Chapter 326

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Chapter 326 Immortal Master

Time rushes by, a year passes in the blink of an eye.

Su Hao inherited a portion of the legacy left by the original owner, learned the language of this world, and could fluently converse with people. At the same time, he gained a preliminary understanding of the surroundings.

The large courtyard where Su Hao resides is called the Feng Family Courtyard, located in Huayang Beizhou, outside Morling City in Morley Village.

Morley Village has nearly three thousand residents, with four major clans: Feng, Yun, Hua, and Zhang.

Su Hao is the fifth male descendant of the Feng family for three generations, named Feng Tang. In Morley Village, he is considered of noble status.

Currently, the Feng family is led by the grandmother, followed by Su Hao’s third uncle, then Su Hao’s eldest aunt, second aunt, third aunt, and finally, Su Hao’s birth mother, the eighth aunt.

Su Hao has four elder brothers, five elder sisters, three younger sisters, and numerous nephews and nieces, making the family prosper.

The only strange thing Su Hao feels is that among the adult males in the Feng family, apart from one third uncle, none are visible!

After inquiring, Su Hao learns a piece of information from his eighth aunt that excites him.

His mother casually mentions, “Your father, he believes he has the talent for cultivating immortality and went on the path of cultivation! Whether he’ll come back or not is uncertain.”

Cultivating immortality!!!

Hearing that all adult males of the Feng family went on a journey to seek immortality, Su Hao is thrilled!

“At last! I’ve arrived in the world of cultivating immortality. With my abilities, how far can I extend my lifespan?”

In Su Hao’s imagination, cultivating immortality means extending one’s life!

Su Hao believes he can certainly reach the pinnacle of this world. His confidence comes from the knowledge he currently possesses and his strong self-confidence.

Of course, the world of cultivating immortality also implies danger. In Su Hao’s impression, cultivators who reach a certain level are practically omnipotent and can be called ‘immortals’!

What is the concept of an immortal?

The first impression is undoubtedly having a long lifespan, carrying an aura of invincibility, and being carefree.

The second impression is strength, various magical techniques, mysterious and unpredictable characteristics, with the ability to move mountains and seas, collectively known as ‘immortal methods’!

Su Hao yearns for it and decides that in the future, he will follow in the footsteps of others and embark on the journey to seek immortality.

However, before that, he needs to stabilize for a while. More important than gaining power is to clarify the underlying operational rules of this world, then avoid taboos and set learning goals.

This is a long-term plan.

If he recklessly attracts the attention of powerful cultivators, he estimates that he won’t survive to adulthood in this world.

In the past year, Su Hao dedicated himself to ‘consume, consume, consume,’ then transformed his blood essence, evolving into a 【Bone Demon】. Using the ‘perception, hardening, generation, positioning’ four-in-one compound rune as the core, he successfully advanced to a master martial artist. After adapting for some time, he smoothly mastered various spatial abilities, such as short-distance teleportation, spatial protective barriers, and spatial storage.

While not reaching the peak of Su Hao’s previous life, his current strength ensures his self-preservation in most situations.

“But the strength of this body is still far from enough. The time for the transformation of various ‘strengthening functions’ is too short. To obtain a larger amount of blood essence energy, I still need to adapt for five more years, until my body reaches fourteen years old. No hurry, continue to stabilize!”

Su Hao is not worried about taking too long to recover his strength and missing the optimal training age. He specifically researched that in the world of cultivation, the best age for cultivating immortality is between eight and sixteen, not necessarily the earlier, the better.

He didn’t inquire about the specific reasons but believed that he would naturally understand them when he truly engaged with the cultivation world.

The first step to longevity is to preserve one’s life!

As for Yashan…

Now, he is struggling for survival in a team of five or six-year-old children, facing hardships and scarcity of food and drink. Even with the technique of refining blood essence, his progress is very slow. Currently, he has barely reached the level of an advanced ordinary martial artist, just having a certain level of self-defense.

Three months ago, he almost got killed, but Yashan, being resilient, managed to endure…

This reminds Su Hao of his own painful experiences.

One day, Su Hao is meditating, practicing spiritual cultivation when he hears noisy sounds inside and outside the courtyard.

Su Hao frowns, concludes his practice, slowly opens his eyes, stands up, and walks out. He sees a servant running back.

Su Hao asks, “Guang Guang, what’s going on?”

Yes, Su Hao has been provided with a servant by his grandmother, dedicated to taking care of his daily life. The servant’s name is Feng Guang Guang.

Feng Guang Guang is eight or nine years old, slightly younger than Su Hao, with a thin and tall figure. His high cheekbones give him a long and thin face, but his clear eyes make him look very lively.

Guang Guang excitedly says, “Young Master, I heard that three immortal masters have come to the village. They say that Morley Village is blessed with talented individuals, and they are looking to accept disciples. Many people from the village have rushed there, and it’s very lively.”

“Immortal masters? Let’s go take a look!” Su Hao is suddenly interested.

Having been here for quite some time, Su Hao encounters an immortal master for the first time and plans to stay on the sidelines to witness the event.

As for the issue of danger, Su Hao is not too worried. His current strength is not what it was when he first crossed over, and most attacks can be blocked by the ‘space barrier’!

Su Hao and Feng Guang Guang arrive at Morley Village’s grain-drying field. The field is already bustling. Regardless of age or gender, whether there’s a chance to be accepted as a disciple by an immortal master or not, this rare sight has everyone excited, like watching a circus performance for the first time.

As Su Hao and Guang Guang approach, they see a middle-aged man dressed in a heavenly manner standing on the wooden platform of the grain-drying field. He holds a wooden sword in one hand and twirls a short goat beard with the other.

On either side of the middle-aged immortal master stand two young men and women also dressed as immortal masters, exuding a frosty aura.

When enough people gather, the middle-aged man, with a gesture, quiets the crowd and declares, “Fellow villagers, I have been cultivating at the Sifang Yingri Pool for over two hundred years. Twenty years ago, I traveled to famous mountains and rivers, gained insights, and advanced in my cultivation. Now, I am on my way back to continue my secluded cultivation at Sifang Yingri Pool. Passing by this place, I was amazed by the exceptional individuals and spiritual energy here, full of talented individuals. Therefore, I came here on a whim, intending to take a few disciples with me back to Yingri Pool to become Daoists.”

At this point, the middle-aged man’s gaze sweeps across the crowd, and he continues, “If any of you wish to have your children follow me in cultivation, seeking longevity, please step forward and let me examine them. Bone age should be between eight and sixteen.”

As soon as he finishes speaking, the onlookers from Morley Village erupt in excitement!

An immortal master passing through Morley Village and taking an interest in this Feng Shui treasure land—it’s an extremely rare and great opportunity!

In the past, the chance to enter a sect and seek the Dao was mostly for those wealthy families. When would it be the turn for commoners like them?

Faced with such an opportunity, they are determined to seize it! If their children can cultivate the Dao, bring back one or two immortal techniques, their family would immediately rise to prominence!

At this moment, whether it’s the main families or the branch commoners in the village, all eagerly push their eligible children onto the wooden platform, letting the immortal master examine whether they have the talent for cultivating immortality.

The young men and women behind the middle-aged immortal master immediately step forward, organizing the villagers and their children to come forward for examination.

A seemingly simple-minded youth approaches the middle-aged immortal master, extending his hand.

The middle-aged immortal master stretches out two fingers, placing them on the youth’s wrist.

The youth’s parents, appearing as honest farmers, eagerly look at their son, hoping he can enter the immortal sect and achieve success.

After a moment, the middle-aged immortal master releases the youth’s hand and shakes his head regretfully.

The youth and his parents instantly look disheartened and walk down from the platform.


“Young Master, this is really interesting! Do you want to go up and give it a try?” Feng Guang Guang looks eagerly at the testing of immortal affinity on the stage, seemingly wanting to try it himself.

Su Hao, on the other hand, frowns, contemplating something. The middle-aged immortal master on the stage, claiming to have lived for at least two hundred years, only has slightly stronger vitality than an ordinary person. He gives Su Hao a feeling of being very weak, as if he could be split in half with a single stroke.

Su Hao thinks, “Perhaps it’s a unique aspect of cultivators? Or is there some hidden technique that reacts to blood essence?”

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