Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 – Obtaining Fragments, Chaotic Thoughts of Sikong Lanyue!

The flames burned fiercely, forming golden double wings of flames that almost incinerated the air.

The buzzing sound was sharp and piercing.

Looking at the sweeping swarm of insects, Su Shi’s golden pupils were filled with indifference. The huge wings fluttered slightly, and countless points of light shot out, engulfing the swarm in golden dust like a sandstorm.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

The demonic insects tried to break through forcibly, but the terror in those golden particles would instantly turn them into ashes upon contact.

Su Shi’s gaze was icy. The best way to deal with these monstrous creatures that formed a collective consciousness and could endlessly reproduce was to eliminate them all at once! In the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, the golden dust dissipated.

Unpleasant burnt odor permeated the air, and the swarm that had been raging just now had completely disappeared.

The pupils of the fiends shrank to the size of a needlepoint. They could feel that hundreds of thousands of demonic insects had been completely wiped out, not a single one left!

“No… it’s not possible…”

Su Shi’s eyelids lifted slightly, and he said lightly, “It’s almost over.” Extending his index finger, he lightly tapped in the air. Several specks of dust flew out and gently landed on the foreheads of the fiends.


In an instant, centered on their foreheads, divine flames suddenly surged!

The large square finally fell silent.

Su Shi slowly descended from the air.

After undergoing several transformations, the divine flame had become extremely powerful, with an almost endless source.

Even if these demonic insects were several times more numerous, it would be meaningless. Along with this enhancement came his control over the divine flame.

Morphing was one of the ways to use the divine flame.

If transformed into a blade, it could cut through gold and jade. If turned into armor, it could truly enhance defense.

In addition, it could morph into wings, dust, water flows, and other tangible things. This was not simply changing the shape through illusion; it was altering the very nature of the flame itself!

And this was still far from the limit of the divine flame.

“If I keep devouring pure source fire seeds, allowing the Flame of Blazing Stars to continue to transform, it might even be possible for it to become a living being.”

Su Shi thought to himself.

Legend had it that there were wondrous objects in this world that could give birth to consciousness. In ancient times, the art of nurturing instrument spirits was practiced by specialized forging sects.

And the divine flame itself was a naturally nurtured treasure. Perhaps it could truly develop spirituality?

Looking at the flames flickering at his fingertips, Su Shi shook his head.

Thinking about these things now was still premature.

To truly transform to that extent, who knows how much fire seed it would consume. The required plot value would be astronomical.

With the current power of the divine flame, Su Shi was already quite satisfied. The wings folded and retracted into his body, and he raised his head to look at the center of the square.

With the demonic creatures nearly all wiped out, the protective barrier around the pedestal in the center also dissipated.

A pitch-black fragment lay quietly on the pedestal. Su Shi approached, and the ancient bell within him responded even more intensely. As his hand touched the fragment, a melodious bell sound resonated through his dantian.


The heart suddenly skipped a beat, a sense of bloodline connection came over. “It really is a fragment of the Nine Ancient Bell!”

“I didn’t expect to have such a harvest in the Barbarian Realm.” Thinking of what Yu Hongyin had said, Su Shi’s eyes flickered. “Could it be that the Demon Locking Tower and Daoist Master Zhaixin are still related?” He took out another black fragment.

The two pieces of fragments trembled slightly, then attracted each other like magnets, forming a larger piece of fragment. The edges and corners were tightly connected, as if they were adjacent.

The black fragment felt ice-cold, with intricate patterns engraved on it. Aside from the ancient bell of the sect, this was the second small bell that Su Shi had obtained.

Although it was only a part, it was clear that the material was completely different from the one in Saxin Kingdom. One was bronze, and the other was something like mysterious iron.

Dong, dong, dong.

Su Shi’s heartbeat became even stronger, and a spiritual radiance seemed to shine. In his dantian, the ancient and simple small bell shook slightly, and a small piece of the incomplete part was slowly completed.

In an instant, the void trembled, and spiritual energy poured into his body like a storm. The Purple Micro Emperor Star slowly rotated, a trace of purple radiance soaked into his eyes, dyeing his pupils into a pure crystal-like purple.

An inexplicable insight surged in his heart, and in the midst of it, he seemed to hear a faint sigh, “Chaos…”

But Su Shi couldn’t hear anything anymore. The galaxy shone in his sea of consciousness, enveloping him in the Dao, sinking into a state of profound nothingness.


Tianji Pavilion, Tianxuan Peak.

Sikong Lanyue sat in the courtyard, gazing at the rolling clouds on the horizon. Tianxuan Peak was Su Shi’s residence.

In fact, he rarely stayed here. Most of the time, it was empty and desolate. Sikong Lanyue got into the habit of coming here every day to take a look.

Using his Dao techniques to sweep away the dust in the courtyard, she would then sit quietly in the courtyard for a while.

Su Shi had a peculiar ability to cross the void without a trace or sound. Perhaps in the next second, that annoying voice would sound behind her? Despite not wanting to admit it, deep down in Sikong Lanyue’s heart, there was indeed a slight unease.

“.. That little thief has been quite honest lately.” Sikong Lanyue pondered to herself.

She and Su Shi had emphasized many times that unless there were special circumstances, he should not touch “Tianxuan Star.”

But with Su Shi’s character, he naturally treated it as if it were water off a duck’s back and would occasionally tamper with it.

However, since a month ago, there had been no movement from Tianxuan Star.

The silence was so unusual that it made her a bit uncomfortable. “Could something have happened?”

There had been no news from Su Shi either recently. Could he be in seclusion practicing? Sikong Lanyue was considering whether to go to the imperial capital to check on him.

Suddenly, her body stiffened.

The long-lost soul tremor surged like waves. In addition, there was a hint of magnificent pressure.

“The Tianxuan is stirring?”

“This aura seems to be related to the Chaos Great Dao… It seems he has gained new insights again!”

Sikong Lanyue found it hard to understand. Why was it that Su Shi could always easily comprehend the profound Chaos Great Dao, which was so mysterious even for the most powerful?

It was as if it had been tailor-made for him!

Truly a person of destiny!


Sikong Lanyue’s eyes trembled, her slender fingers tightened around the armrest of her chair, a rosy hue spread across her cheeks, climbing up to her crystal-clear earlobes. As Su Shi’s strength increased, her soul tremor became stronger as well.

In the western outskirts of Huangyuan City.

Deep within the dense forest, a mountain gate was concealed amidst layers of thick mist. Two attendants stood in front of the mountain gate. “Hey, have you heard? We’re about to receive an important figure in this godforsaken little outpost!”

“Of course, I heard. It’s none other than the legendary Blue Dragon!”

“Hehe, and there’s something else you definitely don’t know.”

One of the attendants looked around and whispered, “It’s said that the Shengzi came too, and he’s very close to the Blue Dragon the Saint. I guess the two of them are already… cough cough, you know.”

Before the other person could say anything, a indifferent female voice sounded, “I don’t quite understand. Why don’t you explain it?”

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