Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: You Know Too Little

In reality, Su Hao had considered obtaining cultivation methods from this middle-aged cultivator, but upon second thought, he abandoned the idea. He didn’t dare to practice anything given by the enemy.

Su Hao’s initial goal was simple – extract information about this world from the middle-aged cultivator. That was all he wanted, as he believed this practitioner must have some understanding of the world due to his cultivation.

As for the matter of future cultivation, he would definitely learn from professionals. If he had to learn, he would choose the best teachers. To be honest, Su Hao didn’t find middle-aged cultivators like this one impressive.

“Is this it? Is this what they call a cultivator?”

That was Su Hao’s inner thought. If cultivators in this world were at such a level, Su Hao felt there was nothing special about it. He might as well live a happy life, focus on researching his interests, and wait to grow old, perhaps even experience reincarnation in other worlds!

If these mediocre cultivators could achieve immortality, Su Hao would stay single for his entire life!

When the middle-aged cultivator heard there was still a chance to live, he immediately agreed to answer anything.

Su Hao asked, “Why did you come to Molei Village and take away dozens of young people?”

Starting with a soul-searching question made the middle-aged cultivator uneasy, but he obediently replied, “To accept disciples…”

Su Hao couldn’t be bothered with small talk. He directly pulled out his knife and stabbed it into the cultivator’s shoulder, then twisted it left and right.

The middle-aged cultivator immediately screamed, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk! I came here to collect Blood Spirits! Those youngsters have a trace of Blood Spirit in them!”

Su Hao, taking advantage of the situation, continued, “What is Blood Spirit?”

Even a powerful cultivator like him didn’t know what Blood Spirit was? The middle-aged cultivator was very surprised, but he didn’t dare to show any unusual expression. He tried to please Su Hao, saying, “Blood Spirit is a type of spiritual power, an alternative spiritual force stored within the human body.”

Su Hao asked, “Tell me more!”

The middle-aged cultivator had no choice but to explain, “Cultivation requires talent. Some individuals with incomplete cultivation talent, nurtured by spiritual energy from birth, will accumulate and precipitate a unique spiritual power within their bodies. This naturally precipitated spiritual power is called Blood Spirit. It has some uses in cultivation…”

Talent again!

With Su Hao’s expanding knowledge, he gradually understood the inherent meaning of talent. In his understanding, talent was a mechanism evolved by organisms over an extremely long period to adapt to specific environments. It could also be interpreted as nature’s selection.

For example, in the summoner world, the talent of summoners could be understood as humans evolving, over an extended period in a special environment, the ability to communicate with spatial fluctuations through spiritual appendages.

Su Hao pondered about the cultivation talent in this world. It was probably a unique ability evolved by humans to adapt to the specific environment of this world. This unique ability was what they referred to as talent.

The question arose: What was special about this world?

Su Hao keenly sensed the emphasis in the middle-aged cultivator’s words and asked, “What is spiritual energy?”

The middle-aged cultivator was momentarily caught off guard by Su Hao’s direct question. After hesitating for a moment, he uncertainly replied, “It’s spiritual energy, something pervasive that can be sensed everywhere in the world. By practicing techniques, one can absorb spiritual energy into the body and convert it into spiritual power!”

Su Hao frowned. It was evident that this wasn’t the answer he was looking for. He had already confirmed that the air composition in this world had nothing special, and there was no spiritual energy as claimed by the middle-aged cultivator.

Unsatisfied, Su Hao said, “Be more specific. What exactly is spiritual energy? How do you perceive it?”

The middle-aged cultivator struggled, and his face twisted into knots. In fact, he didn’t know what spiritual energy truly was. Who cared about spiritual energy? He just practiced as instructed. Who became more powerful would be the winner…

For the first time after cultivating for so long, he was forced to the ground and questioned about what “spiritual energy” was!

After racking his brains, the middle-aged man finally came up with a good excuse and replied, “Only those with talent can sense spiritual energy. Those without talent can’t perceive its existence, no matter what. But individuals with talent are very rare, almost one in a million. All those young people I brought today possess half-broken cultivation talents. They are stronger than ordinary people but still cannot sense spiritual energy, making it impossible for them to cultivate. I am one of those who possess a cultivation talent, but mine is not high. I am destined to be unable to continue raising my cultivation through normal methods. So… Senior, I had no choice! The path to immortality is rough. I just wanted to reach a higher level and see a different world! If Senior lets me go today, I will surely repay your kindness!”

Su Hao coldly said, “Get to the point!”

The middle-aged man’s face stiffened. After quickly thinking, he found a way out and said, “As for spiritual energy, it is the foundation of my cultivation. The more spiritual energy I have, the faster I can practice. After transforming spiritual energy into spiritual power, I can use corresponding techniques. When cultivated to a high level, it can even prolong life. It is said that the most powerful cultivators can live for thousands of years!”

After hearing this, Su Hao thought, “Only those with talent can sense spiritual power? Then, currently, I can’t sense spiritual power at all. Does it mean I don’t have talent?”

Originally, when he transformed into a young master, Su Hao thought he was lucky. Now, it seemed like he was just overthinking it.

According to what the middle-aged man said, cultivation talents were one in a million! Su Hao didn’t believe he had such a talent. Perhaps he needed to adjust things personally and figure out a way to obtain a top-tier cultivation talent!

Su Hao casually asked, “If ordinary people can’t sense spiritual power, does that mean they don’t have talent?”

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged cultivator replied, “Not necessarily. Whether or not one has talent is something they don’t know. They need to find a cultivator to investigate or undergo tests in various sects to find out. If one has cultivation talent, after learning orthodox cultivation techniques, they will quickly sense spiritual energy. At that time, they will understand what spiritual energy is.”

The middle-aged cultivator’s words gave Su Hao a glimmer of hope. Perhaps he also had a top-tier cultivation talent?

It is said that the Feng family’s ancestor was a powerful cultivator. Su Hao believes there is a high probability that he possesses cultivation talent.

To find out more, Su Hao asked many questions until he couldn’t extract any useful information.

Su Hao said, “That’s enough for now!”

The middle-aged cultivator, with an eager expression, said, “Senior, I’ve told you everything I know. I’m just a minor cultivator at the Essence Gathering Fourth Stage. The things I know are limited. If you want to know more, you can find Foundation Building seniors; they will surely answer your questions. Can you let me go now? I promise I won’t step into the area of Moliang City again in my life.”

Su Hao responded, “You know too little!”

He then swung his sword, beheading the middle-aged cultivator. After sheathing the sword, Su Hao added, “So, I’m very dissatisfied with your answers.”

The middle-aged cultivator never expected that despite his cooperation, the senior behind him would still turn hostile and directly behead him without any hesitation!

Before his consciousness plunged into darkness, the middle-aged cultivator wanted to shout at Su Hao, “Liars will have a bad end!!!”

However, with only a detached head left, he clearly had no chance to make Su Hao understand his intentions.

After the middle-aged cultivator’s death, Su Hao separately placed his hand on the three corpses, recording their body information into the Space Sphere.

Then, he searched their bodies.

From the middle-aged cultivator’s body, Su Hao pulled out a bloody book with two holes pierced by bone spikes. The title read ‘Dance of the Lingering Serpent Technique.’

Not interested in flipping through the bloody pages, Su Hao stored it in the Space Sphere and incinerated it with a burst of flames.

Looking at the three corpses, Su Hao hesitated for a moment. “Currently, I only have the ‘Bone Demon’ ability and haven’t gained the ability to transform flesh. Burying the bodies isn’t very convenient.”

After contemplating for a while, Su Hao sprayed out a flame dragon from his hand, quickly incinerating the corpses.

“Let’s use ‘Spatial Exile’ to handle the rest!”

With that in mind, Su Hao effortlessly created numerous standard space modules, opened a passage, and tossed the remains of the three corpses into it, making them disappear without a trace.

As for where he threw them!

Su Hao admitted he didn’t know! Most likely, it was somewhere in space!

He thought that based on fate, they might meet again in the future.

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