Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: Future Plans

The young boy has now recovered.

Injured by Su Hao, he was filled with anger.

Taking two steps back, he assumed a stance, threw a few punches in place, and after warming up, with a “haa” he charged towards Su Hao. Though he didn’t understand why Su Hao suddenly became so fierce, as long as he unleashed the ‘Feng Family’s Eighteen Boxing Techniques,’ anyone, regardless of who they were, would be beaten to the ground.

As the young boy threw a punch, a powerful wind surged.

Su Hao squinted his eyes, immediately realizing there was some skill in that punch. He thought, “The world of warriors, huh? Judging by this fist, it seems to contain something else. With my current physique, I probably can’t withstand it.”

Thinking this, Su Hao slightly moved aside, extended his right hand with an index finger, and poked the squeaky spot under the young boy’s punching arm.


Another miserable scream, the young boy jumped up high with his armpit that had suffered a severe blow.

What does it feel like to be fiercely poked in the squeaky spot?

It shouldn’t be pleasant!

But seeing the young boy looking half-dead, it seems not so comfortable either!

Su Hao remained silent, bypassed the young boy and his companion, and continued walking forward.

Surprisingly, the young boy didn’t dare to approach for a while, watching Su Hao leave.

Afterward, Su Hao didn’t encounter any strange incidents, walking and observing.

The courtyard was large, confirming it was a large family. The entire yard, including fifty-something gardeners, wasn’t too many but not too few!

Su Hao’s status should be something like the third or fourth young master; he didn’t look out of place in this yard.

In no time, Su Hao explored the entire yard. Servants greeted him with bowed heads, and Su Hao remained silent, ignoring them. He did whatever he wanted – truly a young master’s style!

A moment later, Su Hao’s eyes lit up. He saw the kitchen and the dining room across from it!

“Found a place to eat!”

As long as there’s food, recovering strength is just around the corner.

In this big courtyard, a foodie is about to be born.

When Su Hao returned, he silently made plans for his future in this world:

Step one: Refine blood energy, quickly advance to a high-level elite warrior, estimated time: three months. Blood energy is the foundation of all Su Hao’s strength; he must quickly obtain blood energy capable of unleashing rune power, the more, the better.

Step two: Develop the ‘Summoner Talent,’ commence spiritual cultivation, and simultaneously evolve into a 【Bone Demon】; estimated time: six months;

Step three: Advance to a Master Warrior, take the composite runes of ‘Sensation,’ ‘Hardening,’ ‘Space Module Generation,’ and ‘Negative Space Module Positioning’ as the core runes to gain teleportation abilities; estimated time: one month;

Step four: Accumulate a significant amount of blood energy, reaching the peak of this state; estimated time: three months.

Even accounting for potential time discrepancies, Su Hao can achieve sufficient self-defense capabilities in a year and a half!

Next is step five: Collect information, understand the landscape of this world, and determine future learning goals.

Moreover, the current body is already eight years old, with strength essentially meeting the standard, requiring no more time to grow and adapt!

Just as Su Hao planned how to acquire knowledge in the future, the young boy who had his squeaky spot poked by Su Hao blocked his way again.

The young boy pointed at Su Hao, spoke rapidly for a while, then threw a set of punches in place, assuming a stance, ready to confront Su Hao.

It seems the young boy is unwilling to accept such failure and intends to reclaim his dignity.

Su Hao sighed, not expecting to run into trouble so soon after arriving. It seems he was too careless. “Even in this weak and feeble state, I’ll need just two more months! But…”

“Even in this weak state, I’m not someone anyone can bully!”

Since it’s just a matter between two young individuals with no significant consequences, there’s no need to hold back.

Su Hao walked slowly towards the young boy, gradually accelerating. When he reached two meters in front of the young boy, he almost reached the body’s maximum speed limit.

With a “haa,” the young boy stepped aside, threw a straight punch. Bright lights flickered in his eyes!

The young boy’s move, known as the ‘Solemn Righteous Fist,’ is famous for being fast, fierce, and accurate. It’s sure to knock down this useless fifth brother with a single punch!

Su Hao tilted his head, dodged the young boy’s fist, leapt up, and bent his knee, landing it on the young boy’s chest.


A muffled sound, the young boy was sent flying by Su Hao and fell backward.


The young boy couldn’t even scream, struggling to breathe with difficulty. When he looked at Su Hao, his face was filled with disbelief.

Clutching his chest and stepping back, the young boy, Su Hao took two steps forward, straddled the young boy, and raised his fist, delivering a series of punches.

“Pound, pound~”

After just over ten punches, Su Hao was panting heavily, his arms becoming sore and weak.

He couldn’t help but frown, thinking, “This body’s physical stamina is too poor! But why is this kid’s body so strong? Could it be due to martial arts training?”

What puzzled him was why his original body in his previous life didn’t practice martial arts.

The perplexity in Su Hao’s mind can only be addressed later. Su Hao, dragging his limp arms, stood up and looked down at the young boy. The indifferent eyes of Su Hao sent shivers down the young boy’s spine!

The young boy couldn’t help but wonder why his useless fifth brother seemed like a completely different person!

Things are about done here! Su Hao demonstrated his strength, beating the young boy until his nose bled. It’s likely the young boy won’t bother Su Hao in the short term. However, if he dares to come looking for trouble in a dozen days or so, it won’t be as simple as a nosebleed.

Being unable to communicate made Su Hao feel troublesome. He complained in his mind, “Not being able to speak is really inconvenient! I can’t even explain things reasonably! Is there a universal language in the universe? Or some spell that, with a ‘beep,’ can make me learn a language…”

Su Hao understood that hoping for a universal language was unrealistic. Grammar rules were a significant hurdle.

Just like some languages follow the ‘subject-verb-object’ structure, while others are ‘subject-object-verb.’

It’s the difference between ‘I married a wife’ and ‘I a wife married!’

“Those who can learn multiple languages are truly despicable geniuses!”

And Su Hao, being someone who learned multiple universal languages, is an extremely ruthless genius! Although this genius was forced to emerge.

The young master’s fight incident didn’t lead to much aftermath.

Fighting seems to be a very common thing in this world.

However, Su Hao and the young boy were summoned to an old lady for questioning. After Su Hao admitted to “the fact of hitting someone” and had “nothing to say,” he received punishment—being confined to his room for a day.

The young boy looked satisfied, and even the squeaky spot didn’t seem so painful anymore.

While Su Hao looked confused, muttering to himself, “What are they talking about? What happened? Is it related to me?”

After this incident, the young boy, seemingly unwilling to be beaten by Su Hao, decided to regain his pride. After more than a month of intense training and feeling a significant increase in strength, he challenged Su Hao again.

He couldn’t even defeat Su Hao right after his reincarnation, and now, with Su Hao’s blood energy strength greatly improved after a month, he stood no chance.

So, Su Hao easily beat him again. This time, Su Hao had recovered much of his strength, making the beating even harsher!

The young boy wept bitterly, his mind filled with question marks: “When did my useless fifth brother become so fierce? Isn’t big brother just like this?”

After that, the young boy dared not to actively seek trouble with Su Hao. Instead, he practiced martial arts diligently, hoping for a moment when his strength would soar, allowing him to take revenge!

However, he was destined never to have the opportunity to reclaim his dignity!

It’s worth mentioning that after Su Hao demonstrated his strength, the people in the large courtyard respected him even more. Even the family’s grandmother, the head of the family, looked at him with a gaze filled with kindness and a hint of indulgence! Even though Su Hao remained silent, she liked to have Su Hao by her side, asking about his well-being!

This gave Su Hao a rough understanding of the rules in this world: Strength is everything?

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