Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Uracal’s Melancholy 2

The Honeytrap team were sent off confidently, but their steps were not in unison.

This was because the attitude of the guide who was head over heels for the beautiful ‘girl’ had hurt the pride of the former queen, Ane-san.

Ane-san couldn’t help but get involved.

“You, just because you’re cute, don’t think you can take the position away from me!”

“Ane-san. I’m not dressing like this because I want to…”

Without thinking, she glared at ‘her’.

She unconsciously picked a fight with the beautiful ‘girl’, Ane-san couldn’t help but use provocative words.

“What? Then take it off!”

“Is it okay to take it off?”

She clenched her fist tightly trying to restrain herself as the beautiful ‘girl’ revealed tempting words.

If I take off ‘her’ clothes, I might be able to regain my status as the queen. But I…

“It’s obviously not okay! The boss told you to wear it, I even lent my favorite clothes and have been enduring it, tsk.”

“Yes, I understand.”

She saw the guide leading the way restlessly, making her mood even worse.

I can’t accept that I lost to a man!

“Ane-san and, ooh, young lady. The target is just around that corner.” (Guide)

“This traitor! You can’t even tell the difference between a man and a woman!” (Ane-san)

“That’s right. I’m a man!” (Trap-san)

Beautiful girl you say? Don’t joke around.

She glared at him, almost killing him with her eyes.

Oh, I can’t take it anymore.

She nearly lost her patience.

But if it means being useful to the man I love, I can jump into fire without hesitation.

Switch gears! I’ll be satisfied if I can be of use to him.

She slapped herself to pump herself up.

“Got it. I’ll handle the woman’s side, and you’ll take care of the face. Let’s take down Aix!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

They turned the corner and encountered their target!

However, the feet of them, who had such good momentum, discovered an unexpected accident and came to a halt.


(Ane-san’s pov)

Hey, we never heard of this!

First, Aix.

Contrary to the story we heard, he is cute to the point of being cool despite being short, like a prince in tight-fitting clothes with long legs. Well, that’s a pleasant surprise.

But the other one is completely hopeless.

She walks as close as possible to the doll-like woman. Already, the target has been honey-trapped by such a stunningly beautiful girl!

With a small, perfectly symmetrical face with transparent skin, she has a lovely yet powerful expression in mesmerizing blue eyes. Her long hair, reaching down to her waist, has an airy feel, and it sways playfully.

Comparing her to that trap? There is not a single element that can win against her.

I don’t even have the qualifications to join in.

So, at least with clothes!

But I’m captivated by the Goth Lolita dress with frills like a princess. It’s so cute. I couldn’t help but admire it and dream of wearing it once. It’s predominantly black, tightened with white, and has a cute cross accent. The thin thighs of the absolute territory sparkle brilliantly.

I can’t help but imagine myself wearing the same clothes, but I feel despair when I imagine it as a reality. It’s ridiculous that even wearing clothes requires qualifications. Ah, the world is so unfair. That’s why I’m fine being evil.

This is… the true beauty.

Before I knew it, I was staring at the gothic lolita girl with a dark gaze of despair.

“What is that? She’s like a demon lord. She’s on a different level as a woman. She should just die.” (Ane-san)

“That’s impossible. This honey trap. Let’s go back.” (Trap-san)

“…It’s like looking at a doll.” (Guide)

If we calculate my face’s combat power with 10 warriors, this trap combat power would be 90 people. Adding in the useless guide, it would be a total of 100 people. Even with a synergy effect of 3 times, it’s only 300.

On the other hand, the combat power of the gothic lolita girl is probably 5000.

You and I will be crushed.

“I-I’ll go! You guys too. We have the advantage in numbers.”


Even if defeat awaits us, we have no choice but to face it with determination. We approached them hoping for a miracle. If Aix is gay or trap lover, we still have a chance! We might also use brute force as a last resort.


Gugh!! (Aix tensed up.)

I thought the dubious trio coming out of the corner were giving us a suspicious look, but unfortunately they seemed to have their resolve and approached us.

I wonder what they want with us?

They’re strangers, right?

Luca pulls my hem tight. When I look, she’s trembling in fear. I feel like I’m about to fall back due to the ominous aura emanating from the three people approaching us, but I stretch out my arms to protect them.

“It’s okay, Luca.”

Today, I accompanied Luca at her request to go shopping. With her around, I can become a Knight.

“I’ll protect you.”

Luca hides behind my back.

Crazy Bear also prepares himself.

Finally, we collide.

The dubious trio appears.

Honey trap’s first attack.

They talk to me with a smile.

“Hey, kid. Want to do something fun with us?”

“Wha-… What do you mean?”

Did you come to hit on me?

I don’t understand what they mean. I’m caught off guard by the unexpected suggestion and freeze.

Luca’s eyes are filled with flames behind my back.

Crazy Bear counterattacks.

“What the hell are you guys? What kind of mindset do you have to try and lay a hand on my partner during his date with my master? Besides, what makes you think a trap can seduce a pretty boy like him?”


Crazy Bear, being a resident of the void and able to see the colors of souls, saw through the corrupted heart of the Ane-san and the pure heart of the young boy.

“The bear spoke!” (Ane-san)

“It’s no use, Ane-san. Our numbers are equal. It also found out I’m a man.” (Trap-san)

“Maybe she’s also a doll?” (Guide)

“Wait, wait. Crazy Bear? That’s disrespectful to a lady. Besides, it’s not a date.” (Aix)

The bear attacked!

“These bitches, what are you saying? My master is obviously human.”

“What a foul mouth.” (Guide)

“We should go back.” (Trap-san)

“Bitches…” (Ane-san)

Aix exhales a long sigh and steps forward as the emcee. This can’t go on like this.

“Well, do you need something from us?” (Aix)

“Oh, boy. Figure it out yourself.” (Ane-san)

“.. We were here to honey trap you. But it’s impossible, i’m sorry.” (Trap-san)

“Hey, miss?!” (Guide)

All eyes focused on the beautiful ‘girl’ who seemed to have vomited easily. She shyly looked away.

“Honey Trap?” (Aix)

“Oh no, forget it. If this woman is involved, the plan will definitely fail. Hey, boy. Could you please pretend that you were tricked and go to the viscount’s house? Please?” (Ane-san)

“He won’t treat you badly.” (Trap-san)

“Accepting is better than being kidnapped, right?” (Guide)

It seems like they’ve switched to negotiation tactics.

Ane-san flatters, the beautiful ‘girl’ explains, and the thug threatens.

In the past, Aix might have caved in at this point.

But it no longer affects him.

“I refuse.”

Aix looks happy as can be.

“Well said,” says a pleased Luca.

Crazy Bear pursues them.

“If you understand, then hurry up and leave. Look in the mirror and fix yourself before coming back. Trying to honey trap us is absolutely useless.”

Aix exclaimed in surprise.

“Hey, Crazy Bear? That’s a bit too harsh,” Aix added.

Honey Trap-san’s face turned red with humiliation. “Even I understand that much,” she retorted, flipping them off. “The truth can be violent! It’s okay for me to say that, but it’s not okay for you to say it to me.”

“I won’t forgive you. We’ll definitely honey trap you, so be prepared. You two, leave now!”

“S-Sorry about that.”

“Miss, be careful on your way.”

The group had defeated the bitches, but it was a tiring day of shopping nonetheless. As they neared Luca’s home, a rabbit opened the door to greet them.

“Phew, we finally made it,” sighed Ex.

“You’re amazing, Aix! Crazy Bear too,” Luca commented, playfully teasing them as they entered the house. If Luca was this happy, it couldn’t have been a bad day after all.

By the way, would they come back again? Crazy Bear didn’t think Honey Trap-san and her straightforward companions were capable of such a trick.

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