Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: The Enemy Is Nearby

Before truly harvesting the information of cultivators on a large scale, Su Hao needs to clarify the operational strategy to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Firstly, he must carefully choose his targets. If he accidentally teleports into the cultivation abode of some old monster, who knows what might happen.

“Distinguishing the blood reactions between cultivators of different levels is crucial. The stronger the cultivator, the more refined their blood, while lower-level cultivators have more diffused blood, akin to ordinary people! Therefore, in the upcoming actions, I’ll specifically target those with diffused blood!”

The strength of cultivators is directly related to their cultivation talent, but weaker strength doesn’t necessarily mean poor talent!

Being accepted into the Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks indicates decent cultivation talent.

Su Hao’s first goal isn’t to obtain the top-tier cultivation talent but to have ‘sufficient talent’ and then infiltrate the sect.

Once inside the sect, surrounded by so many ‘geniuses,’ what talent does he lack?

Next, prepare an ample supply of ‘positioning stones’ and set up teleportation points in various locations. With enough stones, his range of activities will be substantial.

“With my current mental strength, I can activate ten positioning stones simultaneously! In other words, excluding the three stones outside the Sanhe Peaks, I still have seven stones to place within the Sanhe Peaks! That’s enough!”

Finally, the placement of positioning stones must be in locations where there are no cultivators within a three-thousand-meter radius.

“Cultivators’ perception range is around a bit over a thousand meters, but stronger cultivators might double that. To ensure that after I teleport into the sect, I won’t be immediately discovered by cultivators, exposing the teleportation point, I must place the positioning stones in areas where there are no cultivators within three thousand meters.”

Although such locations are scarce, Su Hao has already found two when entering the sect!

Runes engraved on Su Hao’s Diamond Armor circulate with blood qi as he prepares.


Under his feet, the transformed Diamond Armor quickly forms three large rune arrays – ‘Penetration,’ ‘Sharpness,’ ‘Hardness,’ and then ‘Solidification.’

After each attack, Su Hao returns here to enhance the long knife with the ‘extra-large’ rune effect!

Prepared and with no apparent oversight, Su Hao quickly takes action!

Connecting the spatial module, he reinforces the spiritual tendrils!


In the next moment, Su Hao’s figure blurs, disappearing and reappearing at the sect’s entrance positioning stone.

As soon as Su Hao appears, he immediately locks onto the predetermined locations within a three-thousand-meter radius without cultivators and teleports there instantly.

“Hmm? It’s that armored figure!” White-robed man Xiao Linyuan’s heart stirred as he turned to look towards the entrance of the sect’s mist, finding nothing.

He then took out a token and checked it. This token served as a warning for the mist formation, and there were no anomalies.

“No one! In that moment just now, my mental sense clearly detected the presence of the armored figure, suddenly appearing and then disappearing!”

He doubted if he had misperceived: “Could it be due to the impact on my spirit today?”

But he wasn’t certain, so after some thought, he decided to report it to steward Liu Shishu. Reporting it would at least absolve him of responsibility if something happened.

With that decision, Xiao Linyuan immediately headed towards the peak where Steward Liu was.

Su Hao flashed to a vast valley. This valley was flat, covered with various exotic flowers and plants. Colorful flowers adorned the ground, and paths crisscrossed like a grid, separating the flora like fields of fertile land.

Su Hao marveled inwardly, “Could this be the spiritual herb garden of the Sanhe Peaks? Looks like I hit the jackpot! They’re all mine!”

Of course, this was a joke. Su Hao couldn’t take everything, but if needed, he wouldn’t mind taking some for personal use.

Su Hao quickly embedded a positioning stone into the ground. “Marking complete!”

Using radar perception, Su Hao marked numerous ‘ordinary cultivators’ among the many cultivators. Then, randomly selecting a lucky viewer, he locked onto the position.

Su Hao raised his long knife, ready to strike.


In an instant, Su Hao appeared beside a cultivator meditating with closed eyes, and the long knife stabbed out.


The disciple didn’t even have a protective shield. Immersed in cultivation, he shivered when suddenly poked, making a strange moan, “Hmm~”

Having succeeded in one strike, Su Hao immediately teleported back outside the mountains.

The cultivator, now with open eyes, stared blankly ahead. After a moment, he regained his senses, noticed the unusual feeling in his shoulder, and turned to look. He saw a thumb-sized hole in his arm, oozing blood.

Following that was a wave of intense pain. He instinctively covered the wound, grunting, “It hurts!”

Then, full of confusion, he wondered, “What’s going on? How did this wound appear? Did I bump into something evil?”

Su Hao recorded the blood information on the knife tip, then muttered in surprise, “Did it become so easy?”

After wiping away the blood traces from the knife tip, without needing to refresh the rune effects, Su Hao prepared again and teleported to the herb garden. Using it as a stepping stone, he locked onto another lucky viewer and teleported again.

This cultivator was engrossed in studying a book, reading with one hand while struggling with the little hair left on his head. His hair, combined with his diligent reading appearance, inexplicably made people feel sorry for him.

However, Su Hao wouldn’t be lenient because of this. Just after teleporting, the tip of his knife was precisely positioned behind the bald cultivator, gently thrusting forward.

*Ding!* A crisp sound echoed as the bald cultivator’s self-defense shield automatically activated, blocking Su Hao’s knife.

*Poof!* In the next moment, that thin energy shield was punctured, and the knife tip smoothly inserted into the bald man’s body.

“Oh, my!” The bald man shook his hand, plucking out a handful of hair. He instinctively rolled forward, flipped his hand, and a large number of needles with a faint halo shot out backward.

*Plop, plop, plop!* These needles turned the back wall into a sieve, causing large chunks of debris to fall from the wall.

“Hmm? No one? That’s impossible…”

The bald cultivator felt the injury on his back, swiped his hand backward, feeling a sticky mess. Looking at it, he had blood all over his hands.

“As expected! Who…” He slowly got up, cautiously looking at his abode!

Then, he staged a self-directed and self-acted hide-and-seek drama in his own abode.

“The enemy is right next to me!”

Outside the mountains, Su Hao grinned, “The second piece of information is in hand, it’s that simple! Now, onto the third!”

Su Hao quickly updated the rune effects on his long knife and teleported back to the herb field.

Using the herb field as a relay, he randomly selected a lucky cultivator.

*Poof, poof, poof!*

*Hiss, hiss, hiss!*




“Ying, ying, ying~”

For a moment, various strange sounds echoed from the abodes of cultivators all around the sect. This was truly the decline of morality…

Su Hao stabbed with increasing pleasure and speed. Just when Su Hao’s spirit was somewhat excited, he accidentally stabbed a cultivator with a bit more strength!

The burly cultivator erupted with a vigorous aura, and a massive amount of spiritual power raged around him. Furniture in the abode shattered and flew in all directions, almost instantly destroying his own abode!

“Who dares to sneak into this grandpa’s abode and do such a sneak attack!”

“This sneak attack…”

“Sneak attack…”


His thunderous voice roared like thunder, echoing among the peaks, startling the entire sect!

Cultivators rushed out of their abodes!

The excitement was about to begin.

One after another, victims jumped out, tearing off their clothes, exposing the wounds, narrating the entire incident like a sobbing story.

This incident caught the attention of an elder, and upon a quick count, they found that there were a whopping forty-four victims!!!

“Who did this?”

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