Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Waste Young Master Feng Wu

Yashan is now over six years old. In this team of five children, he has become the core figure, with others subtly calling him the leader.

Initially, Yashan led this small team, making a decent living on the streets.

As Yashan’s strength grew, he became more ambitious. With formidable martial prowess, he quickly took control of the entire street. His charismatic words as a streamer swayed hearts, and everyone wanted to follow Yashan.

However, not long after Yashan’s success, he faced increasingly stronger opponents. Initially able to defeat them with his rich combat experience, he found himself struggling later on.

This wasn’t what Yashan had anticipated!

He thought, with his elite warrior strength, he could quickly dominate the town. Unexpectedly, even a mediocre fighter could stand against him. His attempt to rule the town ended before it began.

Soon, Yashan encountered another self-proclaimed second-rate expert who chased him around, forcing him to escape the city and start a wandering life.

At this moment, Yashan deeply missed the days when Boss Wei was by his side.

“Life without Boss Wei is truly difficult! Now I don’t even have a proper identity, chased everywhere… Ah, Boss Wei, where are you?”

Two years passed in the blink of an eye. Su Hao turned twelve.

Su Hao successfully evolved into a “Life Bearer,” regaining near-immortality and a powerful blood energy that extended his radar perception to thousands of meters.

In other words, Su Hao could teleport himself to any location within an eight-thousand-meter range, even high above the sky. This incredible ability brought everything back under his control!

The faint unease that came with his recent reincarnation disappeared completely.

“The inexhaustible power is back! Even if a cultivator stands before me, I won’t fear!”

Su Hao clenched his fist, feeling the immense power within. His confidence surged.

Not only that, Su Hao learned mundane martial arts of this world from his third uncle, Feng Xianglong, accumulating “inner energy” and unleashing formidable strength comparable to elite warriors.

However, this “inner energy” wasn’t very useful for Su Hao.

It’s not that the “inner energy” wasn’t strong; it’s just that Su Hao’s body’s martial talent was too lackluster!

Someone with better talent could accumulate the same amount of “inner energy” in a day that Su Hao needed at least five days for. In terms of physical capability, Su Hao was a martial waste! Even now, Su Hao, in his current state, couldn’t save himself from being a martial waste.

This kind of waste body, placed on an ordinary person, probably couldn’t even produce a single fart!

He was wondering why his nominal fourth brother, Feng Yuanshin, had such strong physical qualities when he, in contrast, was like a useless person. Now, he had an answer.

Truly, Young Master Feng Wu, the real waste!

The extent of this waste surprised Su Hao’s martial arts instructor, his third uncle Feng Xianglong, who exclaimed, “First-class comprehension but a talent that doesn’t even meet the standard! How did this person come about?”

It’s like having a fixed 100 talent points, putting 99 into comprehension, and pitifully assigning just ‘1’ to martial arts talent. Extremely extreme, yet exceptionally powerful in a certain field.

Although the “inner energy” currently can’t enhance Su Hao’s physical strength, it’s not entirely useless. It at least gave Su Hao a glimpse into the power system of this world, filling him with confidence in learning cultivation.

“Cultivation! Even if it’s magical, there must be some scientific basis!”

In three months, it will be Su Hao’s wedding day! His grandmother has arranged three potential brides for him…

Tomorrow, the matchmaker arranged by his grandmother will formally come to propose. Once confirmed, regardless of whether Su Hao marries any of them three months later, these three young girls will be considered Su Hao’s nominal wives.

In other words, they will have entered the Feng family and won’t be able to choose to remarry. If Su Hao leaves to study cultivation later on, these three girls will be like widows.

And Su Hao is highly likely to be cuckolded!

“It’s time to go!” After preparing himself, Su Hao pushed open the door, locking onto his grandmother in the tea room with his radar, and walked towards her.

Su Hao decided to have a clear conversation with his grandmother today!

To explicitly tell his grandmother that, no matter what, he cannot stay in the Feng family to raise a family according to her wishes because the act of having offspring holds no meaning for him.

Originally, Su Hao planned to quietly leave without disturbing anyone!

But thinking about it, it’s better to lay this matter out in the open.

In these more than four years, his grandmother has taken care of Su Hao a lot, truly caring for him. Su Hao keeps that in mind, so he needs to give his grandmother an explanation, informing her clearly of where he’s going, what he’s going to do, and why he’s doing it. Disappearing suddenly is not his style.

As for whether this will cause conflicts with his grandmother, Su Hao has his own way of handling it. Just by showing a portion of his power to his grandmother, he believes she will agree!

Su Hao quickly found his grandmother.

His grandmother now looked a bit thinner, and in just two years, she appeared much older.

Seeing Su Hao, his grandmother immediately burst into laughter, revealing a mouthful of golden teeth.

Su Hao walked up to his grandmother and said slowly, “Grandmother, I’ve made great progress in martial arts under the guidance of Third Uncle. Let me show you!”

His grandmother seemed very happy, saying, “Feng Wu, only you are willing to amuse your grandmother like this! Haha!”

Su Hao didn’t say anything. His figure slowly rose to three and a half meters, and a futuristic crystal armor enveloped him, with smooth and majestic lines. He stood imposingly in front of his grandmother.

His grandmother had never seen such a scene before, and for a moment, she widened her eyes, staring at this handsome armor and muttered, “This is… Feng Wu?”

Su Hao nodded, “Grandmother, it’s me!”

After his grandmother came to her senses, Su Hao said lightly, “Grandmother, have you seen me like this? I’m afraid I won’t be able to marry and have children! Tomorrow’s marriage, let’s not discuss it. If it’s forced, it may ruin their lives!”

When Su Hao mentioned that he couldn’t marry and have children, his grandmother’s heart trembled. She raised her hand and said, “Feng Wu, can you… can you change back? If you can change back, you can have children!”

Su Hao remained silent and could only say, “The powerful strength I have now comes at a cost. I estimate that I’ll have to maintain this strength for the rest of my life. So, I’m sorry, grandmother, I can’t give you grandchildren. I didn’t want to inform you of this, but today…” Su Hao tried to make his words ambiguous, allowing his grandmother to imagine the situation and hopefully gain some understanding.

“Grandmother, my current state is very dangerous. I’ll be leaving shortly because I fear it might jeopardize dozens of people in the Feng family!”

“I want to seek immortals and learn from them. I need to acquire more knowledge to address the current challenges I’m facing.”

“Moliang City doesn’t have anyone capable of solving my problems. I don’t want to bring trouble to Moliang City and the Feng family just because of me…”

After slowly conveying his thoughts to his grandmother, Su Hao left the tea room!

Before leaving, Su Hao found his third uncle, Feng Xianglong, again. “Thank you for your guidance over the past two years. Today, I’m leaving Molai Manor to search for methods of cultivation. Please help me cancel the wedding tomorrow!”

As he spoke, Su Hao took out a booklet from his pocket and handed it to his third uncle. “These are my insights into martial arts ‘inner energy.’ It details the composition and nature of inner energy, along with several cultivation methods. It should be suitable for practitioners at all stages. It might help you advance. Feel free to take a look. If you find it useless, you can discard it.”

His third uncle casually flipped through it and asked seriously, “Feng Tang, are you serious?”

Su Hao nodded. “Yes, I just spoke to grandmother about it. She didn’t object, so I take it as her approval.”

His third uncle nodded. “I’m not insisting that you must stay until you’ve had children. I can have a few more for the family. But if you want to leave, spar with me first. Gain my approval, and then I’ll let you go.”

Su Hao extended his hand, saying, “Uncle Three, let’s do it!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

After a moment, his third uncle crawled up from the ground, dusted off his clothes, and cleared his somewhat disheveled appearance after Su Hao’s beating. He coughed a couple of times and said, “Feng Tang, you’ve passed! You can go now.”

Su Hao nodded. “Uncle Three, take care!”

Feng Xianglong seemed to recall something and suddenly said, “Feng Tang, wait a moment!”

He ran back into his room and, shortly after, came out and handed a large bag to Su Hao. “Feng Tang, take this. It should be enough for you for some time!”

Su Hao took a look, and it was a bag of silver coins. He reached out and accepted it, saying, “Thank you, Uncle Three!”

Su Hao quickly left Molai Manor, not looking back. He walked along the mountain path and disappeared at the end of the trail after a short while.

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