Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Becoming an Innate Expert!

After the young masters had left, Lin Beifan counted his gains from the past few days.

“On the first day, I scammed 400,000 from Young Master Gao and over 600,000 from the other young masters, totaling over a million taels!”

“On the second day, I scammed 1.2 million from the second batch of young masters!”

“Now, after the monthly test, I scammed another 480,000 from them!”

“So, in these few days, I have earned a total of…2.7 million taels!”

After getting the number, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but laugh with his eyes barely open. “Being a director is such a sweet gig. I’ve earned nearly 3 million in just a few days! Thanks to the Empress, it’s time to level up again!”

That night when he returned home, Lin Beifan couldn’t wait to close the door.

“System, settle everything for me!”

“Beep! The host embezzled 2.7 million taels of gold, silver, and jewels, which is a huge sum. Reward: the merging template of Xiao Bangzhu (later stage)!”

A terrifying force quickly fused into Lin Beifan’s body. Then, a wealth of martial arts experience fused into his mind. Lin Beifan absorbed them crazily.

At the same time, a tremendous change was happening within him. Dirty and foul-smelling odors were expelled from the sweat pores on his body. Afterward, his cells became more translucent, gleaming, and vitalized.

The internal energy, which filled his Lower Dantian, quickly formed into a thick mist and gradually condensed into a liquid. Each trace of energy was filled with a terrible destructive force.

It seemed like there was a qi traversing from his head and penetrating his body.

After about an hour, Lin Beifan finally opened his eyes, filled with joy. Why? Because the merging template of Qiao Bangzhu was so fantastic! Besides substantial internal energy and abundant martial arts experience, it gave him martial arts techniques such as “18 Dragon Subduing Palms,” “Dog Beating Staff Method,” “Dragon Capture Skill,” and also a terrifying talent for martial arts!

One has to know that Qiao Bangzhu, without any external aid, became one of the Four Heavenly Kings at a young age and easily defeated all experts, all due to his horrific talent at martial arts!

With this talent, his future cultivation would be much easier!

Aside from that, he also gained his most significant profit, becoming an Innate Expert at last!

An Innate Expert’s entire body would be renewed, and all hidden injuries would be eradicated!

His cells recovered to the stage of a newborn baby, giving him stronger healing and vitality, making him look younger and live longer.

His internal energy would turn into Innate True Qi, which became denser, and its destructive force increased by more than three times!

Furthermore, it could transpire through his body, killing someone ten zhang (approx. 33 meters) away!

All the meridians in his body had been opened, connecting with heaven and earth, and he could supplement internal energy with the spiritual energy at any time, without relying on eating or exercising.

In this high martial world, being an Innate Expert already counted as a mighty person, as he could effortlessly take on a hundred people.

Usually, they are respected figures among the major sects, such as the head or elder level.

“Although I am only a sixth-grade innate master now, with the opportunities given to me, I can defeat fifth-grade innate masters without fail! With the addition of a third-grade grandmaster, I can even save my own life!” Lin Beifan was very pleased.

Since he crossed over, he has been striving to become stronger!

Now, he has finally become a sixth-grade master who can compete with fifth-grade innate masters!

Although not invincible, he can go anywhere in this world!
“Now is not the time to be reckless, I’ll continue to develop surreptitiously!”

“As long as nothing goes wrong, I’ll greedily take it all!”


Lin Beifan daydreamed: “When I become the world’s number one corrupted person, that will be the time when I prove myself as a land immortal!”

At this moment, in the palace.

The Empress waved her hand to dismiss the just reported Embroidered Uniform Guard.

Then, she lightly laughed at the void: “Sister Qingxuan, you also heard it, Lin Beifan is truly adept at corruption! We transferred him to the Imperial Academy, a clean government department, and in a few days, he was able to embezzle 2.7 million!”

“The other corrupt officials just plunder the people, fattening themselves and harming the people! This guy, on the other hand, goes the other way, collecting money from corrupt officials, harming the corrupt officials and benefiting the people! It’s really interesting!”

“He is indeed a genius, a genius at corruption!”

In the void, a white figure appeared.

Her body was shrouded in thick white fog, her face couldn’t be seen clearly, but judging from her graceful figure, she must be an exceptionally beautiful woman.

“Indeed! He uses all his talents to be corrupt! In order to be corrupt, he doesn’t hesitate to offend officials! I really don’t know where he gets his courage! Kukuku…” The Empress couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your Majesty, he also embezzled money from your treasury!”

The Empress’s smile faded instantly.

She gritted her teeth and said: “This deceitful and treacherous bastard! If he hadn’t distributed the embezzled money to the people and become a people-loving official, I would have executed him long ago!”

The Empress’s eyes turned: “Sister Qingxuan, do you have any way to retrieve the money he embezzled for me?”

“Your Majesty, are you thinking…” The white figure was shocked.


Xiao Bangzhu (Boss Xiao) is the extremely powerful leader of Beggar Sect and is perhaps the most powerful person of all time. He is known for the 18 dragon subduing palm technique, which was extremely fierce and dangerous.

His real name is Xiao Feng, a character from the wuxia novel “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” (《倚天屠龍記》) by Jin Yong. He is the protagonist of the novel, also known as Zhang Wuji or Ah Zhi, who grew up in the Ming Cult and later became the leader of the cult. He is known for his mastery in martial arts and his integrity, compassion, and righteousness.

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