Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Anyone could harm you, except for me!

Senior Brother didn’t care at all, waved his hand, and two more pots of wine appeared on the table.

Then, he put everything into the furnace.

As the water inside the furnace boiled, making a sizzling sound, the aroma of the wine once again filled the air.

Lin Beifan couldn’t help but say, “Fragrant!”

Senior Brother smiled, “Indeed fragrant! This Dragon Flower Wine is different from other wines. It only releases its richness after being warmed with water. By the way, after you drink it, what do you feel?”

Lin Beifan honestly confessed, “This wine has a strong aftereffect. It makes you really high after drinking! Ordinary people, after drinking it, might be drunk for three days! Moreover, it seems to have the effect of enhancing spiritual power…”

Senior Brother slapped his thigh, “Exactly! Dragon Flower Wine can indeed enhance spiritual power because it’s brewed with the saliva of a dragon-nourished herb! You should know, every part of a dragon is a treasure, even its saliva has extraordinary effects! If you consume it regularly, the increase in spiritual power is considerable. One pot can support your cultivation for three days!”

“So that’s it, it’s truly a good wine!” Lin Beifan suddenly realized.

“This is something I paid a considerable price for; later, you must have a few more cups!”

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” Lin Beifan bowed.

“However, I have an important question for you now!”

“Senior Brother, please ask!”

Senior Brother’s gaze suddenly sharpened, “You came alone, aren’t you afraid I might harm you?”

“Well…” Lin Beifan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Although I just met Senior Brother, I feel like I’ve known you for a long time. I believe I can trust you; you won’t hurt me!”

Senior Brother, pleased, said, “You got it right. In fact, I have the same feeling towards you, as if we’ve known each other in a past life. That’s why I accepted you as my brother!”

Lin Beifan also became happy, “So, Senior Brother, you feel the same way. It’s really fate!”

“Indeed, it’s fate that brings us together again! Junior Brother, remember this phrase!”

“What phrase?”

Senior Brother’s expression became serious: “Under the heavens, anyone could potentially harm you, except for me! Because I am your eternal good brother, it was true in our past life, and it is true in this life!”

Lin Beifan was stunned: “Ah? Senior Brother, you…”

Senior Brother waved his hand: “Junior Brother, don’t think too much. You may not understand my words now, but you will in the future! The wine is warm; let’s continue drinking!”

Then, the two continued to drink and speak freely.

They didn’t discuss anything profound; it was all everyday matters.

Senior Brother was very interested in Lin Beifan’s past and couldn’t help but ask many questions.

At the same time, Senior Brother shared his own experiences over the years.

In this way, their relationship became much closer.

Senior Brother couldn’t help but imagine that once the two brothers became accomplished, they would travel the world together, roam the Jianghu, and surely achieve great things.

However, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Junior Brother Lin, what’s the matter? Don’t you want to roam the Jianghu with your senior brother?”

“Senior Brother, it’s not that, but my aptitude is too poor, and my cultivation is slow. By the time I become accomplished, it will be who knows when, let alone roaming the Jianghu together!” Lin Beifan immediately brought up the issue of his poor aptitude.

“Aptitude… that is indeed a problem!” Senior Brother frowned.

This world was different from his previous life’s world.

In his previous world, as long as all limbs were intact and one’s comprehension wasn’t too bad, there was a chance for cultivation.

But in this world, it was different.

This world emphasized aptitude; the better the aptitude, the faster the cultivation.

Like him, having a rare top-quality spiritual aptitude, he could cultivate rapidly, becoming the senior brother of the outer sect at a young age.

But his brother, on the other hand…

His aptitude only reached sixth grade, barely meeting the entry standard of the Tai Xuan Sword Sect, and it was far inferior to his.

Unless there was some incredible opportunity, there was no hope for him to cultivate to the Saint Realm in this lifetime!

“Regarding the issue of aptitude, there is a solution! Brother, rest assured, sooner or later, I will definitely find a miraculous elixir for you, reshaping your aptitude!” Senior Brother solemnly promised.

“Thank you for your kind offer, Senior Brother. It’s getting late, and I need to go back to study!” Lin Beifan took his leave.

“Studying? Do you enjoy reading?” Senior Brother became interested.

Lin Beifan smiled, “Indeed, I enjoy it very much. Due to my poor aptitude, I hope diligence can make up for my deficiencies!”

“Reading is excellent; it broadens wisdom and increases knowledge!” Senior Brother laughed heartily.

In his past life, he was a scholar and loved reading, as well as interacting with fellow readers.

“Reading is indeed a good thing, but…”

Lin Beifan furrowed his brow, “The books at the Transmission Pavilion are too expensive. Every time I want to read, it costs me points, which is quite a headache!”

“What’s difficult about that?” Senior Brother immediately took out a points card and gave Lin Beifan some points.

Lin Beifan hesitated, “Senior Brother, isn’t this a bit inappropriate?”

Senior Brother became displeased, “Lin Junior Brother, if you consider me a brother, don’t hesitate! I can’t solve the aptitude problem temporarily, but I have plenty of points, more than I can spend on myself!”

Saying this, he took Lin Beifan’s points card without further discussion and transferred points to it.

When Lin Beifan checked, his eyes nearly popped out.

Goodness, there were unexpectedly 100,000 points added to his account!

In other words, this generous brother directly transferred 100,000 points to him!

What an extravagant gesture!

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