revealed a smirk. “This is too easy. Originally planned to be completed within ten days, but it looks like I can finish it today!”

Su Hao decided to make a concerted effort to collect the data quickly, then focus on researching for a while before participating in the Ascension Conference.

He activated a massive rune array disk, once again imbued his long knife with runic effects, and vanished in a flash.

What Su Hao didn’t know was that the hot-tempered muscular cultivator he just stabbed had already exposed his ‘collecting business’ within the sect using his distinctive voice!

The cultivators of Sanhe Peak were alarmed by the muscular man, flying out of their respective abodes into mid-air, exchanging information.

“I heard a mysterious armored person broke into Sanhe Peak, wielding a knife and stabbing everyone!”

“Armored person? Where is he? Why didn’t I see him?”

“I didn’t see him either, but I’m a victim. Look, right here on my buttocks, there’s a hole! Definitely not fake!”

“I’m even worse. I got stabbed in the lower back; I’m exhausted all over now! It might take a couple of months to recover!”

“No way, is that armored person so insane?”

“Did they catch that armored person?”

“No, they say that armored person comes and goes like a shadow, very elusive. Can’t trace his whereabouts!”

“Hiss—no way? In the sect with so many elders…”

“Keep it down, I also heard that a senior elder got stabbed on the side!”

“Hiss—how terrifying! How insane!”

Cao, a cultivator among the many sect members eavesdropping on the news, heard ‘armored person’ and suddenly looked guilty. Scenes of being stabbed in the back automatically flashed in his mind. Although the wound in that area had almost healed, hearing everyone’s discussions made it start to ache again.

He suspected that the armored person discussed among the sect members was the ‘senior’ he encountered, someone he couldn’t figure out—equally elusive, fond of wielding a knife, and unpredictable.

“Considering the time of the incident, could it be that the armored person senior followed me in? I might be in trouble… Should I inform the elders?”

After some thought, Cao decided to keep the encounter with the crystal-armored person to himself.

If he informed the elders, who knows if they would blame him for everything?

“It’s fine, even if the sky falls, the sect leader and the elders can handle it!”

While everyone was discussing, Su Hao teleported back to the medicinal garden.

Upon arrival, Su Hao noticed something amiss. In his radar perception, most cultivators had left their original locations, flying up into the sky and converging towards the largest peak in the middle.

Su Hao was puzzled, “What’s going on? Is it a special day for a gathering, or are they coming after me, planning to retaliate after I startled them?”

Regardless of the reason, the question facing Su Hao now was whether to continue collecting blood information.

After thinking about it, Su Hao decided it would be prudent not to act recklessly. Stabbing people with a knife in plain sight of everyone could harm his reputation. It would be better to wait until the commotion settled down before continuing the information collection.

As Su Hao was about to leave, his radar detected a solitary pair of cultivators inside a mountain peak, and there were two of them!

Having collected forty-eight pieces of information, Su Hao thought, “Let’s do one more and then call it quits!”

Su Hao immediately locked onto the positions of the two cultivators and teleported.

Upon appearing, Su Hao instinctively stabbed with his long knife. However, to his surprise, in front of him were a naked man and woman entangled in passionate intimacy.

Unaware of the extra spectator, the couple, absorbed in their passion, hadn’t noticed Su Hao’s presence.

“Splurt!” The sound of the long knife piercing flesh echoed as Su Hao skillfully and accurately obtained blood from both individuals.

The stabbing pain made the couple wake up, only now realizing the tall crystal-armored person beside them!

“Uh—” The curly-haired man widened his eyes, his body instantly losing vigor.

“Ah—” The disheveled woman, noticing a stranger in crystal armor beside her, blanked out, letting out a piercing scream subconsciously!

“Oops!” The man thought things were going south.

The soundproofing of this stone chamber couldn’t block the woman’s high-pitched voice, spreading quickly. Many cultivators gathered on the main peak subconsciously looked towards the source.

“Oh no, that’s the voice of my dao companion Menghui. It seems she’s under attack by the armored person. Fellow disciples, follow me to rescue.” A middle-aged man with a white beard hurriedly flew in that direction.

Other cultivators responded, “Elder Ling, your words are heavy. We will follow your command.”

Then, they followed Elder Ling towards the direction of the scream. Soon, they surrounded the cave residence, and several confident cultivators, following Elder Ling, entered the cave.

After a moment, furious roars from Elder Ling echoed from the cave residence, “Menghui, who is he? How did you two end up here?”

The disheveled woman, Menghui, explained tearfully, “Brother Yong, listen to my explanation…”

After obtaining the two sets of genetic information, Su Hao immediately teleported out of the sect, beyond the mountain range.

Therefore, Su Hao was unaware that he had stumbled upon a fortunate incident and exposed the secret affair of a passionate couple in front of almost the entire sect.

Even if he knew, Su Hao wouldn’t care. His true concern was his experimental samples.

“Fifty sets of genetic information, what a bountiful harvest! Let’s call it a day for now. Tomorrow, I’ll check inside the sect again. If everyone has dispersed, I’ll continue collecting. If not, I’ll wait a bit longer!”

For Su Hao, obtaining one hundred samples would allow for more accurate comparisons of specific genetic differences. However, fifty samples weren’t bad; there would just be a slightly larger margin of error.

If the situation inside the sect was too dangerous at the moment, Su Hao didn’t plan to take further risks. These samples were barely sufficient.

After finishing his task, Su Hao left without a second thought. Inside the Sanhe Peak of the Elemental Constellation, it became lively!

Subsequently, Elder Ling felt utterly unable to raise his head in public. After hastily announcing seclusion, he retreated to his cave residence and rarely appeared before other sect members.

After the incident with Menghui and Brother Yong, all cultivators confirmed one thing: there indeed was an armored person capable of stealthy attacks.

As for why this armored person enjoyed stabbing holes in others, they couldn’t fathom. Many speculated it was the armored person’s peculiar fetish!

“What should we do?”

“Let’s gather and wait for him to appear, then capture him together. This elusive fellow can’t have any other strengths besides his mysterious methods. With so many of us disciples, we’ll surely catch him easily.”

“Don’t forget, the armored person can break through the ‘personal light’!”

“When will that be? Will the armored person show up again?”

“Of course, we’ll wait until he appears!”

Meanwhile, in a self-made luxurious room, Su Hao stretched lazily, lay down on the bed, and fell into a deep sleep. “Tired today. I’ll catch some beauty sleep first before anything else! Multiple teleports have taken a toll on my body!”

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