Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 ‘Spousal Knowledge’

After habitually checking for any omissions, Su Hao vanished from the spot, employing ‘Long-Distance Teleportation’ to return to his home.

Su Hao had crafted a crude ‘Positioning Stone’ and placed it in his room, enabling him to teleport back at any time.

Due to material limitations, this Positioning Stone had a validity period of only ten days. After ten days, Su Hao needed to update it, or it would lose the mental imprint and become useless.

“I still need to find an excellent mental inertia material!”

Su Hao casually updated the Positioning Stone. His consciousness entered the Pinball Space, where he retrieved the recently acquired book, ‘Dance of the Lingering Serpent Technique,’ and began examining it.

“Divine light shines on the Ling Platform, the sun and moon give birth to the Orchid Chamber, gods reside in the top position, governing according to the way…”

Su Hao: “…”

What on earth is this!

If this thing could be cultivated, Su Hao would swallow his fist immediately!

Scratching his head, Su Hao once again realized his limited knowledge. He suddenly felt like a illiterate person who couldn’t understand even a cultivation manual!

Suppressing the urge to close the book, Su Hao forcefully read through the entire thing.

As Su Hao expected, he still couldn’t comprehend anything.

Closing the book and exiting the Space Sphere, Su Hao sighed, “It seems like I need some literary foundation for cultivation. Otherwise, even if peerless classics are right in front of me, I won’t understand them—everything is just superficial.”

Every world has its own language rules. To truly grasp the knowledge of this world, the first step is to thoroughly understand its language.

The next morning, Su Hao found his grandmother and directly requested, “Grandmother, I want to read more profound books. Please find a capable teacher to teach me!”

The Feng family estate regularly hired tutors to teach the Feng family offspring. However, Su Hao had long grown tired of the conventional teaching methods; what he needed now was a higher level of textual interpretation.

Upon hearing that Su Hao actively expressed a desire to learn, his grandmother was overjoyed. With a faint smile, she said, “I never expected Feng Wu to be so eager to learn. You can rest assured. I’ll send someone to Moliang City to hire a moral instructor to teach you! How does that sound?”

Su Hao replied, “Thank you, grandmother!”

His grandmother continued chatting with Su Hao. In the end, she added, “Feng Wu, I have already arranged for you to meet the daughters of the two families in a few days. Just cultivate your relationship with them. When you come back, tell your grandmother, and I’ll make the decision for you, hahaha!”

She even brought this up!

After achieving his purpose, Su Hao quickly took his leave. He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, it wouldn’t be a matter of two young ladies, but perhaps two additional children.

Even two days later, Su Hao hadn’t received his writing tutor. Instead, he received a summons from his grandmother.

Su Hao had a bad feeling about it, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and went.

When he arrived, his grandmother greeted him with a smile, leading him onto a carriage that swayed its way to a pavilion in the center of the Molei Manor.

His grandmother stopped, pointing at the pavilion, and chuckled, “Feng Wu, hurry, be bolder!”

Su Hao had already spotted the two little girls playing and teasing each other on the pavilion. Now that they saw Su Hao and his party arriving, they immediately sat down like well-behaved young ladies. Their hands were intertwined, and they gazed toward Su Hao with a mixture of nervousness and curiosity.

Su Hao thought, “Aren’t they too young for matchmaking? Let’s go up and make a turn to appease my grandmother! She has already helped me find a good tutor. Moreover, meeting once is enough. My vitality hasn’t reached a state of overflowing saturation, and I still need to continue transforming and enhancing it!”

Thinking this, Su Hao calmly walked towards the pavilion and sat down directly across from the two little girls.

The two girls—one in a light green dress with a flower hairpin and a slightly red complexion, appearing shy, and the other in a pink silk dress with clear, bright eyes, examining Su Hao with a flickering curiosity.

Indeed, as his grandmother said, their faces were exquisite, showing top-tier potential. With time, they would become even more charming and attractive.

However, Su Hao had seen all kinds of beauties, and he had studied various ethnic charms, including the exotic allure of the Vermilion Halls. The current two little girls didn’t spark any interest in Su Hao to delve into ‘spousal knowledge.’

‘Spousal knowledge’ was indeed a form of knowledge, but it clearly didn’t fall within Su Hao’s pursuit of knowledge.

After sitting down, Su Hao saw a stone table in front of him filled with tempting fruits. His heart moved.

“Eat more! Nowadays, growing one’s body and transforming vitality go hand in hand. How can I not eat more?”

With that thought, Su Hao, under the curious gazes of the two little girls, reached out and grabbed a melon-like fruit, taking a hearty bite.


The sweet and delicious flesh, accompanied by rich juice, exploded in Su Hao’s mouth, creating a satisfying feeling from the delicacy.

*Crunch, crunch*

Su Hao found the taste pleasing and took a few hearty bites, quickly finishing the fruit. He then picked up another ripe, red fruit, about to taste it. Suddenly, he noticed the two little girls across from him staring at him with wide-eyed curiosity. Their adorable mouths were slightly agape.

Politely, Su Hao handed the fruit to them and said, “You should eat too! Don’t just stare. These fruits are not bad!”

Seeing the girls still hesitant, Su Hao took two more fruits and forced them into the girls’ hands. He then picked up one and took a bite, mumbling, “Eat! Don’t be polite, treat it like you’re at home. You both seem a bit thin!”

The blushing girls managed an awkward smile, attempting to say something to ease the tension, but in the end, they couldn’t articulate it.

Ignoring them, Su Hao swiftly cleared the table of fruits, stood up contentedly, and said, “Alright, talked enough, ate enough. If fate allows, we might meet again!”

With that, Su Hao stood up first, turned around, and left the pavilion.

Thinking he had performed well enough, Su Hao assumed the matter would be dropped. Considering his previous geeky appearance, it would be strange if the two little girls were interested in him.

Su Hao revealed a self-satisfied smile, thinking, “Steady!”

When his grandmother saw him returning so quickly, she couldn’t help but look surprised, asking, “Feng Wu, why did you come back so soon? Didn’t you chat with those girls?!”

Su Hao waved his hand, saying, “They are nice girls, just too polite. Not my type. Grandmother, you don’t have to worry about my affairs! By the way, I have something to do, so I’ll head back now. Take care of yourself!”

Having said that, without waiting for his grandmother’s response, Su Hao ran away!

Soon, he was back in his room, entering a meditative state to refine his blood essence.

In the early morning of the next day, his grandmother summoned him again, smiling brightly as she said, “Feng Wu, good news! Those two girls both find you excellent and like the type of person you are. I’ve discussed with their elders, and the marriage has been settled! In three years, when you turn thirteen, you can marry both of them at the same time! I’ll be able to have grandchildren sooner. Hoho!”

Su Hao was astonished. He hadn’t expected that things would turn out this way. Even with his recent behavior?

Su Hao wanted to teleport directly to the girls, grab them by the collars, and ask, “What’s good about me? Was it the way I ate the fruit?”

He looked at his grandmother suspiciously and asked, “Are you sure you heard them correctly? Did they really say I’m good?”

His grandmother replied confidently, “Of course! They said it themselves. Can it be false? Everyone knows that our Feng Wu is outstanding and will become a great man in the future!”

Su Hao was speechless. He couldn’t comprehend the aesthetic standards of these young girls nowadays.

Returning to his room, he closed the door and took a deep breath.

In such an era where everything was decided by the elders, one really had no say in their life! Despite his grandmother’s smiling and kind appearance, if Su Hao ever contradicted her wishes, she would immediately turn hostile.

Su Hao murmured, “Three years?”

Soon, he shook his head, “No need for three years. Just give me two more years!”

In two years, he would evolve into a Earth Lord, replenish his blood essence, and learn the linguistic structures and parsing of this world.

By then, he would leave to study the so-called “cultivation”!

As for staying behind to have biological children…

It was currently impossible, and even if he wanted to have children, it would be with a girl he liked. These two immature girls were not the ones he would choose!

However… where was the girl he liked?

Su Hao quickly dismissed the thought and closed his eyes, focusing on refining his blood essence.

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