Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: Bring out the Big One

After obtaining the blood of a male cultivator, Su Hao swiftly teleported away without hesitation.

Eight kilometers away, Su Hao revealed his figure, looking at the blood on his long knife and couldn’t help but be secretly shocked, “I didn’t expect the strength of that almost instantly triggered protective shield to be so high. My ‘Potent-Penetration’ barely broke through the first layer of defense but was powerless to advance further. If I hadn’t prepared the ‘Burst’ rune in advance, this blood extraction would have surely failed!”

What exactly was that protective shield? This stirred Su Hao’s intense curiosity.

“Perhaps it’s because the so-called ‘spiritual power’ of cultivators far exceeds the vitality in my blood!”

Instead of feeling discouraged, this made Su Hao even more interested.

Perhaps, in this world, he would undergo a transformation in power levels!

“Cultivators indeed have their own ways!” Su Hao’s heart burned with excitement.

He quickly recorded the blood information into the pinball space, then locked onto the female cultivator with the radar, whispering to himself, “As soon as I get her blood sample, I’ll leave immediately!”

Su Hao didn’t plan to fight cultivators in his current state. Whether he could win or not was one thing, but the key was not to take too much risk. If the opponent had some method of mutual destruction, dragging Su Hao along to death, he would have nowhere to reason.

So, to gain the power to resist cultivators, he had to thoroughly study their power system and have a clear understanding before considering anything.

For now, Su Hao’s need was simple: acquire the blood information for future research in the ‘Talent’ reserve database.

As for whether the other party would continue their life-and-death struggle, it was none of Su Hao’s concern.

As for waiting for both parties to be injured?

Su Hao had followed them all the way, seeing them fight fiercely with swords and powerful auras, but not even a single hair fell off! When would that happen?

“The triggering protective shield of that male cultivator is so formidable. Wouldn’t the current protection of the female be even stronger?”

Having this thought, Su Hao quickly came up with an idea!

‘Penetration’ couldn’t break through the opponent’s shield because the runes he drew were not big enough, and the knife in his hand was not thick or sharp enough!

So, Su Hao decided to bring out a big, thick one!

“Crack, crack, crack!”

The long knife in his hand gradually changed its shape, becoming longer, thicker, and sharper, like a medieval Western knight’s lance.

Immediately afterward, the Diamond Armor appeared, and three rune arrays with a diameter of five meters were drawn.

‘Super-Large – Penetration’, ‘Super-Large – Hardening’, ‘Super-Large – Sharpness’

‘Penetration’ effect destroyed molecular forces, ‘Sharpness’ effect made the spearhead thinner, and the ‘Hardening’ effect solidified the lance. With the three super-large rune effects stacked, the long spear turned into an unstoppable weapon. Holding the long spear, Su Hao felt like he could poke a hole in anything.

“The sharpener does not hinder the chopping of firewood, that’s the principle!”

Su Hao chuckled lightly. His figure disappeared on the spot, and at the same time, he appeared behind the female cultivator, Lin Shenghua. The long spear aimed at her back and thrust forward.



The long spear not only pierced through the shield but also pierced through Lin Shenghua herself!

Su Hao was secretly surprised, “Oops, exerted too much force, pierced through her!”

He never expected that the protective shield of this female cultivator would be so fragile.

“Ah~” Lin Shenghua looked down in disbelief at the crystal spike protruding from her chest, radiating a glimmer under the sunlight, accompanied by a few drops of blood.

Su Hao instinctively retracted the long spear, almost saying, “Sorry, didn’t control the force!”

“Puff!” The long spear retracted, causing Lin Shenghua to be severely injured instantly, spurting out a mouthful of blood.

A large amount of blood gushed out from the wounds on her front and back.

“How could this be… my defensive bracelet, broken like this?”

“And, why would that strange senior cultivator attack me?”

Lin Shenghua couldn’t figure it out, but now was not the time to think. She endured the strong sense of weakness, activated another jade symbol.

‘Lotus Realm’!

In the next moment, a pink lotus bloomed under her feet, a powerful shockwave centered around her, spreading in all directions, accompanied by tiny petals.


The air buzzed, instantly dispersing Su Hao’s afterimage!

And Su Hao had long disappeared!

Lin Shenghua covered her chest wound, staggered backward! She immediately tapped herself a few times, and the gushing blood quickly stopped! However, the massive blood loss still made her face appear pale!

The cultivator named Cao did not take advantage of the opportunity to attack Lin Shenghua. Instead, he observed the surroundings with a serious expression, “This move again, where did he hide!”

Cao dared not act rashly; in his view, if he made a slight mistake, Lin Shenghua’s current situation would become his own fate.

The strength of Lin Shenghua’s defensive bracelet, he deeply understood. He had been chasing Lin Shenghua, bombarding her with powerful Chi Hua sword energy for a long time, but still couldn’t break through this layer of protection! It showed the strength of her defense!

But what he didn’t expect was that this layer of protection was pierced by that unknown senior with just one spear!

“Who is this senior, what is his cultivation level! Moreover, why attack me, and why attack that witch?”

Cao shook his head, “I can’t fathom the actions of this senior!”


Just as the two were astonished and on edge due to Su Hao’s sudden appearance, Su Hao’s figure once again materialized out of thin air!

This time, he didn’t appear behind them but in front of Lin Shenghua. He still held his crystal spear, stained with blood!

Even though the two were prepared, seeing Su Hao’s figure appear still caused a slight jump in their hearts.

The cultivator named Cao said, “Fortunately, the attack wasn’t directed at me!”

Lin Shenghua’s complexion turned even paler, “This is bad, it’s coming towards me…”

Lin Shenghua instinctively waved her hand.

‘Flower Language’!

“Shoo, shoo, shoo—”

The sound of sharp blades cutting through the air echoed. Large, sharp petals appeared out of nowhere, shooting forward to cover the area.

However, to everyone’s surprise, all the petals, as if hitting thin air, passed through the body of the tall crystal-armored senior without causing the slightest ripple!

Su Hao slowly raised his hand, aiming at Lin Shenghua. A faint green light lingered around his hand, indicating formidable power.

Lin Shenghua subconsciously tried to escape, but at this moment, her body was weak, and it was too late. She looked terrified, thinking, “I’m done for!”


Su Hao activated the rune, attaching its effect to the wound on Lin Shenghua’s chest!

In the next moment, grotesque granulation visibly grew around the terrifying wound on Lin Shenghua’s chest, gradually sealing the injury and continuously repairing the damage!

Then, Su Hao’s figure gradually disappeared, and a faint voice echoed in the air, “Sorry, exerted too much force just now!”

Lin Shenghua looked down at the already healed wound, her mind in a blank state, “What’s going on? Was that senior just teasing me? If he wanted to play, he didn’t need to go this far. As long as he asked…”

Cao, the cultivator with the surname Cao, had an uncertain expression. He couldn’t quite grasp the senior’s intentions and felt that this strangely talented senior was not quite normal!

He thought to himself, “Indeed, he is a senior. I still can’t figure out his actions!”

Cao looked at Lin Shenghua on the opposite hill, hesitating for a moment. When he saw Lin Shenghua, taking advantage of this moment, activated the spell ‘Defensive Bracelet,’ he sighed, “Let it go for today! If we meet again, I won’t spare her!”

He said loudly, “Lin Shenghua, the demonic cultivator. I’ll spare you today, but if I see you harming the common people again, I won’t show mercy!”

After saying this, Cao, the cultivator with the surname Cao, leaped into the air, radiant light beneath his feet, and hastily flew away from the scene, as if afraid that Su Hao might turn around and pierce him with a spear.

Lin Shenghua watched Cao, the cultivator with the surname Cao, leaving, couldn’t help but sneer, “Harming the common people? Have we harmed more than you? Ridiculous!”

Considering themselves righteous cultivators doesn’t necessarily mean they are more benevolent than wandering cultivators or demonic cultivators.

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