Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Determining the Position

After Su Hao developed the ‘Positioning Stone’ for locating, corresponding stones were arranged worldwide, facilitating his teleportation around the globe. However, these ‘Positioning Stones’ needed updating every five years; otherwise, the blood and spiritual imprints within would dissipate, losing connection with the ‘Negative Space Module.’

Moreover, Su Hao’s mental power could only support the simultaneous activation of twenty ‘Positioning Stones,’ leaving him with a slight regret about not filling the world with them. At this moment, the insurgent he sought, 【Shijun】, happened to have a host near his Zhongzhou Positioning Stone.

After Su Hao sensed and confirmed the location, a slight distortion in light surrounded him, causing him to vanish and reappear in a cave outside Qingnan City. As Su Hao appeared, his radar senses quickly spread within a range of ten thousand meters, directly locking onto the host of 【Shijun】. He pulled out a small metal sphere the size of a marble from his pocket, and his crystalline diamond armor grew, wrapping the metal sphere into a crystal short sword with a hooked edge.

Su Hao disappeared again, reappearing in front of the 【Shijun】 host eight thousand kilometers away. In the horrified gaze of the youth with a comb-like crest, he inserted the crystal short sword into the opponent’s shoulder.


The youth with the crest reacted, looking at the short sword not fully inserted into the hilt on his shoulder. He clutched the wound, screaming loudly. He wanted to pull out the sword but hesitated; Su Hao’s crystal sword had a hooked edge, making it uncertain whether it could be pulled out easily.

Su Hao, puzzled, looked at the crest-headed person and thought, “Why isn’t he running? Did I pick the wrong person? Is he not the insurgent?”

So, Su Hao spoke, “You…”

The crest-headed person finally reacted, internally shouting, “Hurry, run! Back to the Sub Star!”

Then, his mental tendrils reflexively extended. Two seconds later, the crest-headed person disappeared on the spot and reappeared in a corner of the Sub Star, holding onto a huge tree trunk. A bear was standing quietly next to him; it was his summoning creature used for positioning.

Looking at the sword on his shoulder, he calmed down and muttered, “What just happened? Teleported in front of me for no reason, and on top of that, stabbed me… Luckily, I reacted quickly; otherwise, things could have turned worse!”

He attempted to pull out the sword, but as soon as he exerted force, a piercing pain struck, causing cold sweat to drip down his forehead.

“No, I need to report this to the Harmony Hall manager first.”

With that in mind, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and communicated with his summoning creature. In his haste, he randomly selected a creature, a bear, for teleportation, but bears were powerful yet not agile for transportation. He needed a flying summoning creature.

Rebels couldn’t directly summon their creatures on the Sub Star; they had to use a unique transfer technique, connecting to a base for transit before summoning the creature to the local star and then to the Sub Star.

It was a tedious process, but every rebel had to master the ‘Jump Summoning Technique.’

After a while, spatial fluctuations occurred in front of the crest-headed person, revealing a swift iron-toothed bird. He stepped to the edge of a branch, jumped forward, and the iron-toothed bird caught him, flying out of the dense foliage and reaching the tree sea. After operating a small phone, he determined the direction and controlled the iron-toothed bird toward the Harmony Hall.

After the crest-headed person left through teleportation, Su Hao chuckled softly. His figure disappeared, teleporting to a small base on the Sub Star. He turned around and entered the sphere space, calling up the crest-headed person’s “little black room” and simulated the scene he witnessed. “Wait a bit longer; it seems he won’t arrive for a while!”

Su Hao waited for five hours and finally noticed the crest-headed person descending, diving into the dense tree sea. Shortly after, the crest-headed person arrived at a magnificent palace, found a place to sit, and waited quietly, the short sword still embedded in his shoulder, experiencing pain and blood loss, causing his mind to feel a bit sluggish.

Upon seeing this, Su Hao exited the sphere space, his consciousness shifted, and he vanished without a sound. His figure silently appeared behind the crest-headed person.

Immediately, Su Hao’s radar senses expanded, locking onto the tree trunk behind the palace. The ‘Short-distance Teleportation’ process activated, and he disappeared again from behind the crest-headed person, arriving behind the tree trunk, concealing himself from the crest-headed person’s view.

The crest-headed person’s hazy mind shook, sensing a slight anomaly behind him. He couldn’t help but turn his head to look. Behind him, it was deep and dark, with a few fallen leaves drifting slowly in a silent atmosphere, only hearing the distant cries from the depths of the forest.

Was there really anything unusual?

However, the crest-headed person confirmed that his mental perception was usually accurate. For a moment, a chilly feeling crept over him: “Could it be some dirt unique to the Sub Star?”

Glancing at the time, the crest-headed person muttered, “Another half an hour!”

Su Hao jumped down, landed on a flat branch after two leaps, reached forward, grabbed the short sword on the crest-headed person’s shoulder, and in an instant, the diamond short sword appeared in Su Hao’s hand. The short sword gradually faded, revealing the small metal sphere ‘Positioning Stone’ inside. Su Hao casually embedded the ‘Positioning Stone’ into the nearby tree trunk and wiped away the traces.

Then, his consciousness entered the sphere space, thoroughly erasing the crest-headed person’s consciousness.

While the crest-headed person was still staring at the bleeding wound on his shoulder with a head full of question marks, a strong dizziness struck him. His thoughts instantly plunged into eternal darkness, and his body gently lay down as he lost consciousness.

Su Hao activated ‘Short-distance Teleportation’ again, appearing next to the crest-headed person. He kicked the unconscious body into the bottomless abyss below the branches. After circling around and ensuring nothing was left behind, Su Hao’s surroundings slightly distorted, and he teleported away.

Su Hao’s figure appeared on a branch thousands of meters away from the palace, observing the surroundings. He chose a suitable location and set up a ‘Dual Suppression Force Field.’

“Now that the positioning is successful, the next step is to arrange a large number of ‘Suppression Force Fields’ around the palace. After successful testing, we’ll wait for the rebels to gather!”

With this wave, Su Hao basically exterminated most of the rebels. Combined with the implementation of the ‘Pet House’ plan, the possibility of many children being abducted to produce balancing agents was almost eliminated.

Of course, certain anomalies were beyond Su Hao’s consideration. Completely eradicating such things without leaving any trace was impossible.

As for the few abducted children in the future…

Su Hao could only say that he had done his best. If they were still captured for balancing agent production, it was just their misfortune. Misfortune was normal; who hadn’t experienced some bad luck?

As Su Hao expected, on the fourth day after the successful release of the ‘Pet House’ project, the rebels held a gathering, still in front of the magnificent palace known as the ‘Harmony Hall.’

Su Hao directly found Yashan Dao, “Yashan, the rebels are gathering. Bring your cameras and go capture some footage!”

Yashan immediately put down the drawings in his hands and picked up two cameras from the side, asking with excitement, “Where are they?”

Su Hao said, “On the Sub Star!”

Yashan grinned, “Sub Star? Then I don’t need to use a knife! Let’s just burn them to death! Boss Wei, is that Senator Jiangalso there?”

Su Hao said, “Of course, she’s presiding over it. Currently, she’s the only one at the chief level among the rebels.”

Yashan said with a wicked smile, “Boss Wei, don’t kill that woman first! Let me play with her a bit, alright?”

Su Hao nodded, “No problem, let’s go. I’ll take you to the Sub Star and wrap it up quickly.”

(End of this chapter)

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