Chapter 327

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Su Hao, a cultivator, has never encountered one before. Even if he inadvertently did, he was instantly killed, so his understanding of cultivators is limited to online novels.

However, regarding the mysterious methods of cultivators, Su Hao remains extremely cautious, not daring to be the slightest bit careless.

After observing for a while, Su Hao loses interest and turns to leave.

Feng Guang Guang immediately follows Su Hao, leaving the grain-drying field.

Halfway, they encounter a servant shouting ‘Fifth Young Master’ everywhere. Upon seeing Su Hao, the servant’s eyes light up, and he loudly calls, “Fifth Young Master, I finally found you! Hurry back! Madam is convening a Feng family meeting, and she’s waiting for you. Quickly come back with me!”

“A family meeting?”

It has been a year since he was reborn, and there has only been a family meeting before the annual festival, indicating that this matter is very important.

“Perhaps it’s related to that immortal master!” Su Hao signals the servant to lead the way and follows him to the Feng family’s council hall.

The council hall is set up with chairs, filled with people. In the center, there’s an empty chair – Su Hao’s designated seat.

Two rows on the left and right, arranged according to status.

The grandmother sits at the head, next to her is Su Hao’s third uncle, Feng Xianglong. He’s a middle-aged man with a small beard, handsome and well-proportioned, casually sipping his clear tea.

Further down are the eldest aunt, second aunt…

As soon as Su Hao arrives in the hall, he hears his fourth brother angrily saying, “Such a great opportunity is right in front of us. Why does Grandmother have to stop me from cultivating immortality? No! Today, I must go with the immortal master! I want to cultivate immortality, I want to live forever!”

Su Hao’s fourth brother is named Feng Yuanxin, the young teenager who was beaten by Su Hao several times a year ago.

Feng Yuanxin is already twelve years old, and his body has become more robust. At this moment, anger distorts his face, making him almost lose his reason. He gasps for breath like a bull, staring at his grandmother with almost irrational eyes, hoping to get a reasonable reason to stop him.

Feng Yuanxin has fantasized countless times about entering an immortal sect, becoming a true immortal, and living the scene of longevity with heaven and earth. It’s about to come true, but unexpectedly, he was stopped by his grandmother. The anger of being hindered when success is within reach almost burns up his internal organs.

The grandmother, leaning on a dragon-headed cane, has a wrinkled face with no discernible expression. She calmly says, “According to the Feng family’s ancestral teachings, before Feng family descendants pursue the path of immortality, they need to leave descendants. If you don’t comply, then you are not a Feng family descendant. You can leave after leaving your blood in the ‘blood pool’ in the courtyard. After that, you are free to go, and we won’t stop you.”

Without blood, how can there be life?

Hearing this, Su Hao secretly thinks, “If I want to leave, this is not a bad method!”

Seeing that Su Hao has also arrived, the grandmother slowly says, “Now that Feng Tang is also here, let me reiterate the Feng family’s ancestral teachings!”

“No descendants, no leaving home!”

This family meeting is very simple. The grandmother once again emphasizes the Feng family’s ancestral teachings. Direct bloodline members of the Feng family, regardless of gender, must leave descendants before they can leave the family. After that, they are free to go wherever they want, and no one will care anymore.

Su Hao’s nominal fourth brother, Feng Yuanxin, eventually leaves like a frost-hit eggplant, disheartened. The whole person seems to have lost his soul.

After the meeting, the grandmother kept Su Hao alone and said with a benevolent expression, “Feng Wu, come here quickly and let Grandma take a look. Oh my, you’ve grown so tall!”

“Feng Wu” is the way elders address Su Hao.

Su Hao forces a smile and approaches. Not only did he occupy someone else’s grandson, but he has also been eating and drinking at this old lady’s place for a year. He needs to give face, as who knows how much longer he’ll have to freeload in this mansion.

It’s clear that the grandmother likes this grandson very much. For no particular reason, it’s because of Su Hao’s unintentional display of a cold and domineering temperament, making the grandmother like him more and more. It somewhat resembles the demeanor of her late husband!

The key is Su Hao’s demonstrated strength, which even astonishes the grandmother!

Feng Yuanxin, who claims to be a martial arts genius, can’t even last one round under Su Hao’s hands!

“Truly a phoenix among men!”

After sighing, the grandmother suddenly smiles at Su Hao and says, “Feng Wu, are you ten years old this year?”

Su Hao replies, “No, I’m only nine!”

The grandmother immediately says, “Oh! Nine years is practically ten!”

Fine, let’s say it’s ten!

The grandmother continues, “I’ve selected two young ladies for you during this period. Both come from prestigious families, are beautiful, and can be considered top-notch. One day, I will bring them over for you to see. You can choose one. If you like them both, you can choose both. Hehehe!”

Su Hao’s scalp goes numb for a moment. He’s only nine years old! Does a nine-year-old have to get married and have children? Is this level of madness possible?

Seeing Su Hao with a strange expression, the grandmother kindly says, “Feng Wu, don’t think too much, and don’t get too happy too soon. You’re only ten now, just selecting your future wife in advance. When you’re thirteen, you can formally get married!”

Su Hao believes that he doesn’t have any happy emotions. He doesn’t know how the grandmother can tell he’s happy?

Getting married and having children at thirteen is somewhat exaggerated…

However, this is the prevailing situation in this world, and he can’t stand up and say, ‘I, Feng Tang, will marry at the age of twenty-two’!

After all, the grandmother is getting old. After chatting excitedly with Su Hao for a while, she starts feeling tired and needs to go to sleep.

Su Hao then returns to his small courtyard.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he continues his unfinished mental cultivation.

When the sky darkens, Su Hao opens his eyes. After tidying up, he casually takes down a square cloth hanging on the wall and covers his face. In the next moment, Su Hao slowly disappears from the original location. Simultaneously, in a deserted grove outside Molei Village, Su Hao’s figure appears.

This place is two kilometers away from Molei Village, exactly the maximum range Su Hao can perceive.

After thinking about it, Su Hao believes that since he has finally encountered a cultivator, he should take this opportunity to explore.

Of course, the main reason is that this cultivator has not given Su Hao any oppressive feeling. After weighing the situation, Su Hao concludes that with his own strength, even if he can’t beat the opponent, he can retreat calmly.

“Give it a try. If it seems dangerous, retreat immediately! Moreover, this cultivator is really suspicious. Who would come to a place like Molei Village to recruit disciples? Once recruited, there are so many! There must be hidden secrets among them!”

At this moment, the cultivator and his two disciples, along with thirteen young teenagers, are leaving Molei Village. Su Hao is hanging one thousand meters behind them, silently following.


At this moment, the sky has completely darkened. The cultivator trio holds lanterns to lead the way, walking on the rugged mountain path. Behind them, thirteen young boys and girls, cherishing dreams of cultivating immortality, follow closely.

The excitement on their faces has not faded, as if stepping out of Molei Village would turn their dreams of cultivation into reality, allowing them to become powerful cultivators, capable of traversing the skies and the earth.

The middle-aged cultivator suddenly stops, turns around slowly, and says, “This should be it.”

The dim light from the lanterns shines on his face, making his smile appear exceptionally terrifying. The two young male and female cultivators also stop and turn, looking at the thirteen young boys and girls.

One of the boys asks, “Master, why did we stop?”

This boy is quite sensible, addressing him as ‘Master’ even though they haven’t formally become disciples.

The middle-aged cultivator doesn’t answer but reveals an inexplicable smile. He extends a hand, swiftly forming hand seals.

In the next moment, two blood-colored ribbons emerge from his sleeve, resembling serpents made of blood. As they exit his sleeve, they immediately pounce towards the nearest boy.



The blood serpent passes through the boy’s heart, and he lets out a scream, but quickly loses consciousness.

After piercing the first boy, the blood serpent, like a linked chain, heads toward the remaining boys and girls.

The young male and female cultivators on both sides of the middle-aged cultivator also form hand seals. Blood-colored ribbons shoot out from their sleeves, targeting the group of young individuals.

“Pluff, pluff, pluff!”

In the dim light, with unclear visibility, the boys in the rear only hear screams from the front, not understanding what has happened.

Before they can think much, their hearts are pierced.

In just a moment, all the young boys and girls harboring dreams of cultivating immortality have lost their lives.

These youths, whose hearts were penetrated, shrivel visibly, their bodies seemingly drained of vitality.

In contrast, the blood-colored ribbons controlled by the three cultivators become even thicker.

They form hand seals again, and the blood-colored ribbons, as if possessing life, wriggle their way back into their sleeves.

The middle-aged cultivator, satisfied, strokes his goat beard and laughs, “A good harvest today! At this rate, I’ll accumulate enough Blood Spirits in another month!”

The cold indifference on the young man’s face has disappeared. He smiles and says, “It’s all thanks to father’s idea. Who would have thought that under the guise of accepting disciples, we could easily collect Blood Spirits like this?”

After quickly cleaning up the withered bodies of the young boys and girls, the three swiftly depart.

Shortly after their departure, spatial fluctuations occur, and Su Hao’s figure appears at the scene. Smelling the faint scent of blood in the air, he murmurs, “There really aren’t any good things under the sun! Cultivation? Hmph!”

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