Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: Are you comfortable?

In the next month, Su Hao searched within the marked circle on the map for the mysterious ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak,’ but as expected, he couldn’t find it at all.

He did come across several places called Sanhe Town and Sanhe Township, but there was no significant progress.

However, Su Hao received some good news: every year, Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak openly accepts disciples at the Yuan Su Ya, recruiting over a hundred talented individuals annually, known as the Ascension Ceremony.

With three months left until the Ascension Ceremony, Su Hao hesitated upon hearing this information. Not because he doubted the authenticity of the ceremony but due to concerns about the frequency of Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak accepting disciples.

Once a year is too frequent!

Assuming a hundred people each time, if this recruitment pace continues for twenty years, the accumulated total would be two thousand people!

For a secretive sect, having two thousand members? Considering the generally longer lifespan of cultivators, the number would be even higher over a hundred years.

The more he thought, the more Su Hao sensed something suspicious! Could it be that these so-called cultivators perish in large numbers every year?

What kind of cultivation is this? Yet, it seemed like everyone was oblivious as they continued to flock to this seemingly bottomless immortal sect.

Nevertheless, should Su Hao still go? The answer is affirmative! How else can he learn about cultivation without immersing himself in the world of cultivators? However, Su Hao needs to be more cautious and guard against unexpected occurrences.

While Su Hao was on his way to Yuan Su Ya, suddenly two peculiar blood auras entered his radar, swiftly approaching him.

Su Hao’s spirit shook, immediately setting up a tight ‘Spatial Barrier’ in the surroundings, just in case.


A figure swiftly passed through the sky.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Behind, a large number of translucent pale yellow sword lights chased, scattering in all directions. Some sword lights hit the figure in front, then seemed to lose accuracy the next moment, bouncing off and landing on the ground.

“Oh no~” Su Hao looked at the overwhelming sword lights heading towards him, feeling extremely unlucky!

“I knew it would be like this!” Even casually walking in the wilderness, one can encounter cultivators fighting. Not only that, but being accidentally harmed by the aftermath is also common. If Su Hao weren’t exceptionally strong, this time might have been his end.

“Puff puff puff!” Numerous sword lights descended, piercing through trees, smoothly cutting them, and leaving deep sword marks on rocks as if they were tofu.

In the next second, these sword lights covered Su Hao, and the surrounding vegetation was also not spared.

For a moment, dust and debris flew, creating chaos.

The cultivator chasing from behind seemed oblivious to the fact that his attacks covered an innocent youth. He flashed through the sky, continuing to pursue the cultivator in front.

After a moment, Su Hao’s figure appeared from a distance. Speaking softly to himself, he said, “Impressive power; a single sword light is so fierce. The strength of these thousands of sword lights is even more outrageous. Watching them attack so effortlessly, it seems like they don’t care at all. The energy levels within these two cultivators must be much higher than mine. I just don’t know what realm of cultivators they are.”

This indicates that cultivators are indeed formidable.

“Let’s follow and observe! Finally encountering two cultivators who seem so strong, it would be a shame not to record some physical information!”

Su Hao isn’t sure if he has any talent for cultivation. Considering he probably doesn’t, with mediocre talent even in mundane martial arts, having a one in a million talent for cultivation is wishful thinking!

So, Su Hao has another task ahead: to collect as much information as possible about cultivators. Then, by comparing it with the genetic information of ordinary people, he aims to identify the fundamental basis for having the talent for cultivation.

The flying speed of these two cultivators seems fast, but compared to Su Hao, they are far behind!

Su Hao’s figure gradually grew taller, transforming into a “Life Bearer,” disappearing from the spot and reappearing in the air, erupting towards the two cultivators.

After a while, Su Hao discovered the figures of the two cultivators in a barren stone forest.

One male and one female, standing on the two ends of the mountain, confronting each other from a distance.

The male looks about thirty years old, with a cold expression, while the female is just in her early twenties, exceptionally beautiful.

Su Hao hid far away, using a distant viewing rune to observe the two.

After the female said something with a grievous expression, the male coldly snorted, waved his hand, and another burst of sword lights shot out!

Apparently, he was determined to ruthlessly deal with her!

After watching for a while and assessing the combat power of the two cultivators, Su Hao took action!

Su Hao didn’t need much; just a drop of blood from each person would suffice!

In reality, Su Hao didn’t want to resort to violence, but seeing the fierce appearance of the two, it was evident that they wouldn’t willingly give their blood to Su Hao.

“Well then, let’s start with the male cultivator!” Su Hao quickly identified the primary target.

The male cultivator currently had the upper hand, relentlessly attacking the female. His defense must be less vigilant than the female cultivator, making him an easier target.

Su Hao condensed a sharp long knife in his hand, with a small groove on it for easy blood collection.

‘Level 2 – Sharp’ ‘Level 2 – Penetration’ ‘Level 2 – Tough’!

After some consideration, Su Hao, feeling unsure if the male cultivator had some kind of energy shield, dissipated the rune effects on the long knife. Instead, he personally drew a rune array about the size of a millstone!

‘Potent – Level 2 – Sharp’ ‘Potent – Level 2 – Penetration’ ‘Potent – Level 2 – Tough’!

“This should be enough! I wonder how resilient a cultivator’s defense is!”

The faint glow on the crystal long knife was dazzling, even frightening Su Hao himself. His Diamond Armor probably couldn’t withstand a stab from this knife.

Prepared, Su Hao locked onto the male’s position with his radar.


In an instant, Su Hao’s figure disappeared, reappearing behind the male cultivator.

Almost in an instant, the teleportation was complete, which could no longer be called teleportation but rather a flash.

Su Hao’s figure appeared, and the long knife in his hand was almost stabbing the cultivator from behind!

The male cultivator reacted very quickly. In the moment of the unusual movement behind him, he felt a terrifying force enveloping him, making his hair stand on end!

However, he was already too late to react!

The tip of the long knife had already touched his clothes.


A brilliant light erupted from the male cultivator, and a thin shield appeared, blocking Su Hao’s long knife for an instant.

As Su Hao expected, this male cultivator had some life-saving reaction mechanism; otherwise, he wouldn’t be attacking so recklessly without caring about his own life.

That thin shield, whose generating principle Su Hao was unsure of, made his ‘Potent – Level 2 – Penetration’ almost ineffective. It felt like stabbing into an incredibly hard barrier, with only the tip of the knife penetrating slightly.

“So tough!” This level of resilience was indeed beyond Su Hao’s expectations.



A loud noise, and the long knife moved forward by two inches, finally piercing into the male cultivator’s body!

A dense stream of blood flowed out along the groove.

“Disperse!” The male cultivator roared, and countless light swords burst out around him, piercing Su Hao with numerous holes…

Wait, these light swords didn’t give the sensation of penetrating a solid object. They all passed through Su Hao’s body, and he didn’t suffer any harm.

As if Su Hao’s figure was illusory!

Next, Su Hao’s figure dissipated from the original location.

The male cultivator immediately jumped away from the spot, vigilantly observing the surroundings. However, wherever his eyes reached, there was no trace of Su Hao’s figure.

Such a strange method left the male cultivator baffled. He reached back and felt a sticky sensation. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows and murmured, “Who could it be? Could it be a senior at the Golden Core realm? Moreover, my ‘mental perception’ can’t detect the other’s presence now!”

But it didn’t seem likely. If it were a senior at the Golden Core realm, would he still be alive?

At this moment, he dared not act recklessly, putting aside the female cultivator in front, and remained fully alert for possible attacks.

In contrast to the male cultivator’s vigilance, the female cultivator showed a joyful expression. Although she didn’t know who attacked the male cultivator, an enemy’s enemy is a friend!

The female cultivator couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh, saying, “Friend Cao, my helper has arrived. How did it feel when chasing me just now?”

Finally, she could act tough for a change! So satisfying!

Cao, the male cultivator, said coldly, “Demon cultivator Linseng Hua, once I break through your shell, I’ll make you feel even more comfortable.”

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