Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Brother, Cultivation?

When Su Hao first reincarnated, he planned to spend five years in the Feng family estate, restoring his strength to its peak.

However, plans changed, and his grandmother arranged a marriage for him – not just one wife, but three!

At just over twelve years old, how could he handle this?

Su Hao’s departure wasn’t just to pursue knowledge in cultivation; there was also a hint of escaping the arranged marriage.

Staying in the Moliang Village meant his grandmother would dictate his life path, regardless of his desires.

The conflict arose from Su Hao’s clear goals and determination, while his grandmother, with age-hardened thinking, couldn’t communicate effectively.

To avoid clashes, Su Hao chose to leave a year early.

While the Feng estate seemed fine, the rigid hierarchy left no room for dissent from the younger generation.

Observing this, Su Hao presumed the societal structure in this world mirrored such traditions, where ancestors’ rules governed the destinies of descendants.

As a Feng family member, Su Hao had to adhere to numerous ancestral rules, enforced by his grandmother.

From education to marriage, residence to profession, everything was orchestrated by the elders until the day he became one.

For Su Hao, this imposed too many restrictions on his desired freedom.

His philosophy: Stay longer if comfortable, distance yourself if not. If the whole world becomes uncomfortable, make it more pleasant and continue staying!

“It’s no wonder many people yearn for the freedom and carefree world of cultivation from a young age. Capturing a young body is possible, but capturing their hearts is not!”

Yet, Su Hao wasn’t optimistic about those seeking cultivation for freedom.

The strict hierarchy in the mortal realm indicated an even more stringent structure in the cultivation world.

For youths hoping for freedom through cultivation, it was nothing but wishful thinking – jumping from a fish tank with turtles to a pond with crocodiles, risking being devoured at any moment.

From the methods displayed by the mid-aged Immortal Master that night, it seemed that most of those who left home alone to seek enlightenment and Dao became fodder for low-level cultivators. Those who truly joined an immortal sect and gained cultivation methods were extremely rare.

Su Hao estimated that his biological father, whom he had never met, had likely become fodder and started the cycle.

After walking dozens of miles outside the estate, Su Hao found a concealed spot, teleported to the farthest place he could sense, repeated this process several times to ensure no one was trailing him, and then stopped. Choosing a random location, he swiftly ran away.

Two years ago, Su Hao tested the gravitational constant of this planet and deduced its volume. The result was twenty times larger than the largest planet he had reincarnated on before. Strangely, his body could withstand this intense pressure, and he didn’t notice any abnormalities in his daily life.

Su Hao marveled, saying, “Life can emerge on a planet like this – truly miraculous.”

Yet, the universe is vast, and anything is possible!

In the modern civilization of Su Hao’s first life, they could observe a universe with a diameter of about nine hundred billion light-years. In the observable universe, there were at least a hundred billion galaxies, each with billions of stars…

Among these stars, roughly twenty percent had planets in the habitable zone. If, over an extended period, there was a one percent or even a one-thousandth chance for life to emerge on these planets…

One could speculate how many life-bearing planets existed in the universe!

And this was just the observable universe; what lay beyond the unobservable universe?

In this context, no matter how strange the worlds Su Hao reincarnated into, it wasn’t surprising at all.

Su Hao couldn’t fathom it and could only exclaim, “Life is truly too insignificant! Even if I follow the endless flow of time, I may not be able to spread my footsteps across the universe!”

A month later, Su Hao appeared in an ancient-looking city, with blue bricks on the ground, winding alleys, classical buildings, greenery, and a lively atmosphere.

This was one of the major cities in the Huayang Bei Prefecture, named Sanhe City. It was the closest city to the immortal sect’s ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’ and derived its name from that proximity. Many who sought immortal cultivation opportunities would pass through this place, giving rise to some unique industries.

“Brother, interested in cultivation? I have peerless cultivation secrets that will surely elevate you to the heavens!”

“Young friend, with your distinguished appearance, you must have a unique cultivation physique. Join our ‘Spirit Pond Purple Cloud Pavilion’!”

“Young hero, want to go to Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak? I won’t hide it from you; ordinary people can’t ascend the peak. However, luckily, I have tickets!”

“Young sir, interested in dual cultivation? We have unique dual cultivation techniques that can immediately make you a powerful cultivator!”

This scene, diverse and varied, truly opened Su Hao’s eyes.

Why does the world of cultivation seem so different from what he imagined?

It’s almost turning into a tourism industry! Does the so-called immortal sect ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’ really exist? Could it be concocted by opportunistic individuals to amass wealth…

This made Su Hao suddenly doubt the authenticity of this ‘immortal sect’!

He casually grabbed a guy selling false information and straightforwardly asked, “Young hero, can I ask you something? How do I get to ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’?”

This was the first time the guy had been called ‘young hero,’ and he couldn’t help but smile, “Oh, this friend really asked the right person! I’ll be honest with you; if you ask someone else, they might not be able to give you an answer. Those who know the location of ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’ are few!”

Su Hao handed over a piece of silver and said, “Cut the nonsense, tell me the specifics.”

The guy took it happily, tucked it into his chest, and then hesitated, saying, “To know the location of ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak,’ this isn’t enough…”

Su Hao, uninterested in small talk, grabbed his collar, casually swiped his hand across the guy’s chest, and the silver piece was back in Su Hao’s hand.

Su Hao let go of the guy’s clothes, held the silver piece in front of him, then turned and walked away.

The guy touched his chest, realizing the silver was gone, immediately rushed to catch up with Su Hao, anxiously saying, “Friend, please wait…”

Soon, Su Hao got hold of a yellowed map, resembling a treasure map. According to the guy, this map had been passed down from ancient times…

Su Hao unfolded the map, compared it with his current location, and quickly determined the general direction of ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak.’

Why use ‘general’? Because the circled area on the map was as large as a province!

Finding ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’ within a province? Only those blessed with exceptional luck could manage that!

Su Hao asked many people and received similar answers: “Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak is right here, but as for the specific location, only those fated can find it! Cultivation is all about fate!”

Su Hao asked, “Then why do they say Sanhe City is the closest city to ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’?”

The person wasn’t surprised by Su Hao’s question and explained matter-of-factly, “Look at this map; our Sanhe City is on the edge of the circle, so of course, it’s the closest! If you’re inside the circle, Sanhe City won’t be considered the closest to ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’; it will be within ‘Elemental Constellation Sanhe Peak’s’ territory!”

Seeing Su Hao’s expression of being deceived, the person uncommonly comforted him, “Young brother, this is Sanhe City, a relatively famous large city. If you travel around, you’ll find there’s also Sanhe Town, Sanhe Village, Sanhe County, Sanhe Commandery, Sanhe Prefecture, Sanhe Province… So, take it easy!”

Su Hao burst out, “Damn it!”

The entire city was involved in fraud!

At first, Su Hao actually believed their nonsense!

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