Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: The One I Want to Kill, Even Jesus Can’t Save!

At this moment, night was gradually falling. The two grandmasters, Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer, had fled more than 300 miles from the capital city and looked back.

Dragon Supressor expressed some concern, “Should we be safe here?”

“We should be safe; we’ve already traveled far from the capital city,” Tiger Tamer breathed a sigh of relief. “I can’t believe someone from the Great Wu court could kill a grandmaster. It’s truly dangerous! From now on, we should stay far away from this place and never return!”

“You’re right, younger brother,” Dragon Supressor admitted his fear, “I felt like I was being targeted by a ferocious beast. It was extremely perilous! If we hadn’t run fast enough, we’d be dead by now!”

“Is it really that terrifying?”

“Of course it is!” Dragon Supressor continued to tremble with fear, “Even when I was young and had no cultivation, I wasn’t as afraid when I was thrown into a snake pit!”

“Yes, even more vicious than a tiger!” Tiger Tamer nodded.

Just then, they felt a shiver run down their spines!

Because, this was the third voice they heard!

When they arrived here earlier, they had already looked around and there was no one in sight!

So, where was this unfamiliar voice coming from?

“Who are you?”

Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer leaped several yards away, staring warily in the direction of the voice.

At that moment, they saw someone unexpected.

“Lin Beifan? What are you doing here?”

The person before them was none other than Lin Beifan, who had just hurriedly arrived from the capital city, still wearing his official robes.

Lin Beifan had a very friendly and benign smile, seemingly harmless. However, in the eyes of Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer, it sent shivers down their spines, causing their hair to stand on end.

That sense of deadly danger had descended upon them once again.

“I specially came… to kill you both and eliminate future troubles,” Lin Beifan said with a cheerful smile, extending his right hand. Two ice knives appeared in his hand, floating as if weightless, rising and falling.

Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer were extremely cautious, exchanging whispers.

“Younger brother, this person is far from ordinary; he might even have the power of a grandmaster!”

“We should strike first to seize the advantage!”

Both of them attacked simultaneously, exerting all their strength with the momentum of a thunderous force!

“You want to kill us? Let’s see if you have what it takes!”

“The one I want to kill, even Jesus can’t save!”

The ice knives in Lin Beifan’s hand disappeared!

When they reappeared, they had already been plunged into the foreheads of Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer, freezing them from head to toe as ice sculptures.

After killing them, Lin Beifan flew away like a celestial being.

“Job’s done, time to go back and continue the inspections!”

Just then, a gentle breeze blew by, and the two grandmasters, Dragon Supressor and Tiger Tamer, shattered into pieces.

Upon his return, Lin Beifan continued his inspections, causing uproar among the court officials and arousing resentment throughout the palace.

Meanwhile, within the dungeon, whether due to the Empress’s orders or not, the three major rebel leaders were strangely imprisoned together.

The first to be locked up, Prince of Southern Jiang, upon seeing Prince of Northern Hebei and Wuxi Duke, was greatly surprised, “Second Brother, Fourth Brother, why are you both imprisoned too? Could it be… you lost as well?”

Prince of Northern Hebei and Wuxi Duke exchanged grim looks and nodded.

Prince of Southern Jiang was extremely delighted, bursting into laughter, “Great, this prince didn’t win, and you both didn’t win either. All of you lost to Big Brother’s little girl! Haha, it’s so hilarious!”

“We lost to Big Brother back then, and now we can’t even defeat Big Brother’s daughter. We’re truly utterly defeated, what a pathetic existence! If we had known this, why bother going through all the trouble? Why not just be idle princes? Haha…”

As they laughed, tears even streamed down their faces.

Whether it was out of excessive joy or regret for their past actions, no one could tell.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s expression grew unpleasant, clenching his fists, “I’m not like you! I didn’t lose to that girl; I lost to a treacherous minister and a villain! If it weren’t for him, I would have already stormed into the imperial palace and donned the yellow robe!”

“Which treacherous minister and villain caused your downfall?” Prince of Southern Jiang and Prince of Northern Hebei asked in unison.

“Lin Beifan!!!” Prince of Northern Hebei gritted his teeth.

“What? Lin Beifan?” Prince of Southern Jiang and Wuxi Duke were instantly shocked.

“Don’t be deceived by his loyal appearance; he’s actually a cunning schemer!” Prince of Northern Hebei’s teeth were clenched, and his eyes were filled with hateful intent. “He may seem loyal to the court on the surface, but he had long been colluding with me in secret, embezzling millions of taels of silver from me and gaining my trust! As a result, when I led my troops to the imperial city, he stabbed me in the back, causing my men to turn against each other, and my plans to crumble!”

Prince of Northern Hebei pounded his chest, bellowing with heartbreak, “I hate him! If he hadn’t gained my trust and deceived me, I wouldn’t have ended up like this!”

“Is it truly Lin Beifan who caused your downfall?” the two princes asked in unison.

Prince of Northern Hebei’s expression turned extremely unsightly, “I’ve already been defeated. Why would I deceive you? Hmph!”

Seeing how unpleasant Prince of Northern Hebei looked, the two princes believed him to some extent.

Moreover, now that he was imprisoned, it proved his failure, leaving no need for lies.

“Second Brother, to be honest, among all of us brothers, you’re the most astute, skilled at disguises and acting! After acting for decades, you managed to deceive the entire world. How could you be duped by that little thief Lin Beifan?” Prince of Southern Jiang asked in puzzlement.

“Yeah, I can’t understand it either. How could you be tricked by him?” Wuxi Duke was equally baffled.

“That’s because you don’t know how cunning and treacherous he is!” Prince of Northern Hebei said through gritted teeth, “Shortly after entering the court as an official, he had already pledged his loyalty to me, all for the sake of wealth! Over these years, you can’t imagine how many things he’s done for me! The method of creating the flying celestial balloons? He leaked it to me, costing me three to four million taels of silver!”

Prince of Southern Jiang and Wuxi Duke were astounded, “What? He leaked you the method for creating the celestial balloons?”

“Indeed, and also the method for creating waterborne weapon, the air-cushion boat. He leaked it to me as well, costing me four to five million taels of silver!” Prince of Northern Hebei continued through clenched teeth.

Prince of Southern Jiang and Wuxi Duke were astonished once again, “What? He leaked you the method for creating the air-cushion boat?”

“And also dragon bones! I spent several million taels of silver to obtain some dragon bones from him!”

Prince of Southern Jiang and Wuxi Duke were astonished for the third time, “Even dragon bones…”

“Because of this, I placed great trust in him! He participated in activities against the nation, all of which would cost him his life if exposed. He could only follow my path until the end! But who knew…” Prince of Northern Hebei pounded his chest, hatred evident in his eyes, “At the gates of the capital city, just as I was about to succeed, he stabbed me in the back! It’s only now that I’ve seen his true colors, but it’s too late for regrets. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

As he spoke, he started laughing sorrowfully, “Haha…”

Prince of Southern Jiang and Wuxi Duke’s faces looked as if a paint pot had been overturned, colors all over the place, exceptionally vibrant.

Seeing Prince of Northern Hebei’s bafflement, they were equally puzzled, “Third Brother, Fourth Brother, why do your expressions look so odd?”

At this moment, Wuxi Duke burst into tears.

Prince of Northern Hebei and Prince of Southern Jiang were shocked, “Fourth Brother, why are you crying out of nowhere?”

“Because… because I was also deceived by that Lin Beifan!” Wuxi Duke wailed.

“What? He deceived you too? How did he deceive you?”

Wuxi Duke, filled with sorrow, continued to wail, “Just like Second Brother, Lin Beifan had pledged allegiance to me before! He revealed the method for creating my air-cushion boat and the dragon bones. He embezzled six to seven million taels of silver from me! Even the world’s greatest treasure, the dragon bones, he sold to me, causing me to lose everything!”

Prince of Northern Hebei and Prince of Southern Jiang were still astonished, “Wow! He sold all these things to you too?”

Wuxi Duke said mournfully, “I believed that he was fully committed to following me after he had performed so many acts of selling the nation and seeking glory. Who would’ve known that at the Phoenix Fortress, he would stab me in the back, resulting in the death of 600,000 of my soldiers within the stronghold? He’s nothing but a traitorous scoundrel!!!”

“That’s right! He’s indeed a traitorous scoundrel!” Prince of Northern Hebei and Prince of Southern Jiang spoke in unison, their anger ignited.

Touched by the scene, Prince of Southern Jiang began to wail as well.

“Why are you crying too, Third Brother?”

Prince of Southern Jiang cried as he spoke, “Because I was deceived by Lin Beifan too!”

Prince of Northern Hebei and Wuxi Duke were shocked once more, “What? He deceived you too?”

“Yes, just like you both. The method for crafting my two divine weapons and the dragon bones were all obtained from him. I spent 30 million taels of silver for all of it!”

Prince of Southern Jiang teared up, looking like a brothel girl who hadn’t been paid after a tryst.

“But even after he embezzled so much silver from me, he doesn’t show any gratitude. Instead, he turned against me. Isn’t he despicable? Isn’t he infuriating? Isn’t he hateful?”

“Hateful! Infuriating! Despicable!” Prince of Northern Hebei and Wuxi Duke gritted their teeth.

Then the three of them exchanged glances and embraced each other, bursting into tears.

“Who would have thought that the three of us brothers would fall into the hands of an outsider!”

“Having fought all our lives, we were defeated by an outsider!”

“My heart is so heavy! The bitterness is so deep, wawawa…”

It’s truly a heart-wrenching sight that brings tears to one’s eyes!

Just at that moment, Lin Beifan walked in with a smile, “Why are you crying? Crying so sadly, can you tell me? I’d like to be entertained a bit.”

“Lin Beifan! You treacherous scoundrel!” The Three Rebellious Princes gritted their teeth.

Prince of Southern Jiang angrily asked, “Why are you here?”

“Naturally, I’m here to see the three esteemed princes! No matter what you’ve said to me, it’s a form of showing me some kindness. As a person, one can’t be heartless and ungrateful. So, I came here to pay a visit!” Lin Beifan’s face was full of smiles, “Seeing you not doing well puts my mind at ease!”

“Ah!!!” The Three Rebellious Princes were furious.

They wished they could break out of the prison and tear apart this sycophantic traitor who takes advantage of others.

“Lin Beifan, you treacherous scoundrel, don’t get too proud! Based on what you’ve done, sooner or later, you will end up here too! That day isn’t far away!” Prince of Northern Hebei shouted.

Lin Beifan beamed, “Thank you for your kind words. Take your time waiting. You might never see that day come! I’ll visit you often. I just enjoy the look of your frustration when you can’t stand me but can’t do anything to me!”

“Ah!!!” The Three Rebellious Princes were furious once again.

“I’m leaving now since there’s nothing else to do!” Lin Beifan tapped his head, “Oh, by the way, I have a gift for you!”

Lin Beifan clapped his hands, and two officials brought in a large bell.

“Does it look familiar?” Lin Beifan grinned, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been passing this big bell around. It must have a special meaning to you. So, I’ve specially brought it for you, to keep you company and bond with it!”

The faces of the Three Rebellious Princes turned dark with anger. They gritted their teeth and glared at Lin Beifan, “You despicable person!”

“No need to thank me, my dear rebels. Farewell!”

Lin Beifan patted his bottom and left, walking toward another part of the prison.

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