Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: The Specialized Assassin of Heaven’s Son

Su Hao grabbed Yashan’s arm, located the ‘positioning stone’ that Su Hao had punched into the tree trunk on the deputy star, and his spirit tendrils surged out, instantly prying open space. Then, with a forceful pull, he and Yashan disappeared from Yashan’s laboratory, reappearing behind that giant tree.

The two figures quickly rose to three meters, covered in diamond armor, transforming into [Child of Fate] in the blink of an eye, imposing and majestic.

Within two breaths, Su Hao linked to the pre-set ‘double suppression force field’ runes, and a large amount of blood and qi flowed into it.


“Hum~” An inexplicable fluctuation swept through an area of thirty thousand meters in radius, making the air seem heavier.

Su Hao attempted to extend his spirit tendrils but found them suppressed by this fluctuation. He immediately understood that the suppression force field was in effect. No longer cautious about hiding his form, he turned to Yashan and said, “Yashan, is your camera ready?”

Yashan immediately grinned, “I’ll set it up when we make our entrance. Capture one for each resistance fighter! Today, I’ll film from the first-person perspective!”

Su Hao leaped onto another branch, leading the way, “Let’s proceed!”

When their spirits were suppressed, nearly a thousand rebels immediately sensed something unusual. Subconsciously extending their spirit tendrils, they found their spirits tightly suppressed.

Quizi’s passionate speech gradually diminished. She stopped talking, furrowing her brows as she tried to extend her mental power, but failed.

Feeling uneasy, she lightly stepped back, slowly retreating into the palace.

“What’s happening? We can’t control our mental power!”

“I’m the same. Trying to summon, but it’s impossible!”

People looked at each other, mutual confusion evident in their eyes. The rebels on the field gradually became restless.

At this moment, a clever kid loudly speculated, “Could it be the butcher’s doing? Seven years ago, during the massacre in the Pleasure Town, the resistance fighters who were killed seemed to be in the same situation!”

The rebels proudly claimed the title of resistance fighters.

As soon as the clever kid’s words fell, the field suddenly fell silent. All eyes were fixed on him.

Soon, they were all shrouded in immense fear.

“If it’s really the butcher’s doing… that means…”

No need for the rebels to speculate because, at this moment, Su Hao and Yashan, both clad in diamond armor, descended from the sky.


The armored figures firmly stomped on the ground, emitting two muffled sounds, causing the entire massive branches to tremble.

All rebels focused on the sudden appearance of the two armored figures and involuntarily swallowed their saliva. These two armored figures were about three meters tall, with exceptionally dazzling designs only found in sci-fi films, even more futuristic than the countless times they had seen the Black Crystal Armored figures online.

“So handsome… no, so terrifying! They must be high-ranking members of the Butcher organization, or the Butcher organization’s black technology has upgraded!”

Fear uncontrollably surged in the rebels’ minds, and their feet involuntarily moved backward, wanting to escape from this place, far away.

Their previous uneasy speculations and premonitions seemed to be coming true! The Butcher had already reached the deputy star! They, a handful of people, might be in deep trouble!

“How is this possible?”

“It must be the Agency! The so-called Butcher must be the Agency’s doing!”

“Yes, a few days ago, at the ‘Pet Home’ press conference, it was said that the Joint Agency had developed ‘Sub Star Tourism,’ and only they could come to the deputy star!”

“Damn it! If I had known, I would have blown up all the Agency’s service centers!”

“Quizi, everyone, come up with a solution quickly!”

As soon as Su Hao and Yashan appeared, their mentality collapsed. They had no will to resist, only thinking about escaping from this place.

However, even escaping became a luxury! Summoning creatures was impossible, unable to teleport back to their home star, and even running freely became impossible!

An infuriated rebel immediately cursed, “Who the hell set the gathering place in this cursed location! Idiot!”

Yashan looked at the chaotic scene ahead, grinned, and said, “Rebels, tremble under the Butcher’s shadow!”

After speaking, Yashan carried the camera on his left shoulder, conjured a diamond long knife in his right hand, took a few steps forward, and shouted loudly, “Watch my Fire Dragon Twister!”

The long knife immediately ignited a roaring flame, twisting and extending forward, reaching several hundred meters in length.

Yashan waved the long knife, shouting, “Burn you bunch of scoundrels!”


The Fire Dragon roared and swept through, roasting most of the rebels. After the dragon dissipated, the scorched rebels writhed on the ground, emitting agonizing screams. Their nails clawed at their bodies, causing themselves to bleed profusely. Various bizarre hairstyles disappeared in this round of burning, leaving them all with shaved heads, and even their clothes were in disarray.

Su Hao, witnessing the peculiar and miserable state that Yashan had turned the rebels into, felt uneasy about the way they were being handled!

Su Hao straightforwardly said, “Yashan, finish it quickly to avoid complications. You can handle those who have been roasted once; I’ll take care of the rest!”

Yashan was very satisfied with his masterpiece and grinned, “Sure thing, Big Wei, leave these to me!”

He then rushed forward, recording video while shouting, “Electrocute you perverts… chop you remnants into pieces…”

In contrast to Yashan’s vulgar approach, Su Hao appeared very elegant. He entered the pinball space, deleting the consciousness of all rebels except for Quizi. Simultaneously, two hundred rebels lost consciousness and fell softly to the ground.

Su Hao exited the pinball space, runes enveloped his long knife, and with a step, he burst forward, appearing next to a rebel.

‘Sideways Slash’!


A head flew up!

Decapitating the enemy’s head was Su Hao’s consistent method! It not only saved effort but also ensured a more thorough and peaceful death for the enemy.

Su Hao targeted the second opponent, swiftly rushing and beheading them amid horrified gazes.

This area was on the branches of the giant tree, and Su Hao’s Diamond Transformation ability was greatly compromised. Otherwise, there would be no need for such trouble; he could have cleared them all with a direct domain thrust.

Furthermore, his short-distance space teleportation was ineffective under the ‘suppression force field’!

So, Su Hao could only chop down the enemies one by one.

However, even with chopping down, Su Hao’s efficiency was quite high. In just ten minutes, almost all rebels were eliminated.

Of course, some rebels couldn’t withstand the pressure and chose to jump off the branches, plummeting into the bottomless abyss, seeking a slim chance of survival.

Su Hao pointed to the palace, saying, “Yashan, there are still dozens inside. Go in and clean them up. Some who jumped down may not be dead yet; I’ll go down to deal with them.”

After that, Su Hao leaped down the abyss, muttering to himself, “Those who survived the fall might be the legendary protagonists. If I don’t finish them off down there, they’ll probably have enough strength to seek revenge on me in the next ten years.”

Thinking about his past, where even a minor accident could have killed him, and comparing it to those who survived the fall, Su Hao couldn’t help but sigh.

Although everyone has one head and two eyes, there are still some differences…

Encountering Su Hao’s radar perception, they probably didn’t expect it. Perhaps, many years later, Su Hao would add a new achievement to his record, called ‘Specialized Assassin of Heaven’s son.’

Su Hao methodically finished off those rebels who survived the fall, then returned to the platform where the palace was located. He saw Yashan holding a half-dead woman in his hands, passionately delivering a speech in front of the camera.

Su Hao’s mouth twitched, “Yashan, the more professional you become as a streamer!”

(End of this chapter)

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