Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: Here Already

“Junior brother?” The man in white hesitated for a moment.

The Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks recruit new disciples every year. It’s been many years since he interacted with new disciples, so not recognizing these newcomers is normal. Yet, doubts linger in his mind. Why did this junior brother emerge from the mist?

Even he, after entering the mist without the proper identification, would get lost triggering the mist alert. Strangely, the mist formation did not sound any alarms.

He inquired, “Which peak and courtyard do you belong to? Who is your master? How did you come out of the mist?”

Staring at Su Hao, he suspected that the young man was recklessly seeking enlightenment, ventured the correct path, and stumbled into the immortal sect.

Not uncommon—every year, many lucky individuals like him accidentally find the way in, only to end up buried.

He thought, “If this young man indeed trespassed, let’s bury him!”

There’s no possibility of letting him go; revealing the sect’s location would attract numerous ordinary people. Despite the mist’s hindrance, with a large number, some would inevitably break through. Better to bury one to secure a hundred.

As Su Hao ignored the first two questions, he chose to respond to the third: “I don’t know! I accidentally fell into the mist, walked around, and ended up here!”

The man in white wasn’t easily fooled. He continued, “Which peak and courtyard, and who is your master?”

Su Hao thought, “Do we need to get so detailed? Why bother with such specifics? A simple greeting would be enough. I won’t harm you anyway!”

Casually, Su Hao said, “My master and senior brother also recognized me. The surname is Mo—”

The man in white, slightly impatient, raised his hand and shot a faint yellow sword energy toward Su Hao’s forehead.


The sword energy emitted a piercing whistle, swift as thunder!

However, in Su Hao’s eyes, it wasn’t fast. He dodged aside, swiftly disappeared into the mist.

The man in white was surprised, pointed his finger, and the long sword unsheathed.


The sword out, it vibrated lightly, hummed, then shot into the mist, chasing Su Hao’s figure.

“Huh? Is this a magical weapon? Why does it even have tracking?” Su Hao, once again, dodged the sword, increased his height, covered his whole body in steel armor, transformed into a “Child of Fate,” and instantly burrowed into the ground. Disappearing from sight, he reappeared outside the mountain range.

The man in white chased Su Hao’s underground path, pointed with a single finger, and the long sword flew, piercing into the ground. However, Su Hao’s figure was nowhere to be seen, leaving the man puzzled, “Why did the aura suddenly disappear?”

At this moment, Su Hao, clad in golden armor, emerged from outside the mountain range. Upon appearance, he immediately drew an enormous rune formation while conjuring a large sword.

‘Super Large – Penetration’ ‘Super Large – Sharpness’ ‘Super Large – Hardness’!

“Since encountering a cultivator, can’t let the opportunity go to waste. First, collect information.”

After interacting with cultivators for the past two days, Su Hao summarized the general characteristics of these cultivators:

1. Their attack capabilities mostly involve energy-based attacks, with an effective range of about a kilometer.
2. Cultivators possess strong defensive abilities, making it challenging to break through their shields.
3. They seem to have powerful sensing abilities within a range slightly over a kilometer, possibly characteristic of lower-level cultivators.
4. Cultivators generally disregard the lives of ordinary people and can easily kill them at will.

Based on this information, Su Hao quickly formulated the next course of action!

To obtain a sufficient amount of genetic information, the method is simple – break through each one!

After empowering with runes, Su Hao’s figure vanished, reappearing at the location of the earlier ‘positioning stone.’ The radar instantly locked onto the position of the man in white.


Su Hao disappeared again from his original spot, appearing next to the man in white. Simultaneously, the long knife in his hand thrust forward.


As expected, the long knife encountered a sudden shield.


However, the shield of the man in white did not provide reliable protection; it was pierced the moment Su Hao’s blade touched it!

Su Hao’s knife, with an open groove, smoothly entered the body of the man in white.

In an instant, the man in white felt his soul shivering, horror-stricken. Uncontrollably, the thought crossed his mind, “I’m going to die!”

However, Su Hao didn’t intend to take his life; he just needed some blood! There was no need to kill the cultivators providing him with genetic information.

Moreover, the current methods of these cultivators are unknown. Who knows if there might be some tracking marks or a mutual destruction method after killing them? Either way, it’s not what Su Hao wants at the moment.

In summary, not necessary.

After the knife entered the opponent’s body, filling the blood groove, Su Hao seized the opportunity, immediately withdrew the long knife, took a step back, and blinked away!

Outside the mountain range, Su Hao, revealing his figure, looked at the bloodstain on the blade, smiling, “A perfect plan!”

First, use the spatial stone as a springboard to enter the Sanhe Peaks. Then, deploy the radar to lock onto the cultivators inside the Sanhe Peaks. Next, blink next to the cultivators, pierce their shields with a single blow, and obtain blood samples!

Moreover, specifically targeting the vulnerable ones!

Even if his ‘positioning stone’ used as a spatial springboard is discovered, he’s not afraid. He has plenty of temporary spatial stone materials, and he can create them on the spot! Then, scatter them in random locations within the Sanhe Peaks!

Who can catch him?

“Unless there are cultivators with the same spatial teleportation ability and can decipher his spatial teleportation!”

But the probability of this happening is very low!

“If these cultivators also possess spatial teleportation abilities, then I might be in trouble! However, I still need to be cautious!”

What currently supports Su Hao’s audacity is his spatial ability!

After setting up the ‘Counter-Space Barrier’ around him, any attack approaching him will be teleported behind him. Similarly, any attack initiated from behind will be teleported in front of him!

It appears as if Su Hao has no physical presence; all attacks are rendered ineffective.

In theory, as long as Su Hao’s spatial ability remains uncrackable, no harm can come to him.

If someone recklessly charges at Su Hao with their physical body, they will also be forcibly teleported behind him. For those without the ‘Space Equilibrium Organization,’ the consequences are easy to imagine.

After Su Hao teleported away, the man in white stood there dumbfounded, his heart pounding like a clock, “I’m not dead…”

In that instant, he thought his over thirty years of cultivation would turn into a fleeting dream! When he slowly regained his senses and looked at the bloody wound on his side, he muttered, “Who is that armored person… Could it be that young boy?”

The more he thought about the possibility of the tall armored figure being the seemingly immature twelve or thirteen-year-old, the more absurd it felt!

A flash of insight crossed his mind, and he immediately understood the intricacies of the situation, “Perhaps that armored person is the mentor of that young boy. Seeing that I was about to kill the boy, he broke my shield, injured me, with the purpose of giving me a warning and a small punishment…”

The man in white felt more and more convinced! He felt proud of his cleverness, “How powerful can he be? I’ve still figured out his intentions!”

“No, there are many mysteries in this matter. I need to inform the duty officer of what happened today and let him decide!”

The man in white quickly reached a nearby peak. Outside the tower at the peak, he respectfully bowed, “Senior Brother Liu, Xiao Linyuan seeks an audience.”

The door of the tower opened mysteriously, and Xiao Linyuan bowed again before entering.

Inside, a middle-aged man with a long white beard was meditating. Xiao Linyuan respectfully greeted, “Senior Brother Liu!”

Then Xiao Linyuan briefly summarized and reported what had happened earlier, along with his own speculations.

Senior Brother Liu, who was in meditation, opened his eyes, exhaled a long breath, and after a moment of contemplation, said, “I understand! That’s it. You can go back now.”

Xiao Linyuan sighed in relief, bowed again, and said, “Yes, Senior Brother Liu!”

Then he turned and left, returning to his post. Since the report was complete, what happened next was no longer his concern.

As for Su Hao, he initially thought of calling it a day and returning tomorrow, but after some consideration, he thought, “Since I’m already here, let’s gather information on a few more people!”

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