Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Internal Qi

One year later, at the age of ten, Su Hao successfully evolved into the “Steel Armor King,” replenishing his blood energy and further recovering his strength. More importantly, burial became extremely convenient.

At the same time, his brain evolved into the “Prophet,” enhancing his core computational power, thinking abilities, and adding “dynamic vision” to improve reaction speed.

In this year, Su Hao followed the tutors arranged by his grandmother to learn the written language, nearly emptying the tutor’s knowledge. The tutor exclaimed him as a genius, predicting he would become the top scholar in the future.

Su Hao sneered at this, “Top scholar? Can he solve math problems?”

Soon after, the tutor found there was nothing more to teach and voluntarily resigned, telling Su Hao’s grandmother, “Excuse me, Madam Feng, your grandson is the most talented person I have ever seen. He has absorbed all my knowledge within a year and can even extrapolate from it. Madam Feng, forgive my lack of knowledge. I’ve taught all I can, and now I wish to resign. Please find a more capable teacher for Young Master Feng!”

Upon hearing this, Su Hao’s grandmother widened her eyes in astonishment, “Is what the gentleman said true?”

The tutor helplessly nodded, “Absolutely!”

He sighed, “Ah~ I originally thought that with effort, anyone could be educated. But meeting Young Master Feng made me realize my ignorance. This person is different!”

Soon, the tutor packed his belongings and left. His departing figure seemed so desolate!

For this, Su Hao’s grandmother specifically approached Su Hao, “Feng Wu, do you want your grandmother to find you a more knowledgeable teacher?”

Su Hao shook his head, “No need. As long as I stay and read books by myself, without others disturbing me, it’s fine!”

His grandmother exclaimed three times, then said, “Our Feng Wu is such a genius. Those two unmarried girls, your fiancées, are truly fortunate. Grandmother will look for a few more suitable girls for you. When the time comes, you can get married together!”

Su Hao was already numb to this! Expressionless, he said, “Grandmother can decide everything. I’ll go back now unless there’s something else.”

His grandmother said, “Go, go!”

Su Hao clearly gave up hope of convincing his grandmother not to find him a wife. In her consciousness, a genius like him should have more children to fill the Feng family, which was also her sacred mission.

Moreover, the thoughts of the elderly were extremely stubborn. What they had verified throughout their lives was considered correct. If they could be convinced with just a few words, that would be truly strange.

Su Hao’s third uncle, Feng Xianglong, showed great interest in Su Hao’s achievements after hearing about them. One day, after dinner, he ‘coincidentally’ encountered Su Hao and suddenly asked, “Feng Tang! Are you interested in cultivating immortality?”

Su Hao looked at his handsome third uncle in surprise, not understanding why he suddenly brought this up.

Naturally, Su Hao nodded, “Of course, I’m interested! I just don’t know where I can cultivate the path of immortality.”

Third Uncle Feng Xianglong laughed, “Immortals practice in seclusion, rarely moving in the mortal world. Besides a few famous immortal sects, even if you know where they are, you won’t be able to get close. It’s as if they don’t exist!”

Su Hao asked curiously, “Third Uncle knows so much about cultivating immortality. Could it be that you are also a cultivator?”

Feng Xianglong chuckled, “If I were a cultivator, I wouldn’t be talking to you here now. I just traveled to many famous mountains and rivers in my youth and sought the path of immortality. That’s all!”

Su Hao said, “I didn’t expect Third Uncle to have such experiences! Then why did Third Uncle come back? Couldn’t find the immortal sects?”

Feng Xianglong said, “I found it!”

Pausing for a moment, Feng Xianglong continued, “However, I have only half of the innate talent, making it impossible for me to cultivate immortality.”

With a hint of helplessness in his tone, Feng Xianglong sighed, “Then, a cultivator deceived me, claiming to have a method to complete my half-missing talent. Believing him, I went with him, only to discover he intended to kill me and refine my body for cultivation! I ended up killing that cultivator. Disappointed, I returned to Moliang Village. After all, your grandmother is getting old and needs someone to take care of her!”

Su Hao raised his eyebrows, quite surprised, “Third Uncle, you said you killed the cultivator?”

Feng Xianglong replied, “He was just a rookie in the cultivation world! I could easily kill such a person with a casual strike. If I encounter a more advanced cultivator, killing me would be as simple as crushing an ant.”

Although Su Hao nodded in agreement, he praised, “In any case, Third Uncle is still very powerful! Is this worldly martial arts?”

Feng Xianglong smiled and nodded, “Yes, it is worldly martial arts. Since you also plan to seek the path of immortality in the future, without some martial skills, you might be devoured within a few days when you go out. So, do you want to learn?”

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao nodded, “I want to learn!”

Thus, Su Hao dedicated two hours every day to learn worldly martial arts from Feng Xianglong.

Then, Feng Xianglong was astonished by Su Hao! This made him believe that Su Hao might possess the qualifications for cultivating immortality.

Not for anything else, just because Su Hao’s learning ability and application of skills surpassed most so-called ‘geniuses’ he had encountered!

If someone like him didn’t have the talent for cultivating immortality, who would?

If Su Hao knew Feng Xianglong’s thoughts, he would surely tell him that the talent for cultivating immortality has little to do with learning ability. It is most likely related to the expression of genetic factors in the body. However, this was just Su Hao’s speculation!

In just a few days, Su Hao had mastered the basics of worldly martial arts!

After learning worldly martial arts in this world, Su Hao discovered something interesting.

Using Little Light’s manifestation, he observed the ‘internal qi’ that Feng Xianglong mentioned within his body!

This sparked Su Hao’s interest. Before encountering internal qi, he always thought of it as something mysterious and hard to comprehend, just like the middle-aged immortal master said, something that could be sensed but not found.

Yet, he did find ‘internal qi’ within his body, prompting Su Hao to speculate, “Perhaps the spiritual energy in this world is also a form of matter?”

As long as it’s matter, there’s a chance to control it!

“This substance called ‘internal qi’ appears denser than my blood energy. My blood energy only gains significant enhancement after elite-level purification. Looking at it this way, internal qi is of a higher energy level than blood energy. However, the difficulty of cultivation has increased accordingly!”

“Moreover, this ‘internal qi’ is transformed from a naturally existing polymer within the body. The quantity of this polymer is extremely limited. After converting it all into internal qi, it takes at least three days to recover, making the efficiency incredibly low.”

Su Hao then speculated, “Could the amount of this polymer be related to the talent level Third Uncle mentioned? It’s very likely!”

So, Su Hao gathered a large amount of body data from the previous few lives and found that this special polymer did not exist in those bodies!

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Su Hao slowly opened his eyes. He seemed to have found the starting point for studying the cultivation system in this world!

Su Hao had a strong premonition that the so-called cultivation of immortality might be related to this minute polymer within the body!

However, there would undoubtedly be more complex factors involved, and these complex factors would combine to form a complete system for cultivating immortality!

Su Hao thought to himself, “Take advantage of these two years, thoroughly study worldly martial arts, and then leave Moliang Village! Look for a way to learn cultivation!”

As for Yashan…

Su Hao took some time to check Yashan’s situation. Upon investigation, he found that Yashan had been living a miserable life during this period.

Hovering on the edge of death.

Su Hao muttered, “Is this the real way of life for someone reincarnated? It’s truly miserable!”

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