Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Awakening

Su Hao’s thoughts gradually recovered, regaining his ability to contemplate. He slowly opened his eyes, not in a hurry to get up. Instead, he silently felt his limbs and senses coming under control. After a brief moment of contemplation, he slowly sat up.

It was then that he realized he had become a seven or eight-year-old boy, lying in bed asleep.

This surprised Su Hao: “Why not a three or four-year-old toddler? Is it because of enhanced consciousness?”

Regardless of the reason, overall, it was a positive change. Having just reincarnated, a seven or eight-year-old boy at least had some self-defense capabilities…

Su Hao clenched his fist, feeling weak and powerless, like an ordinary person.

Muttering to himself, Su Hao thought, “It’s this powerless state again. It will take at least five years to recover relatively strong strength! I need to keep a low profile for the next five years and then explore the world.”

The room had a retro style, showing its age.

Su Hao got up and approached a bronze mirror, vaguely seeing his own appearance. Overall, he looked decent, with long hair partially tied at the top and the rest flowing behind, appearing somewhat messy. The clothing resembled traditional Chinese attire, rough in texture, not anything luxurious.

Su Hao speculated, “Reincarnated into an ancient world? Nothing particularly special about it. Well, let’s assess the situation first.”

As long as he could acquire knowledge, the specific world of reincarnation didn’t matter.

His consciousness entered the pinball space, first checking the overall status and then looking at the time record board. He couldn’t help but sigh, “It feels like just a blink of an eye, but unexpectedly, more than three million years have passed!”

However, this long time seemed unrelated to Su Hao. He wasn’t a participant during this period, leaving him feeling regretful!

If he had experienced this extended period fully, how vast would his knowledge be, and what exciting experiences would he have had!

Yet, it was just wishful thinking. As long as he couldn’t break free from the constraints of lifespan, he would still be caught in the cycle of helplessness and reincarnation.

“Oh, right! What about Yashan’s consciousness?” Su Hao suddenly remembered this matter of concern.

Closing the panel, he accessed Yashan’s little black room for examination. Yashan’s consciousness information was flowing, indicating that he had also awakened, seemingly a bit slower than Su Hao.

Awakened Yashan cautiously explored the surroundings, calling out in a low voice, “Boss Wei, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao immediately transmitted through the little black room, “Yashan, don’t act recklessly for now. Understand the situation first.”

Yashan visibly breathed a sigh of relief, then whispered, “Okay, Boss Wei!”

Then he fell silent!

After observing Yashan’s surroundings, Su Hao noticed that Yashan didn’t seem to reincarnate beside him, and the specific location was unknown.

Seeing Yashan’s thin and frail appearance, probably around four years old, dirty all over with incomplete clothing and a missing shoe, resembling an unloved wild child.

This was Su Hao’s classic start! Hellish beginning!

Su Hao silently wished Yashan good luck. Since they were in different positions this time, and Su Hao was around eight years old while Yashan was only four, if Yashan couldn’t endure the early years, there would be nothing Su Hao could do.

Finally, Su Hao reminded, “Yashan, you must keep a low profile. Quickly refine your blood energy, reach the level of an advanced elite warrior, and don’t speak until you learn the language.”

Yashan whispered, “Understood, Boss Wei!”

Currently, Yashan still held some weight in Su Hao’s mind. He was a reliable assistant, helping Su Hao handle many trivial matters and freeing up time for more important things.

Su Hao sincerely hoped Yashan would grow successfully and be diligent.

This was what they often said about ‘outsourcing non-core business and focusing on controlling core business.’

Next, Su Hao didn’t bother with Yashan anymore. He didn’t wander around but stayed in the pinball space, taking stock of the gains in the world of ‘Summoning Little Pokémons.’

“First, summoning skills probably won’t work in this world. Random summoning, who knows what might appear? But it’s worth a try?”

“Second, obtained a mental cultivation technique, greatly enhancing my mental power. This might be the reason for my reincarnation as an eight-year-old child. When my consciousness becomes powerful enough, I can break the original owner’s consciousness, plundering the body.”

“Third, progress in system and information technology. The little black room is now a fortress of absolute defense. Those who don’t understand information principles can’t crack it. Well, even if they understand, they still can’t break it! In other words, my essence is secure, with high protection.”

“Fourth, in the field of microscopic physics, I gained a deep understanding of the forms and microstructures of ‘energy.'”

“Fifth, gains in biological tissue transplantation and biotic prosthetic technology allow me to combine biology and technology, yielding unexpected results. For example, a dinosaur covered in mechanical cannons.”

“Sixth, and most importantly, spatial technology. I have knowledge of ‘long-distance teleportation,’ ‘short-distance teleportation,’ ‘radar-range teleportation,’ ‘space protection,’ ‘personal storage space,’ and other super-specifications. Once I regain my strength…”

The more he inventoried, the more satisfied Su Hao became. This harvest was comparable to the knowledge of runes gained in the warrior world.

And spatial ability was one of Su Hao’s core abilities for the future.

After a while, Su Hao exited the pinball space, tidied up, struggled for a while, finally figured out how to wear the clothes, and then opened the door.

It was a small courtyard, appearing to be just a corner of a large courtyard, resembling the ancient residences of wealthy families. It was the form of a large courtyard enclosing a smaller one; unfamiliarity might lead to getting lost.

‘Being unfamiliar with the surroundings, it’s necessary to quickly confirm this life’s identity and find someone to rely on for a meal!’

After taking a stroll in the courtyard, Su Hao noticed that people he encountered were quite respectful, making him realize that his status might not be low.

“It seems my luck is quite good this life!” Su Hao thought, just when he met a slightly taller young boy. Accompanying him was a boy around Su Hao’s age, seemingly in the role of a junior servant or companion.

The moment the young boy saw Su Hao, he smirked maliciously, then blocked Su Hao’s path, saying something in a bizarre language that Su Hao couldn’t understand.

So, Su Hao chose to ignore and walked directly past the young boy. Unexpectedly, the young boy, seeing Su Hao ignoring him, reached out to grab Su Hao.

Su Hao stepped back, evading the grab, frowning as he looked at the young boy in front of him.

This young boy was much more skilled than an ordinary person, surpassing Su Hao’s current body in three-dimensional attributes.

Such scenes of a passerby bullying the weaker one left Su Hao feeling helpless. If not handled properly, it would undoubtedly lead to a series of troubles.

Indeed, in a different world, human weaknesses still persisted. People looked down on those weaker than them and remained blind to those stronger.

“Do you want to fight?” Su Hao pondered. His body was currently quite weak, but if it came to a fight, he could still take down this young boy in a few moves. However, there might be complications afterward, given the unclear situation.

“Better retreat! No need to rush, take it slow!” Having decided, Su Hao took two steps back and turned to leave.

The young boy, seeing Su Hao actually dodging his confidently planned attack, couldn’t help but be greatly surprised, as if meeting Su Hao for the first time. Unwilling to give up, he hurriedly approached, attempting to grab Su Hao’s arm while spouting a series of words that Su Hao couldn’t understand, sounding unpleasant.

Su Hao dodged again.

He grabbed again, and Su Hao dodged once more!

The young boy’s face turned very unpleasant, angrily throwing a punch at Su Hao.

Seeing the incessant actions, Su Hao took a step forward, forcefully stomping on the young boy’s foot.


The young boy immediately jumped up, holding his foot and howling in pain.

Pointing at Su Hao, he cursed vehemently. The boy behind him was furious, rolling up his sleeves but hesitated to confront Su Hao directly, just hopping around in frustration.

This scene made Su Hao understand!

Both he and the young boy were masters of the large courtyard, similar to the role of young masters. The boy behind was a servant, and in conflicts between masters, servants were not allowed to intervene. If a servant attacked a master, the best outcome would be getting beaten to death with sticks.

In other words, Su Hao’s status was not actually lower than the young boy’s; the only thing lower was his combat strength!

With this realization, things became more manageable!

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