Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: I am your junior brother

After obtaining the desired blood samples, Su Hao teleported to a distance to observe the subsequent actions of the two. Seeing that they didn’t end up fighting, Su Hao felt somewhat regretful.

However, capturing the blood information of two powerful cultivators unexpectedly today was a satisfying gain for Su Hao.

As for accidentally poking the girl through… let’s consider it the innocent cost of their fight affecting him!

After the cultivators with the surnames Cao and Lin left separately, Su Hao made a decision after a moment of contemplation. He quietly followed the cultivator with the surname Cao.

Thinking that the female cultivator had already been poked by him once, Su Hao believed it would be more appropriate to meet someone else next. After all, not everything should involve her.

Su Hao thought to himself, “Isn’t finding a sect quite simple now? Just follow this male cultivator! Where he goes, I go, until the sect’s location is confirmed!”

With three months until the Ascension Ceremony at Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak, Su Hao wasn’t in a hurry. With his speed, he could get there in no time.

Currently, he had a more important task at hand – finding the location of a sect, and then…

“My talent will soon find its place!”

To Su Hao, the appearance of these two cultivators was just perfect, as if they weren’t here for his rebirth but to offer him benefits!

The reason was simple. As long as Su Hao followed one cultivator, when he returned to his sect, he could determine the sect’s location. Those who could cultivate within a sect must be talented cultivators, and these cultivators would be data samples for Su Hao!

As long as he collects the genetic information of those in a sect…

Uh, as long as he records their genetic information in the ball space, Su Hao can undoubtedly find the secrets of cultivating talents by comparison!

Then he could modify himself into a cultivation genius with exceptional talent! Three months later, he could enter the sect ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’ with his powerful talent!

A perfect plan, flawless!

“So, fellow cultivator flying nearby! You better hurry back, or don’t blame me for rushing you! I don’t have much time!”

As Su Hao expected, the cultivator with the surname Cao, after circling the area a few times, flew towards the northeast, occasionally changing directions.

But Su Hao could judge that the general direction was towards the territory of Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks. In other words, this cultivator with the surname Cao was likely a cultivator of Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks!

Doubts arose in Su Hao’s mind, “Should I survey the cultivators of Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks first and then join them later? It feels a bit strange, but whatever!”

To smoothly learn immortal cultivation knowledge, Su Hao disregarded these trivial matters!

Su Hao believed that a person capable of achieving things should cast aside concerns, forge ahead without hesitation. While being cautious is secure, it’s challenging to accomplish anything.

Su Hao’s current goal was singular – to master the techniques of immortal cultivation. For this goal, he could use any means, even unscrupulous ones!

Why worry so much in this process? When it’s time to make a decision, just make it!

The blade in his hand had long been stained with blood – just, evil, kind, innocent… countless!

Obstructors, beheaded! Troublemakers, beheaded! Deceivers, beheaded! Disturbers of the divine, beheaded!

Anyone hindering him from acquiring knowledge, all cut down with a single stroke!

Experiences from multiple worlds gradually fueled Su Hao’s arrogance: “Since I’m in this world, let me offer all the knowledge! Your knowledge achievements will be permanently preserved by me, Su Hao!”

After a day of twists and turns, the cultivator with the surname Cao arrived at a mountain range. Looking around, it stretched endlessly, with varying heights, aptly named the Hundred Thousand Mountains!

Using radar positioning, Su Hao followed the cultivator with the surname Cao from afar and soon entered the mountains.

The scenery on the vast mountains was unique, displaying the alternating seasons of ‘spring, summer, autumn, winter’ everywhere. The mountaintop was winter, covered in ice and snow, while the mountainsides were autumn and summer, lush with foliage and abundant fruits. At the mountain’s base was spring, with mountain flowers blooming and colorful butterflies dancing!

Truly a picturesque scene!

Su Hao praised, “This location is indeed excellent. Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks really knows how to pick a spot!”

As they delved deeper, mist gradually enveloped the surroundings, becoming thicker.

Su Hao quickly entered the thick fog, unable to see beyond a meter, and his hearing was disturbed. Even Su Hao’s radar perception, originally covering a range of ten thousand meters, was suppressed to a mere two thousand meters. This was the first time since he gained perception abilities that he encountered something capable of restricting his perception range, making him vigilant.

If it weren’t for the radar’s ability to locate the cultivator with the surname Cao, Su Hao might have lost his way!

However, Su Hao had already placed a ‘positioning stone’ outside the mountain range. In case of special circumstances, he could teleport away at any time, so he wasn’t afraid.

Su Hao still held the second ‘positioning stone’ in his hand. He had prepared a total of five, each with a ten-day validity period. Having used two, he still had three left. They looked no different from ordinary stones by the roadside.

As long as Su Hao followed the cultivator with the surname Cao through the thick fog and entered the sect’s location within Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks, he would casually toss the positioning stone by the roadside. This stone would then serve as a connection to Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peaks. After that, Su Hao could freely enter and exit the sect!

Following the twists and turns with the cultivator with the surname Cao, Su Hao didn’t know how long they had walked before his surroundings suddenly cleared up.

Before him lay a brilliant and colorful scene, with majestic and peculiar peaks standing tall. Mountain pines stood proudly on top, while colorful flowers and red leaves adorned the slopes. Waterfalls and streams flowed through the mountains, creating melodious sounds like celestial music. Alongside the stream were winding mountain paths, pavilions, and terraces, combining nature and human presence!

Considering himself a well-traveled individual, Su Hao was still awestruck by the scene of this celestial haven before him.

“No wonder it’s a widely renowned sect; truly majestic and atmospheric!”

The moment Su Hao stepped out of the mist, the suppression he felt on his perception vanished. With his blood circulating, radar perception once again extended to a range of ten thousand meters. The distinctive aura reactions of cultivators within the sect entered Su Hao’s perception.

Scattered across various peaks, with a few gathering together, almost every peak had the aura reaction of cultivators.

Inside the pinball space, Little Light reported, “A total of one thousand three hundred and twenty-nine individuals within the range.”

Su Hao took a sharp breath, “A single sect with over a thousand cultivators… and that’s just within the range I can sense! How many more are there in the entire sect?”

Based on radar feedback, Su Hao could confirm that the ten-thousand-meter range was not the entirety of this sect; it was just a small part!

Su Hao estimated that this well-known sect in the cultivation world had at least five thousand cultivators!

“The so-called one in a million talent for cultivation? It’s probably not true!”

Moreover, there’s not just this one sect on the entire planet; there are countless sects, big and small!

After a moment of contemplation, Su Hao immediately understood the meaning of the so-called ‘one in a million’ talent: among ordinary people, cultivation talent is truly one in a million, but among cultivation families, it’s more like eight or nine out of ten!

Then Su Hao looked at the surrounding environment and couldn’t help but feel that his joining seemed a bit out of place. He couldn’t help but mutter, “Entering a sect like this, and such a top-notch one at that, feels a bit hasty… What if those old cultivators notice? That wouldn’t be good!”

“Here he comes!” Su Hao glanced to the right, calmly playing with the ‘positioning stone’ in his hand, and walked forward.

Soon, a white-clad man with long hair and a sword appeared, exuding an ethereal aura!

The white-clad man reached out to block Su Hao’s path and asked vigilantly, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

However, he didn’t take Su Hao too seriously. A teenager of around twelve or thirteen, what could he do?

Su Hao, startled by the sudden appearance of the man, trembled and tossed the stone he had been playing with into the nearby bushes.

Just as Su Hao regained his composure, he said, “Senior brother, why did you suddenly appear? You scared me! Who am I? I’m your junior brother!”

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