Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: Can You Form Hand Seals Without Hands?

Originally, Su Hao thought these three so-called cultivators were human traffickers using the guise of accepting disciples to secretly accumulate a substantial amount of wealth from Molei Village.

Unexpectedly, these three seemingly decent individuals turned out to be the real deal!

However, they don’t seem to be formidable characters since they resort to such crude methods to obtain resources.

“Ka ka ka~”

Bone armor forms, wrapping Su Hao in an imposing set of bone-made armor. His stature quickly grows to nearly two meters. Long and short blades appear in his left and right hands, respectively.

Next, densely packed runic patterns crawl out from his chest, quickly spreading across his body and covering the bone blades along his arms.

‘Second level – Hardening,’ ‘Second level – Deflection,’ ‘Second level – Barrier,’ ‘Second level – Sharpness,’ ‘Second level – Penetration,’ ‘Second level – Lightning’…

‘Spatial Barrier,’ ‘Semi-Teleportation’!

The core runes activate, and his entire body is covered with spatial barriers ready to take effect at any moment.

Su Hao thinks, “Everything is in order. I’ll go meet them and assess the situation!”

After saying this, Su Hao uses his radar perception to lock onto the middle-aged cultivator’s position. The ‘Negative Space Module’ activates, and he teleports!

In the next moment, Su Hao disappears from the original location, appearing behind the cultivator.

Seizing the opportunity, he thrusts his blade!


The bone blade penetrates the middle-aged cultivator’s body as if stabbing into tofu.

‘Bone Spikes’!

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

Numerous sharp bone spikes proliferate from Su Hao’s long blade, emerging from all directions in the middle-aged cultivator’s body. In an instant, he turns into a human hedgehog.

The middle-aged cultivator feels a slight movement behind him but hasn’t reacted yet. Suddenly, a cool sensation rushes in, followed by the cold spreading throughout his body and breaking out from his limbs.

When he tries to turn around to check the situation, he finds that he can’t move!

“What’s happening?” The middle-aged cultivator’s body stiffens, and from the corner of his eye, he sees his son and daughter looking at him in horror, along with what’s behind him.

People experiencing severe injuries suddenly can’t feel pain, and the middle-aged cultivator is no exception.

Lowering his head to inspect his body, he realizes that it is covered with bloody bone spikes, and he hadn’t noticed when they had grown!

“What’s going on? Did I awaken a bloodline ability?” With this thought, he feels his strength rapidly depleting, and he struggles to stand, but his body gradually tilts to the side.

The young man and woman have already reacted, extending their hands to cast spells.

Su Hao swings his left hand, and the secondary blade flies out. With a muffled sound, the secondary blade instantly pierces through the young man’s head. The tremendous force causes the young man’s body to tilt backward, not even uttering a sound before falling to the ground, lifeless.

‘Second level – Lightning’!


A bright light flashes in the dark night. The young woman convulses and falls to the ground. Su Hao releases the bone blade from his right hand, generates a bone spike, takes two steps forward, pierces it into the woman’s body, and activates ‘Bone Spikes’!

“Pluff, pluff, pluff!”

Numerous blood-soaked bone spikes pierce through her body, immobilizing her.

In the next moment, Su Hao releases his grip on the bone spike, and his figure instantly disappears from the original location, teleporting a hundred meters away.

In less than three seconds!

Su Hao breathes a sigh of relief, “Everything went smoothly. The first time encountering a cultivator was almost terrifying!”

It’s evident that the reputation of cultivators is indeed terrifying.

The reason Su Hao didn’t directly kill them was that he intended to keep them alive for questioning. If everything goes smoothly, he might obtain information about the cultivation world tonight.

However, for safety reasons, Su Hao doesn’t plan to interrogate them right away; he’ll wait until it’s ensured to be safe.

After teleporting to a few more locations, Su Hao hides behind a short tree, observing the two cultivators he has turned into human hedgehogs with bone spikes from inside to outside.

Su Hao thinks, “Let’s first see how they remove my bone spikes!”

Su Hao’s bone spikes intentionally avoid vital points, and according to his estimate, the two won’t die for a while.

Then Su Hao waits, and he waits for ten minutes.

What Su Hao doesn’t know is that the two immobilized cultivators are currently filled with despair!

“What exactly happened? I was attacked? Who attacked me? Why did they attack me? Where is the enemy? What are these bone spikes… it hurts so much!”

After gradually recovering from the paralysis induced by the lightning, the woman convulses in pain. For a while, she’s crying with both snot and tears, crying out to her father for help, “Father… save me, it hurts! I feel like I’m going to die!”

At this moment, the middle-aged cultivator is in dire straits and has no time to care for her.

They waited for a long time, not seeing the enemy around, so he endures the pain in his whole body, focuses his attention, and struggles to form hand seals with his right hand. Soon, a twisted blood-colored ribbon emerges from his neckline, wrapping around the bone spikes on his body.

But the bone spikes, deprived of Su Hao’s vitality, gradually dissolve under the invasion of the blood-colored ribbon. However, the dissolution speed is too slow!

The middle-aged cultivator glances at the woman who called him ‘father,’ a flash of severity in his eyes. The blood-colored ribbon rises from his body and entangles towards the woman beside him.

He’s filled with regret, “Just a bit more. If I absorb blood essence two more times, their blood pythons can undergo metamorphosis, allowing me to break through to the fifth layer of Qi Refinement! Now, I can only make do!”

If he doesn’t quickly enhance his strength now, he fears he might die here tonight.

The woman initially thought her father was coming to save her, her face filled with joy. Excitedly, she exclaimed, “I knew father loves me the most!”


Contrary to the woman’s expectations, the blood-colored ribbon wasn’t there to save her. Instead, it pierced through her heart, taking her life.

Staring at the blood-colored ribbon penetrating her heart, the woman looked at her father in disbelief, “Why…?”

The middle-aged cultivator formed hand seals. The woman’s face visibly withered, as if losing water and nutrients. After a moment, only a skin-and-bone corpse remained.

The now enlarged blood-colored ribbon returned to the middle-aged cultivator. It quickly corroded all the bone spikes on his body, and he regained his mobility.

Enduring the intense pain, the middle-aged cultivator opened his mouth wide, controlling the blood python to wriggle into it. The various wounds on his body quickly stopped bleeding.

Like having taken a powerful tonic, he regained strength, struggled to stand up, cautiously observed his surroundings, found nothing unusual, and thought, “Quickly leave this place!”

He staggered and ran into the darkness, leaving behind even the lantern on the ground.

Su Hao, observing from a distance, felt surprised that the middle-aged man personally killed the woman who seemed to have a good relationship with him, seizing her power.

However, this wasn’t essential to Su Hao. What mattered to him was the power the cultivator demonstrated. He thought, “Is that blood-colored ribbon their power? The cultivation world is truly magical. What’s the underlying principle?”

Su Hao’s curiosity for knowledge burned intensely.

All these things will undoubtedly be his!

Seeing the middle-aged cultivator staggering away, Su Hao, after contemplating for a moment, came up with an idea.

With a thought, he teleported behind the middle-aged cultivator, placed his palm on the cultivator’s back, and took a step forward, exerting a bit of force.


The middle-aged cultivator felt a huge force attacking from behind, losing balance and falling forward.

“What… again?” The middle-aged cultivator gnawed a mouthful of mud, and for a moment, his undead aura surged!

“Crack, crack!”

Two blades slashed through, and two palms flew aside.

The middle-aged cultivator stared at his severed hands, letting out a mournful scream!

Su Hao didn’t stop. He used bone spikes to pierce various parts of the middle-aged cultivator’s body, firmly nailing him to the ground. After stepping back a few paces, Su Hao murmured, “Chopping off your hands should prevent you from using spells, right?”

Observing that the three cultivators had strange hand seals before using spells, Su Hao decided to take precautions by chopping off their hands.

Retreating to a blind spot out of the middle-aged cultivator’s sight, Su Hao calmly said, “I ask, and you answer! If I’m satisfied, you remain the illustrious cultivator. If not, I’ll go ask others! Understand?”

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