Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Unstoppable Pace of Death

Space teleportation, spatial storage, spatial shields, Su Hao has developed them well, but ‘space cutting’ and ‘space positioning’ are far from achieving the effects he imagined!

While he can achieve ‘space cutting,’ it requires immense mental power to pull and then forcibly separate using ‘space suppression force field,’ which is less effective than his ‘sharp’ runes followed by a simple cut.

As for ‘space positioning,’ Su Hao is perplexed. What he wants is to establish a spatial Cartesian coordinate system in the cosmic space to determine his universe’s position.

But currently, Su Hao can’t do it at all!

The reason is the lack of reference points!

Even the planet beneath his feet is in motion, wandering aimlessly in cosmic space.

This led Su Hao to suspect that even cosmic space might be in motion!

A decade later, Su Hao is thirty-five years old.

Using super-summoned beasts, he evolved the ‘god’ of the Zhu Hua Realm!

Then Su Hao threw the ‘god’ onto a sub-star, leaving it for a destined summoner! Of course, if the summoner summoning the ‘god’ can handle it!

Su Hao named the ‘god’ the ‘God of Pokémon’ and encouraged young trainers worldwide to join the journey of evolving the ‘God of Pokémon.’

Soon, evolving their little Pokémon into the ‘God of Pokémon’ became the ultimate goal for every trainer.

“I want to become a powerful trainer. I want to explore sub-stars with my elf partner and evolve my little elf into the ‘God of Pokémon!'” This became the daily slogan for the youths.

By this time, those deemed talented summoners are still sought after by major organizations, but not as indispensably as before!

As long as you have a dream, you can become a trainer with your own little elf! There is a chance to evolve your little elf into the ‘God of Pokémon’!

Although, up to now, no one has successfully evolved the ‘God of Pokémon.’ This fact has only heightened people’s enthusiasm, and everyone competes for the title of the ‘first trainer ever to evolve the God of Pokémon.’

Of course, in these ten years, Su Hao not only produced a controllable ‘god’ but also gradually moved all modern technology into the pinball space.

Next, Su Hao turned to the study of geology.

He focused on the same frequency ‘space waves’ between the main star and the sub-star. He has been wondering: Why can the main star and sub-star emit such strong ‘space waves’?

Su Hao knows that the answer to this question lies beneath the glaciers of the North Wilderness on the main star.

He prepared enough supplies and equipment, planning to delve underground after the spring thawed the ice and snow a bit, to explore the truth.

Another five years pass, and Su Hao discovers a high-quality substance deep in the underground lava, with a unique texture, black like coal but much harder. With an overall diameter of approximately three thousand kilometers, this substance is the source of the entire main star’s ‘space waves,’ and Su Hao names it ‘Space Stone.’

After much effort, Su Hao manages to chip off a small fragment, weighing a hundred kilograms. He marvels at its density.

Does all massive matter emit ‘space waves’? If so, wouldn’t the destination of Su Hao’s ‘space exile’ skill be massive celestial bodies in the universe?

Just the thought sends shivers down his spine.

The following year, Su Hao finds a similarly massive space stone on the sub-star emitting the same frequency of ‘space waves.’ Intrigued, he begins researching this special stone but gains limited understanding, discovering it works exceptionally well as a ‘positioning stone.’ However, due to its immense weight, Su Hao abandons the idea.

Perhaps other worlds also have this substance, but Su Hao, with his current abilities, cannot harness this space stone.

In the same year, Su Hao’s old friend Chen Qingsheng passes away at home, leaving Su Hao with a phone call saying, “Brother, my time is almost up, but I have no regrets in this life!”

Another five years pass, and Chen Chufeng follows Chen Qingsheng, silently passing away in his office. Until his last moments, he continues reviewing the operational data of ‘Pet Home,’ dedicating his entire life to the care facility.

Five years later, the seventy-year-old Sister Bai steps down as the chairman of the ‘Morning Charity Foundation’ and returns with Xiaotian to the nursing home in Yongxin City. Although she has nurtured countless children throughout her life, she herself remains childless—a lifelong regret.

The next year, Husheng, now with a head full of white hair, lonely returns to the Morning Sun Nursing Home after bidding farewell to his spouse, accompanying Sister Bai and Xiaotian, as if returning to the past.

At fifty-two, Yashan allocates time every day after studies to rush back to the Morning Sun Nursing Home, doing laundry, cooking, and taking care of daily life for Sister Bai and others.

The children of Morning Sun courtyard, only Bai Shanlan, Bai Xingfeng, and Bai Xingzhi, frequently come back to visit. Others gradually lose contact.

Twelve more years pass, and the eighty-two-year-old Sister Bai peacefully sleeps into eternity, never to wake again.

Upon hearing the news, the sixty-four-year-old Su Hao stops his work, slowly raising his hands. Where once were youthful and vibrant hands, now there are only wrinkles and dull colors.

While his face still retains a certain radiance, the signs of aging are undeniable.

His massive blood vigor still fills him, full of explosive power, seemingly invincible. However, he senses that, with the decay of his body, his blood vigor is gradually diminishing. How long can this invincibility last?

Muttering to himself, Su Hao says, “This is the feeling of growing old! No matter what, it cannot be reversed! This immense strength of mine will gradually disappear with the decay of my body, returning to the natural universe after my death. These powers… do not truly belong to me!”

Several years ago, when Su Hao realized he was approaching old age, he shifted his focus to the study of human lifespan. However, his understanding of life remained shallow, and the puzzle of lifespan, no matter how much he pondered, eluded him.

The concept of telomere depletion, Su Hao had attempted, but to his disappointment, the secret of lifespan wasn’t so straightforward. If controlling telomeres could determine life’s length, Su Hao would have achieved eternity by now.

However, it wasn’t the case. Su Hao discovered that not only was he aging, but the substances forming fixed structures were also aging.

Sighing deeply, Su Hao slowly got up, gradually disappearing in place and reappearing at the Morning Sun Nursing Home.

Yashan, with white hair and lines on his face, greeted Su Hao with a soft “Boss Wei, you’re here.”

Over the years, Yashan no longer called him ‘Boss Jingzhong,’ directly addressing him as ‘Boss Wei’—more intimate.

Yashan looked lively, and with a makeover, he might be mistaken for someone in their forties.

Eighty-year-old Xiaotian sat quietly at the bedside, wiping away tears. Her eyes had long lost their clarity, and her appearance had faded from the beauty of her youth, now resembling a toothless old lady.

Although Xiaotian had foreseen this day, losing Sister Bai, who had accompanied her throughout her life, still weighed heavily on her heart.

As for Hesheng, he sat dazed and vacant, holding a cane. It seemed as if he were suffering from dementia, lost in thought or perhaps thinking of nothing at all.

After spending two days at the nursing home, Su Hao left once again.

A year later, Xiaotian and Husheng each completed their lifetimes. The once lively ‘Morning Sun Courtyard’ reached its conclusion.

Yashan stood behind Su Hao, his voice low, “Boss Wei, I’ve read many books on life and studied various philosophies, but even now, I still don’t understand what life truly is. In the end, with aging, sickness, and death, ultimately leading to nothingness, where is the meaning?”

Su Hao shook his head slightly.

With aging, sickness, and death, unless there are unforeseen circumstances, Su Hao is about to experience a full cycle of them all. However, he cannot answer Yashan’s question.

Over the years, Su Hao has integrated the knowledge he acquired, including blood vigor, runes, genetics, system programs, the use of the pinball space, spatial teleportation, and more.

But now, he is pondering a single question: “I will grow old, then die. What’s the difference between this and dying at the age of three or five? It’s just that the time of death has extended from five to a hundred years! In a mere hundred years, in the grand scale of the universe’s time, it’s like the blink of an eye. The powerful physique I’ve forged will crumble into nothingness as time flows, returning to the natural universe. These powers… do they truly belong to me?”

“Like… everything is back to square one!”

“All the knowledge I’ve gained, all the powerful abilities I possess, only serve to ensure my survival during reincarnation! And then?”

“Then, every few million or billion years, I have the chance to awaken for a hundred years, utilizing that brief time to acquire knowledge…”

“It’s too unfair!”

Su Hao takes a deep breath, his gaze gradually firm. “I want to unravel the secret of lifespan! I want to control my own time! I want to freely traverse the universe! I want my soul and will to break free from the shackles of the flesh! I want to achieve true eternity! Even if time is tedious, I want my consciousness to feel the passing of each second! And then, I will gather all the knowledge of the universe!”

Now showing signs of aging, he stares directly into the deep space of the universe.

Su Hao’s ambition expands once again!

Like a tiny bacterium, aspiring to engulf an entire ocean!

Suddenly, Yashan kneels down, saying, “Boss Wei…”

Facing death, nearing death, people tend to think more, pay attention to things they once overlooked, and feel how precious seemingly endless time once was.

Every minute and every second is unique in life!

Su Hao turns to look earnestly at Yashan, and the air becomes silent.

After a moment, Su Hao slowly said, “Yashan! You have now acquired a certain level of knowledge and are qualified to be my assistant! I hope you continue to progress and never forget your original intention! Moreover, there’s only one chance!”

Yashan, overwhelmed, shed tears. This was Boss Wei’s official statement; Boss Wei acknowledged him!

As time slowly passed, one familiar person after another in Su Hao’s life grew old and passed away.

Thirty-some years later, Yashan reached the end of his life, closing his eyes slowly with endless longing for life. His consciousness information, left in the pinball space, fell silent.

Su Hao’s aged hand grasped Yashan’s body, teleporting them outside the wilderness. With a wave of his hand, a large fire engulfed Yashan’s body, turning it into ashes that dispersed in an instant.

He then walked away slowly, “I can feel the exhaustion of my physical vitality! In at most three years, I will fall silent again! Aging is truly the greatest torment to the human spirit! Of all the fears in the world, this is the most severe!”

Su Hao continued walking, and his consciousness entered the pinball space. He cleared all consciousness information recorded in the pinball space, except for Yashan, to eliminate potential future problems.

Although Su Hao had crafted the features of the ‘Little Black Room’ to be very powerful, it wasn’t due to any sense of luck on his part.

Two years later, Su Hao passed away!

At the age of one hundred!

As time flowed, countless years passed. Su Hao opened his eyes once again!

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